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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death..

You didn't do it, did you?? You didn't get out there and vote for McCain like Grizzly Mama told you to, did you??

Now we're stuck. We're stuck with a frigging Marxist. Worse than Hillary could ever be. Damnation.


Blogger Pappy said...


* High Taxes
* Gun Control
* State ownership of capital
* Constitutional reconstructionism through the courts
* Nanny government and oppressive regulation
* A weak, impotent military
* Inept foreign policy
* Trial lawyers and liberal judges
* Socialism
* Internationalist subservience to the United Nations
* Socialized medical care
* Stronger labor unions
* Racism (hiring- and college enrolment quotas)
* Class warfare
* Voter fraud
* Lax immigration controls
* Wealth redistributionism
* Hostility towards business, and capitalism in general
* Over-aggressive environmentalism
* Support for failed social programs
* Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, Pat Leahy, Maxine Waters, Jim McDermott, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Dick Durbin running Congress.

Holy Cow

05 November, 2008 12:12  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Hey Pappy! Don't forget that 'National Security Force'.

Holy Frigging Cow is right...

05 November, 2008 15:26  
Blogger Dee said...

It was a rough night last night. I thought I was going to be okay until I saw Sarah Palin teary eyed and then I lost it.

06 November, 2008 01:35  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Hi Dee - great to see you.

It was a horrible night. REally horrible.

06 November, 2008 08:55  
Blogger Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I'm taking the wait-n-see approach, see if BO commands from the center. Who he picks for his Cabinet and 100 days into his term and we'll see.

06 November, 2008 17:26  
Blogger Mike's America said...

My my... the Grey Ghost is optimistic.

O's early picks for staff have been the most vicious partisan Dems around. What does that tell you?

06 November, 2008 18:08  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I am not at all hopeful. I will be shocked if B Hussein leads from the center.

Stock market is tanking already. Luckily I locked in my heating oil price today for the winter. There is a rude awakening on the way not only for B Hussein, but also for his legions of adoring citizens. Batten down the hatches, we've got a rough road ahead of us.

06 November, 2008 18:20  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

Are you people living in The Twilight Zone? How in the world could anything get worse than the hell we have been living through the past 8 yrs?

06 November, 2008 18:28  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Things can get a LOT worse, hon. A whole lot worse, I fear.

Did you read Pappy's list above, or are you just sympathetic to B. Hussein's political ideology? Do you even know what his political ideology is?

06 November, 2008 18:30  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

Yes, I read the list, I already pay high taxes under W. Most of this is nonsense, let me skip down to Socialism, is that similar to the recent bailout for the wealthy? Wealth redistribution, I think that's called taxes. Over aggressive enviromnentalism - ???? Healthcare for all, well, YEA! What we won't have under Barack Hussein Obama,( guess what, he isn't ashamed of his middle name) are made-up illegal wars and a continuation of failed policies. The world will no longer despise us. I live in a town with people that come from all over the world. They all say the same thing and that is why did Americans allow the Supreme Court to hand pick George Bush? How can this be? At least with Obama we can restore some credibility.

06 November, 2008 18:44  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

You are sadly wrong, Chess mom. Obama will not restore our standing except with his pals the islamists and the socialist europeans. Already the wolves are circling, slavering over what they know will be a severely weakened USA. Russia. (whose president didn't even bother to mention B Hussein in his state of the country address...) Iran. PLO. B. Hussein Obama does not have what it takes to deal with the problems that we face. Not only that - but he espouses economic policies that have proven to be a failure over and over and OVER AGAIN.

Way to go - voting for a guy that will be 10X worse than the already out of control democrat, spend happy congress that we've had to deal with up to now.

You think things have been bad? Honey - you don't even know what bad is. You're too damn stupid to understand what it is you've voted in. Asshat. You're no conservative. You're a far left dumbass.

06 November, 2008 19:11  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

I'm a dumbass and an asshat? Were you at John McCains concession speech yellingremarks in the background?Listen, honey, my mother is 82years old and has lived through the Depression. She says on a daily basis how NOTHING has been worse than the past 8 years. She talks about how Republicans were gentlemen, now your party is like a bunch of animals. I guess Grizzly Mama is appropriate.

06 November, 2008 19:42  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

You're full of crap.

You don't have a CLUE of what the depression was like, and the prosperity we've enjoyed in the past several years cannot even compare to the depression.

How DARE you?! How DARE you minimize the suffering and want that the people who lived through the depression endured?? You've resorted to lying now.

Get out of here and don't come back with your asinine drivel.

06 November, 2008 20:42  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

Please list some of this prosperity...govt. trillions of dollars in debt, foreclosures, illegal wars, millions of innocent lives lost for nothing, people barely eeking out a living, people being illegal wire tapped, Is this the prosperity you're talking about?

