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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Reagan remembered.

Here is how I choose to remember Reagan.

Doesn't he just look handsome as all get out?

I was not yet old enough to vote in the Presidential Election circa 1980. I was 17. So young - but I had sense enough to understand that Carter had led the country in the wrong direction. I remember the campaign and I thought Reagan was great.

Reagan gave me hope for the future of our country. I felt proud to be an American when I heard Reagan speak. I rooted for him to win - and he did!

We are approaching the 25th anniversary of his inauguration. I didn't watch it then, but I knew that we were headed for better times. What the man accomplished while occupying the Oval Office is well known to all.

God bless your soul, Ronald Reagan. You still inspire us.

You inspired a young lady, 17 years old and in basic training in the United States Army. I once again felt proud to be an American. I was ready to serve then and happy that you were to be my Commander in Chief.

I look pretty intense there in that picture, don't I?

It's exhaustion I think.

Thank you Mike, for inviting me to share my thoughts and memories.

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Thanks to everyone and especially thank you to Mike!


Blogger Always On Watch said...

I just love that particular photo of Reagan. Thanks for posting it.

The man was handsome on the outside and good on the inside. We may not see the like of him again.

On Wednesday, I'll post my essay on RR. Stop by! My husband is a tough kind of guy, but he cried when he read it. The fact that my husband met Reagan a few times had something to do with that reaction.

15 January, 2006 10:15  
Blogger Mike's America said...

That's right...go ahead and brag about how young you were!:)

I like the photo with the gun. You might want to keep that handy when the next Chicken Dove trys to fly down with the usual bilge.

I'll be putting your excerpt up in the next batch.

Looks like this celebration is getting some traction, so if anyone else wants to join in, they are most welcome.

15 January, 2006 11:17  
Blogger City Troll said...

Thats my girl cleaning her gun...

15 January, 2006 14:49  
Blogger J C said...

You look just like regular Army to me!

15 January, 2006 19:47  
Blogger JRob said...

There was always something about him that made you (well, me at any rate) feel like you were watching with your favorite grandfather.

15 January, 2006 20:50  
Blogger Anna said...

Great post! Like you, I was too young to vote in '80, but I did feel a little sorry for Carter because he just couldn't compete with Reagan.

15 January, 2006 21:24  
Blogger dcat said...

Nice photo and love the gun! :)

Very good post... I must have had a blond moment I thought I had you on my blogroll? Well it will be there now!

My work keeps me way too busy wish I could see more blog's!

16 January, 2006 00:17  
Blogger "Alice" said...

Wonderful post, Monica. I had a very difficult time writing about Reagan. I wrote alot of drafts, but just couldn't put down exactly how I felt about this man, this President. Of course crying my eyes out while writing it didn't help any.

Darling piccy of you in the Army.

16 January, 2006 05:49  
Blogger MamaGeph said...

Wow - you DO look intense. Michael Moore is afraid to meet you in a dark alley.

16 January, 2006 13:32  
Blogger American Crusader said...

I enjoyed your post at Mike's America. It seems that we have something in common. After graduation from KU, I also decided to serve my country because of Ronald Reagan's inspiration. I spent seven years in the USCG. 7 great years. They say a genius like Einstein only comes along once every 500 years or so...unfortunately I think it holds true in politics as well.

16 January, 2006 14:38  
Blogger MonicaR said...

AOW - loved your essay. Thanks for commenting and visiting!

Mike thanks again. I am thoroughly enjoying everyone's contributions and I appreciate all the work you are doing to compile and present them.

Troll - I know, I know. You just LOVE the smell of Hoppes No. 9! ;-)

Why thank you JC! They kicked my ass in boot camp! LOL!

JRob - yes! He was a trustworthy guy and someone I felt that I could rely on. He was watching my back. (and every American's back)

Anna - I didn't feel sorry for Carter at ALL! LOL! I liked him for many years afterward and felt that he was a good man - but lately he's working against this country and I don't like it at all.

Dcat - being a blonde myself (well - some grey in there now!) I understand those moments perfectly well! Thank you for adding me and of course I will reciprocate! I always enjoy reading your comments at Mikes and Trolls.

Alice - loved your tribute. I didn't get tears while writing mine but plenty to be had in reading others'.

MamaGeph - LOL! It was kinda scary looking... I remember being soooooo exhausted in that class. Then while going out for a break and a smoke the sergeant screamed at me to 'give him ten'! LOL! They sure did like screaming at me...

Crusader - thank you! Thank you for your service. I joined during the campaign but was VERY happy that he won. Those next 8 years with him in office turned quite prosperous for me...(I was in the service for only 3)

16 January, 2006 23:40  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Happy President Reagan anniversary to all American Patriots.

”I look pretty intense there in that picture, don't I?”

