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"All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." Aristotle - Greek Philosopher.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain/Palin Position: Education

Here are the first three paragraphs of their position:

John McCain believes American education must be worthy of the promise we make to our children and ourselves. He understands that we are a nation committed to equal opportunity, and there is no equal opportunity without equal access to excellent education.

Public education should be defined as one in which our public support for a child's education follows that child into the school the parent chooses. The school is charged with the responsibility of educating the child, and must have the resources and management authority to deliver on that responsibility. They must also report to the parents and the public on their progress.

The deplorable status of preparation for our children, particularly in comparison with the rest of the industrialized world, does not allow us the luxury of eliminating options in our educational repertoire. John McCain will fight for the ability of all students to have access to all schools of demonstrated excellence, including their own homes.

Click the title to read the rest.

Here is a link (warning - pdf!) to HSLDA's legal analysis of Alaska's homeschooling law: Alaska.

According to HSLDA, Alaska is a state with no regulation on homeschooling. There is no state requirement for parents to initiate any contact.


Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Palin - I'm In 150%

As you know, I was not very enthusiastic about voting for John McCain. I would have, but only because Obama is such a leftist, and Biden just makes it worse.

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, has sent a chill down my leg!

Mike's America has a typically well written and thorough entry up about Sarah Palin. This woman is it. She is an outstanding choice.

I am 150% in support of the McCain/Palin ticket.

God bless America. God save the Republic!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grizzly Report - Cubs Reports About School

The girls are doing great. They love it. I have been hearing some very interesting stories, though. One of them came out at bedtime tonight. My older girl talks a lot about the girls she hangs out with - and I noticed that nothing is said about the boys. I got curious tonight and asked if the boys in class ever talk. She said that they never seem to talk to the girls - not even hello. Don't you think that's interesting?

I do. I wonder about it as I compare the homeschooling experience to traditional schooling. The homeschool kids don't do this. The boys talk with the girls and vice-versa. The kids of all ages interact and play together.

I think what makes it even more interesting is that most of the kids in her class have been together in the same class since kindergarten or first grade. Why don't the boys and girls talk to each other? I asked my daughter this question, and then it came out that the boys and girls do not sit together at lunch. It's not a choice. It's a school rule. There is a girls section and a boys section. I then asked the little one if the boys and girls sit seperately at lunch. Yes - they do. I put my finger to my chin and told them that I thought that was interesting...and then looked at them kind of sideways-like.

I'm flabbergasted. Did anyone else ever have this kind of experience in school??

I think it's odd. Very odd. Another example of how socialization at school might not help kids deal with the real world. I'm sure Troll is happy about it - lol. I don't think it's necessarily a good thing, though.

Another thing that they are having a hard time with is the bells. I told them, 'Girls. In school your life is ruled by bells.' There's something else that isn't very 'real-world' like, either. Hmmm? They almost jump out of their skins when the bell rings. Poor things.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School

Oh my God. I can't believe that this day is here. Tomorrow. Just a few scant hours from now.

They are a bit nervous - and I am a frigging wreck. I have this entire week off - thank goodness. The first day of school is a half day. Then they are off this coming Friday and Labor day Monday. They are easing the kids into the school routine, I guess.

I will post pictures of the momentous event.

***** UPDATE *****

Here are my big school girls:

Grizzly Mama isn't doing as well as they are!

We got them unloaded and off to their respective areas at school. Then I went to the local hardware store and got a free fly swatter. Wooo-Hooo! Next stop - WalMart.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What Olympic Sport are You?

You Are Archery

You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions.

You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you.

If practice makes perfect, that's fine by you. You like to practice a skill.

I saw this over at Blonde Sagacity, and realized that we haven't watched one second of the Olympics. I am interested in the swimming and gymnastics - probably because my girls are involved in those sports. I think it would be neat for them to see. Archery? Interesting. It doesn't involve aerobic activity (which I hate), it doesn't involve sit ups (which I hate), and it does involve quiet contemplation and precision (which I like).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We laid an Aunt to rest today. She died within several months of her cancer diagnosis. This event, along with my middle age changes, has finally impressed upon my mind the certainty of my mortality. I felt quite indestructible until I had my first baby, but that was nothing compared with what I am facing now. We looked around at each other today, and realized with a shock, "We are getting to be the old ones now." There is a host of young ones growing and becoming adults - and we - well we are showing the grays and the lines. What must we look like to them? Pretty soon we'll be the doddering old people who they will be sure to sit together at the same table at the wedding. They'll have some soft food on the menu for us. I am afraid that this feeling is only going to get worse. Time is moving faster and faster.

We were the bad kids not too long ago. The ones the Aunt who just died yelled at for acting like a bunch of asses. Holy Crap.

And my brothers and sisters - which one of us will be putting the others to bed? Who will be the last? How will we face this momentous occasion - the big sleep? When it's breathing down our necks? It's our turn now, to be the ones to send our Mothers and Fathers and Aunts and Uncles safely on their journey. That was THEIR job, but not anymore.

I must remember the gratitude. I must remember to savor every moment with my husband and my children and my friends and family. What a lot of blessings and mostly ignored while I complain about car problems and money is tight. So many people in my life who have been so good to me. Such a beautiful world that I am living in. So much good health and prosperity that we have enjoyed, living in America. I must remember to pass that on. I must remember to stop, think, and understand - to be grateful.