06 November, 2008 21:21  
Blogger Kermit said...

Hey Grizz...

I got out and voted. I do my best to keep the state tha the bog is a red state. The only thing that I am happy with about the US Congress right now is the Oklahoma Delegation.

Take a look at Dr Tom Coburns little talk in the Sentate. Theres a link to it at the bog. Doctor No is my man


07 November, 2008 08:26  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I'll be over soon, Kermit. Thanks!

Chessmom - I've had it with your inane writings. Your 82 y/old mother has no food, no heat, no shoes, no clothing without mended holes in it, and no medical care. THAT was the depression, honey. Yeah - a lot of our mothers and fathers lived through it and bear the emotional scars from it to this day.

Just stop going there. You sound more stupid with every second. There is nothing worse than a stupid woman. I swear to God. I have no patience for your bullshit.

07 November, 2008 08:43  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

"There is nothing worse than a stupid woman." That is why everyone is so relieved that Sarah Palin is being shipped back to Alaska.

07 November, 2008 10:19  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Who is 'everyone'? You and your little socialist friends??

07 November, 2008 16:44  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Monica: Kick that trash Cheesy Mom to the curb. It's starting to stink.

I can't believe these people are STILL spitting their poison even after they win. What SORE WINNERS they are.

Anyone who says the last 8 years is worse than the great depression is a fool and not worth listening to.

What an idiot!

And frankly, the more fools like that damn Sarah Palin the more I like her.

07 November, 2008 21:23  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Amen to that, Mike.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

08 November, 2008 08:29  
Blogger Chess Mom said...

Grizzly Mama, my husband asked me why I am bothering with this, what a waste time, I know he's right. I just want to say that I saw the pictures you posted of your children and they looked like they are in Catholic school uniforms. If this is the case I guess you are a religious person. What exactly is an asshat? I've never been called that before and have no idea what it is. I have been called other not so nice names on so called "Conservative" blogs. Why can't you see that this is not conservative behavior, I hope you don't speak like this around your children. Why can't a point be argued without cursing?

08 November, 2008 09:23  
Blogger alix said...

apparently Chessmom can't take a hint.

chessmom, my grandmother raised 5 children, some through the Depression, and i can second that you are a complete and utter fool, and an insulting one at that.

you liberal idiots cannot even comprehend that there's no brakes on this train now, with a Socialist/Marxist/Dem poised for inauguration, and a Dem congress.

i know it takes a while for the coin to drop, but damn, people! STFU already. it's time to make good on some of those castles-in-the-air promises he made for you. oh wait, that would require WORK, some of which doesn't involve pointless keystrokes such as you're depositing here.

09 November, 2008 10:54  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

So you think swearing precludes the ability to believe in God, or takes away the right to put my kids into a private school? What an interesting concept. You're even more of an idiot than I originally thought, chessmom. Apparently you've been spreading your stupidity all over the internet - and I echo your husband's question: Why do you continue?? You haven't made one point that can stand up in an argument - so what do you do? Question my right to say a curse word or send my kids to private school. What role will you take in the new world order? Language police maybe, or maybe you could be the one to decide where parents can send their kids to school.

Alix - thanks so much for dropping by again. Unreal what chessmom said about The Great Depression, isn't it? The horror stories that my own mother shared about her survival in those years would make chessmom's toes curl. Chessmom wouldn't have lasted 2 days - and in those days people didn't run to the government to give them everything they needed. Although my mother idolizes FDR and will have none of it when I broach the subject of his policies prolonging and deepening the depression. She still stockpiles food to this day.. You are right that Obama and his STUPID followers are in for a very rude awakening - reality has already hit the Obamanation with his first national security briefing. His policies that will be enacted will surely brink us to the brink - just as those same statist policies everywhere have been a complete and utter failure.

09 November, 2008 13:18  
Blogger MiniButMany said...

I know things can get worse because the Nazi Bush hasn't left yet, but things will eventually start looking up for you once Obama takes over. And, guess what? There are people in America right now with no food and no shoes, remember how shocked Bush was after Hurricane Katrina, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw for the first time in his life how some people have to live. Barbara Bush said that the stadium they were all crammed into 'was working out very well for them' because they are used to so much worse. I was at an Obama party last night and since I live near a University there were people there from all over the world. They all said the same thing: Thank God that it is Obama!

09 November, 2008 17:16  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Oh dear. The minute you made reference to Bush being Hitler - you lost me, hon.

Another clueless idiot. Go peddle your stupidity amongst yourselves. You all are so good at falling lock-step into believing that bullshit. Have fun! As for me and mine - we will defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

09 November, 2008 22:08  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

No more minibutmany - it's no use spouting off again about Bush as Hitler.

You're nuts and goodbye!

10 November, 2008 13:15  
Blogger MiniButMany said...


10 November, 2008 15:16  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...


10 November, 2008 17:27  

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