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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome Home My Friend!

It has been a long year for you in Iraq. God bless you and God bless America!

I need to go to bed. It will be up early for the long drive to get you. (Not TOO long really...) Good neighbor leftist and I will be arguing politics the whole trip up. Grizzly Papa has charge of the girlies for the day at home. They are a little under the weather, but I'm sure will garner the strength to get some balloons tied to the lamppost and get the cake we baked today slathered with some sort of decoration. We are so happy that you are home with us again.

Update - He is home safe! Thanks for the good wishes. I will forward them to him.


Blogger "Alice" said...

I don't know who it is that you are off to pick up; however, thank them for me for what they are doing. And tell him/her "Welcome Home."

26 January, 2006 08:40  
Blogger Kate said...

Please tell your friend a million thank you's from the deepest part of my heart from me for their sacrifice to fight for my FREEDOM. -Kate

26 January, 2006 12:31  
Blogger MamaGeph said...

Oh, what a wonderful day for your friend! Tell them a hearty thank you and welcome home from us'n's.

26 January, 2006 13:13  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Usns too!

26 January, 2006 15:16  
Blogger alix said...

usns three! LOL
thank you soldier!

26 January, 2006 20:48  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Welcome Home, Hero! You have no idea of all the Americans who admire you, and we are so grateful for your service and sacrifice! The reason you have no idea, is that we have a mainstream media who chooses to ignore us and our support for you and your fellow soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. The internet and talk radio are getting the word out: America supports you, loves you, and appreciates what you are doing for us!

27 January, 2006 12:08  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Your country called upon you, you done your duty, what more can a man do!
Good luck and God bless for your future.

27 January, 2006 13:23  
Blogger dcat said...

Thank you Soldier! You did a fantastic job for our country and deserve the best from now on! :)

30 January, 2006 21:50  
Blogger Ouzian said...

even tho Im not an American, and I live in the middle east

God Bless You.. and may the light of freedom shine all over us....

01 February, 2006 10:12  

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