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"All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." Aristotle - Greek Philosopher.

Monday, January 30, 2006

What a choice.

Wisconsin or Mississippi. Milwaukee or Gulf Port. (Did I spell Milwaukee right?)

Which would YOU choose?

I'm a Philly girl now! I'm no southern belle. I think I'd do better up north.

It may come down to choosing - as a job opportunity seems to be presenting itself to Grizzly Papa. Maybe it WON'T come down to choosing and I'll stay here snug and safe in my little rowhouse. Everything all the same. Grizzly Mama HATES getting used to a new grocery store.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome Home My Friend!

It has been a long year for you in Iraq. God bless you and God bless America!

I need to go to bed. It will be up early for the long drive to get you. (Not TOO long really...) Good neighbor leftist and I will be arguing politics the whole trip up. Grizzly Papa has charge of the girlies for the day at home. They are a little under the weather, but I'm sure will garner the strength to get some balloons tied to the lamppost and get the cake we baked today slathered with some sort of decoration. We are so happy that you are home with us again.

Update - He is home safe! Thanks for the good wishes. I will forward them to him.

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Primer for the Euro-weenies.

Hey all you Euro-weenies! I can see that most of you are confused. Searching. Trying to understand the typical American. You're frightened. The glimpse that you've gotten through the haze of propaganda emanating from our Fourth Estate (more like a fifth column..) has been at odds with what they've been trying to express. It scares you.

You have heard about 'flyover country' from the intelligentsia. You've taken it to heart. You're not sure what the term 'redneck' actually means but you like to throw it around when referring to Americans. And then there is all that distasteful talk of guns. How barbaric you think! You're afraid to visit America thinking that everyone is slinging guns around and it must be dangerous.

I am here to enlighten you. I am here to show you where the majority of Americans come from. Our mindset. What happens when we finally awaken from our apathy - or should I say when we are finally rousted from being all content and safe feeling.

It is going to be distasteful to you. The Americans have no 'nuance' you say. They're straightforward - which is no good. That's rude, isn't it? Strap your head into the rack, prop those eyelids open, pinch your nose. It will be terribly frightening the first time you see this, but you will be a better person for it in the end.

Read the story of this remarkable young man. Both the photo and the story can be found at The Frog in the Bog.

THIS is the American Spirit! Get used to it Euro-weenies because more and more of us are wakening. We'll probably be saving your sorry asses. AGAIN. When it comes down to it Americans aren't going to take any crap from any islamofascist terrorist bastard. Capiche? Not on our own turf. Not on Iraq turf. Not on Afghan turf.

Here's another dose of reality, courtesy Blonde Sagacity:

God Bless America!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Reagan remembered.

Here is how I choose to remember Reagan.

Doesn't he just look handsome as all get out?

I was not yet old enough to vote in the Presidential Election circa 1980. I was 17. So young - but I had sense enough to understand that Carter had led the country in the wrong direction. I remember the campaign and I thought Reagan was great.

Reagan gave me hope for the future of our country. I felt proud to be an American when I heard Reagan speak. I rooted for him to win - and he did!

We are approaching the 25th anniversary of his inauguration. I didn't watch it then, but I knew that we were headed for better times. What the man accomplished while occupying the Oval Office is well known to all.

God bless your soul, Ronald Reagan. You still inspire us.

You inspired a young lady, 17 years old and in basic training in the United States Army. I once again felt proud to be an American. I was ready to serve then and happy that you were to be my Commander in Chief.

I look pretty intense there in that picture, don't I?

It's exhaustion I think.

Thank you Mike, for inviting me to share my thoughts and memories.

Other bloggers entries featured at Mike's America (and don't miss Mike's memories either!) are: The City Troll, Always on Watch, American Crusader, Razor Sharp Claws, Old Soldier (who doesn't have a blog and I wish he would get one...but his contribution is not to be missed! It's there on Mike's America), Alicenot, Wordsmith, Ken Taylor, and "Scarlett" - Mike's Poet Laureate - with another beautiful poem - which can be seen at Mike's, Political Yin&Yang, A Rose By Any Other Name, Magnum's Conservative Voice, Palmetto Pundit, Crush Liberalism, Bacon Bits, 4 Rows Back in the Bleacher Seats, GM's Corner, Thornblog, A Tangled Web, Flopping Aces, Special Agent Utah and Indigo Red.

Thanks to everyone and especially thank you to Mike!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wahhabism and American Public Schools

Here are some links about the Wahhabi influence in our public school system:

Look who's teaching Johnny about Islam

The truth about the textbooks

Our own gullibility

Lots of reading for you there. I found all of it (and much more that I didn't link to) by searching for 'Susan Douglass' on Google.

