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Monday, April 19, 2010

Philadelphia Tea Party - 4/17/10

Skye at Midnightbluesays represented at the TEA Party in Philly on Saturday, 4/17/2010. (My little brother Rich's birthday - Happy Birthday Rich!) It looked like a chilly, damp day - but our intrepid citizens who refuse to stand by silently made it out. Thanks you guys. See the full report at Skye's blog.

Here is my favorite sign from that TEA Party:

Amen, sister!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Washington DC Tax Day Protest Link

Via Donald at American Power, I present this link to the Washington DC 2010 Tax Day Protest from Looking at the Left:

DC TEA Party.

Looking at the Left also has links to other TEA parties at the above link. There are some GREAT images - take a look!

God Bless America!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Philadelphia Tax Day 2010 *Updated with links and pics*

Just got home from Philly. Beautiful day in Love Park. Not a huge turnout, but I think that most are planning on going to Philly this Saturday for the big protest. There were a few hundred people there - quite an 'angry mob' if you ask me! ;-)

Best part? We finally met aLa (and her husband) of Blonde Sagacity!!

I will have pics and video up later. Have to pick the kids up from track and choir and then they can show me how to upload video to 'the YouTube' on 'the Google'. :-P

Some prime observations overheard of passersby:

"They're crazy. Who would ever think that you could trust rich people to take care of poor people?"

Can I just say - Jerk Off?! I really wanted to slap that guy upside of his head. Swear to God. It's NOT ABOUT RICH PEOPLE 'TAKING CARE' OF POOR PEOPLE!! It's about providing the opportunity for anyone willing to work to rise to any level of economic prosperity that they WANT. It's about recognizing that we are entitled to what we WORK FOR! It's about NOT RAPING ME every time I put in an honest hour of work.

Not only that - but does this dickhead even understand that Americans give to charity far and above ANY OTHER NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH? We DO take care of people who need help. Every goddamn day we take care of people who need help. Does he understand how much Bill Gates gives to charity - how much Rush Limbaugh gives to charity? Not to mention providing JOBS for people who are willing to work and take care of themselves and their families?

*GAWD* Frustrating!

Here's another:

"This is a disgrace and disgusting! Coming out here with flags and yelling and making all this noise!"

This one we actually talked to. This young man was out of work. We shared that our husbands were out of work, too. My husband just lost his job about 2 weeks ago. We just told him that we are Americans and it is every American's right to speak up, to stand in public and say what we think. I told him - we don't have to agree all the time. But we can stand up and say what we think in America. I also told him that higher taxes will not create jobs and, in fact, will kill jobs.

One last thing overheard:

"F@#king RACISTS! You're nothing but a bunch of f#@^king RACISTS!"

Everyone just ignored him. He looked like a frigging lunatic. Eventually the speaker and the crowd just drowned him out and he went away.. I should have videotaped him, but I wanted to hear what the speaker was saying.

*Update with pics and links*

My video came out TOTALLY suckish! It looks great on the camera, and has sound - but on YouTube it looks horrible and has no sound! So - here is a link to a video from the local Philly news:

Daily News video of event.

There is a woman on the video who talks about being scared - where else is there to go in the entire world? Girl - I'm am right there with you. Costa Rica's no good anymore...or so I've heard. I'm thinking Honduras. They have a legislature, a judiciary and a military in place NOT afraid to defend and protect their constitution! I got nothin' else. It's either that or continue to fight here for America. I don't think that the battle is lost just yet. We are getting close, though.

Without further ado, I present my lot of photos:

We start the day in beautiful Lancaster County.

Nearing Philadelphia!:

(We had a TOTALLY cool shot of driving into the belly of the beast from the Vine Street Expressway - but *poof* - it's gone. I don't know where..)

Here we go into LOVE park - where a statue of most obnoxious, yet beloved, Philly Phanatic greets any innocent person who happens to walk by:

Here we are! Troll and Grizzly - I shall heretofore and henceforth for the remainder of the posting refer to myself as 'The Hunchback of Lancaster County'. Damn! I look like crap in these pics. I look even worse next to aLa - of which pic will be put forth presently for your scorn and ridicule!!

Yes - that LOVE sculpture is considered art. I know. I know. Only a good communist could think such a thing.

Here is a pic of the Liberty In America bus. We signed it. Yep. That's me right there siging 'Grizzly Mama' with my sweaty and shaking hand. If you see the bus - sign it and look for me. I'm right by 'We the People'. It's in red. Of COURSE!

And here it is! What we've all been waiting for! A picture of the lovely aLa and the Hunchback of Lancaster County! ;-)

Here is the sunny person manning the Tea Party Patriot's table. I neglected to get her name, but did get permission to post her pic on my blog. Watch out Pelosi - We're SUCH A SCARY AND ANGRY MOB!!!

There were no infiltrators. The only opportunity to use my specially made sign was with this young man wearing a 'communist' t-shirt. Nobody accosted him, everyone ignored him except for me and Troll! He looked like he was pretty pleased that we were taking a picture of him. He might have been, oh, 15 years old?? Young and stupid - what can you say? Atleast he has the excuse of being too young to know any damn better!

Jamal Greene, amongst others, was speaking today. Here is the speech that he made - he hits the nail right on the HEAD, baby! LISTEN TO HIM!

Still think we're RACIST? Check this out and then shut your mouth! Our tent is big - we don't CARE what color you are, what your economic status is, we only care that you love America and will fight for our freedoms! Freedoms that many don't understand or take for granted. People died for those freedoms and it is our duty to stand up and hand the recognition of those freedoms intact to the next generation. Our fathers and mothers did that for us!

Oh! Old Grizzly Mama is tired now. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Philadelphia Tea Party - April 15th, 2010

Troll and Grizzly will be on the scene. We'll have our cameras, a sign, a flag and our voices.


Our representatives make an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. LoBiondo DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE!!! The young man in the 'Don't Tread on Me' t-shirt has something to say and we all need to listen.

The guy in the 'Don't Tread on Me' shirt is a 'truther'. *sigh* Oh well - I was almost in love until I saw that. He still gets props for knowing the Constitution and for calling LoBiondo out as far as I'm concerned. *End of UPDATE*

Did you get a load of the old guy at the end? He made a snarky remark about needing monitors. WHY?! You old fart! WHY would you need monitors? To shut us up?! It isn't going to happen.

*UPDATE 2 - 4/14/10*

Starting in on our signs and the cams are charging.