Hi Monica and Paddy

Lovely photo, you do look pretty intense in that photo, but you were learning and did not want to not miss out on the instructor’s lecture. Paddy, hope you don’t mind me saying you got a good catch there in Monica, Beauty and Brains combined what a lucky man you are! Also being able to handle fire- arms is a bonus that God forbid that you will never need your knowledge and know-how! Hats off to Monica, a True Gritty American Woman.

The way things are going here, we will soon need the American right to bear arms for self-defence on our streets. Another slaughter of an innocent person on the street of London the other day, in streets that were once the most-safest in the world! This case is another high profile murder because he was a Lawyer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4609826.stm

But these attacks are not uncommon in most London boroughs, but the media silence is sometimes deafening!!! Many here are already arming themselves and will take the chance of getting pinched by the police, rather than leaving themselves to the mercy of the Muggers!

17 January, 2006 16:34  
Blogger alix said...

he was a damned fine President, and we could use a few more REAL cowboys right about now...

i feel doltish i didn't realise you had actually served. bonehead i am. but you seriously look like a grizzly in training, fo sho! :o)

17 January, 2006 19:01  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Sparky - thanks for your kind words and thanks for the link. It's a damn shame that innocent people are not allowed to defend themselves against the hoodlums that are overtaking your country.

Alix - don't feel doltish for one minute. I probably never mentioned it to you. Thanks for visiting again Twinnie.

17 January, 2006 23:24  
Blogger "Alice" said...

I like how you linked Mike and everyone else who has written posts on Reagan. I'd like to do the same and help spread the news.

18 January, 2006 05:23  
Blogger Sprittibee said...

Not many cowboys that cute! :) Thanks for your thoughts on this, and I love the army photo! :) No wonder you have a gun on your nightstand!

18 January, 2006 12:39  
Blogger Alan_McDonald said...


Do you remember that, right after Reagan's inauguration, the Ayotollah Khomeini (mad mullah #1) sent him a Koran? President Reagan was so pleased with the gift that he sent Khomeini a Bible. I was annoyed so I wrote a letter to the President explaining to him that to the mad mullah the Koran was the basic law of Iran and that Reagan missed the opportunity to respond with a copy of the Constitution which is the basic law of the USA.

BTW did the Troll tell you today is my birthday?

19 January, 2006 00:08  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Well - not on the nightstand anymore, Sprittibee. In the gunsafe now.;-)

Alice - thanks. Everyone has such great contributions - I have enjoyed reading every one.

19 January, 2006 00:16  
Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

First - thanks for visiting my blog...your comment on my MLK Post was absolutely fantastic - the best response I have had from anyone in months! Thanks - please come back and visit often.

On to RR - I can't wait for the day that RR's face is on Mt Rushmore!

Brava - Keep The Faith!

19 January, 2006 14:08  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Kewl! Cute chick with an M-16! Did they make you use the Beretta back then?

19 January, 2006 18:56  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks for coming over and commenting, guys. CR - I will visit often!

Dirtcrashr - Boo hoo. The answer is no. I am sad about that. It would have been fun!

19 January, 2006 23:20  
Blogger Chris Rowe said...

Thanks for the link and great comment. Also kudos on the tribute to not only a great President but a great man! And thank you for your service to this country!


20 January, 2006 00:04  
Blogger dcat said...

Thank you Monica!

Hey I think I just missed you. I had to post another it was all Mike's fault! :)

20 January, 2006 01:00  
Blogger Kate said...

Hey there! Don't ask me how I found your site cuz I'm always stumbling around in the conservative or homeschooling blogs! But just wanted to let you know I got you bookmarked now and am loving your site!

20 January, 2006 12:14  
Blogger DV said...

Lovely post Monica!

20 January, 2006 17:19  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

That was a nice read.

All of this makes me a bit sad that I was not more politically fluent in the 80's. I basically sleepwalked through an important time in our history. Not that I did not bear witness to important events. I remember clearly when Reagan was shot, when the Berlin Wall fell...but up through high school, I was just not politically savvy. I liked Reagan, but at the time, didn't realize how special he was and how lucky the country was to have him.

That is a nice picture, btw.

21 January, 2006 00:21  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Chris - thanks and my service was nothing! Compared to those who gave so much and served so well. If I were younger I would seriously consider joining right now.

dcat - yes I see that we just missed each other. Great contributions and thank YOU!

Kate - you will be under my home educator blogs tonight - thanks for visiting.

DV - thanks for coming by.

Wordsmith - I was not politically aware until a bit later myself. I don't know MANY high school kids who are tuned in. Mostly what I find is that kids seem to believe what their parents are saying. As for me I was a little busy just trying to survive during those years. Now I believe that politics is the most interesting sport to watch!

21 January, 2006 12:02  

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