A HUMONGOUS thanks to Always On Watch. With you pulling watch duty I believe that we have a fighting chance!

Friday, January 13, 2006


"Honor killing" of Islamic women in Western countries:


Frontpagemag Symposium dedicated to Hatin Surucu, Berlin's latest victim of “honor” killing.

As of 2004, honor killings have occurred in numerous countries, including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy[4], Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda and the United Kingdom. In Europe, honor killings have been reported within the Muslim and Sikh communities."

Although it appears that Sharia Law in Canada has come upon hard times - this man, according to this site and many others found during a search, is actively working toward Sharia Law in Canada.

A few bits about the 'Wahhabi Lobby"

On American tax dollars supporting radical islamic organzations is Daniel Pipes. (I support Daniel Pipes 100%, however if you have a negative reaction to him I am sure that you can find information about this issue elsewhere.)

Radical islam in our prison system - here, here, here,and here.

Saudi dollars are donated to American muslim schools and mosques. An expectation that the American organizations 'toe the line' in respect to Wahhabi beliefs is becoming apparent and textbooks donated to the schools contain the radical Wahhabi doctrine that is then taught to the youngsters. Here is an example of the debate taking place and here is some more information.

Nothin' for nothin' (as they say in Philly) but my advice would be to keep our eyes peeled and our ears open in America today! Watch those Saudi bastards.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

May I Please Order Some More of These?

Click on the title to see the video courtesy ZippyVideos - It's a REAL MAN! With a spine - and some brass balls to go along with it. This is what I'm TALKIN' about when I say, 'We need a man with a spine and some brass balls!' God Bless you General Wagner - and thank you for speaking out for those of us who are ON YOUR SIDE.

See the video clip at Michelle Malkin.

Don't take any crap from them leftys, y'hear General? God bless your heart - I just KNOW you won't.

As for Mogadishu Murtha(as I've taken to calling him) - all he could do was sit there and look like an ass while the veterans spoke:

Thanks The City Troll and Mike's America.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

They say that a bad day homeschooling...

Is better than a good day in public school.

It's probably true - but after today I wonder. We had a BAD day schooling today. They don't come around often but when they do they leave us all exhausted. Spent. Disheartened. Wondering why we do this.

Okay - it's probably only ME that feels that way. The kids are amazingly resilient - and are on to the next activity with nary a look back. Paddy walks in after it's all done to see the after-effects in me.

It started out fine - in that the sun was out today for the first time in what feels like weeks - and there was no rain coming out of the sky! There was no blast of a northerly wind when opening the front door! We got some fresh air, took a walk, visited with a neighbor who was also out, said hello at the neighborhood store, and then it happened - school started.

It took nearly 3 (that's THREE) HOURS for the 9 y/old to complete her essay on the Declaration of Independence. It wasn't a long essay - can I share that with you? It was, let's see - - - 1,2,3,4.....9 - yes. That's 9 (as in NINE) SENTENCES.

I was ready to throw in the towel. The Kindergartner completed her Math, Phonics, History AND Spanish. Admittedly there isn't much to Kindergarten Math, Phonics, History and Spanish - but then the Kindergartner got to help with the 'Cowboy Cookies' and still the older one was dawdling over her writing. I figured the cookie thing might light a fire under her ass. Nope.

Some days I wonder what I am doing wrong. The older one loves to dawdle. The little one thinks it's funny to give the wrong answer - and I know when she's deliberately doing it, too! She gets this evil grin on her face when she does it. So funny to screw with Mummy's mind....

Well - we'll have at it again tomorrow. The 9 y/old has NEVER liked writing. It's too bad too - because this year involves a hell of a lot of it for her.

On the bright side - she flew through geography, long division and then Spanish. And I can see so much progress in the little one with her phonics - she is putting letters and sounds together and figuring it all out where at the beginning of the year it was all Greek to her.

It IS fun to watch them as they get a grasp on new things. Tomorrow we'll be delivering the cookies to another homeschooling friend and I'm hoping the sun will be out again.

I'm just feeling so much better now - thank you for listening!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Check out Camp Katrina

Great blog this Camp Katrina. It's about many of the ways the US Military help people. I have also re-arranged my sidebar and Camp Katrina is my first mil-blog. There will be more soon.

I do believe that we have the handsomest men here in America - and they all seem to be in the military!

Wishing everyone - especially our men and women in the service - a safe, strong, prosperous and happy New Year.