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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I will never forget.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama Jokes

One of my very first blogging friends, Abe of Lincoln, has opened up his 'Strategic Joke Reserve' and unleashed some very funny stuff. He's damn clever, I think! Here are a couple to whet your appetite, go visit to see some more.

'As part of the "Spare Change America Can Believe In" program, the Obama campaign today announced a plan to increase the number of states to 62. According to the press release, the plan would add five additional states, "We're going to bring in all three Canadian provinces, plus Alaska and Idahoe."'

'Unnerved by a tough question from a 7-year old about whether or not war is ever justified, Obama struggled to come up with an answer. Finally, he allowed that he would probably have supported World War II, reluctantly. "After the Germans dropped The Bomb on Pearl Harbor, President Truman really didn't have much choice but to declare war," said the Senator.'

My favorite so far:

'Poor John Edwards has gone from VP nominee to non-person in just a few short weeks after admitting he was lying and the National Enquirer was telling the truth. Sen. Obama, showing his Heart of Gold, expressed sympathy for Edwards. "The man has suffered enough," said Obama, "He's already been punished with a baby. Based on the smell of that baby, I'm calling for a Change We Can Believe in."'

Do you have any good ideas for an Obama joke? If so, drop by Abe's and share them.