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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mr. Smith has tagged me!

People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things as well as stating this rule clearly! Three people need to be tagged and their names listed. Finally a comment needs to be left on each tagged person's blog...

(1.) I have a tattoo.
(2.) I hitch-hiked quite a bit when I was ages 14-16. I am lucky to be alive!
(3.) It takes my feet over an hour to get warm (when left to their own devices) after I crawl into bed.
(4.) I am looking for a used Gemeinhardt flute. After 27 years I got a sudden urge to play the flute again. I'm still wondering what has happened to me. That's the brand of flute and piccolo that I played starting in 4th grade, so I want a Gemeinhardt. **UPDATE** I now have TWO Gemeinhardt flutes!!
(5.) I've noticed that 'the Universe' provides us with the things we need out of the blue in very strange ways ALL OF THE TIME! It happens enough that I will tell the girls, 'Look! '"The Universe" has provided such and such and we were JUST thinking that we needed that!'
(6.) I love to break some rules. It makes me feel giddy and happy inside. So - I am breaking the rule to tag someone else. Although I would love to hear 6 strange/weird facts/things about you if you would like.

I love this Mr. Smith. Another UK blogger. I am totally into the UK bloggers!

It turns out that I had been tagged with this last year - so I am copying and pasting my responses. Sorry - but things haven't changed much and I am completely fried.



Blogger tweetey29 said...

May I ask what you were doing out hitch hiking at such an early age. Yikes. You are lucky. Nice post though.

05 April, 2007 13:15  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I was a wild-child. It really is a miracle that I am still alive.

05 April, 2007 18:30  
Blogger Abouna said...

Back in the day when I was a kid, we did a lot of hitch hiking and we never had to worry, sexual assaults and other things were few and far between.

We could go out and play in the summer in the morning and as long as we were home when the street lights came on, our parents didn't worry.

God Bless the good old days.

05 April, 2007 22:45  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Father Abouna - I remember too. We would be out ALL DAY, coming home for lunch and supper only. My father called us in at night by whistling really loud. We'd come running in from the woods.

Scares me to death to think of the girls out there like that all day and all night.

By the time I started hitch-hiking it wasn't a real good idea. I got picked up by some real whacks. I never got hurt but a couple of them I got out of the car before they got too far down the road.

05 April, 2007 23:21  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I'm going to start a movement to ban all internet tagging.

I'm getting tired of being polite by thanking the person who tags me for thinking of me, but declining to participate further!

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, This Stupid Tag Thing Has Got to Go!

06 April, 2007 11:09  
Blogger tweetey29 said...

Mike they are just for fun but I understand where you are coming from. I love doing tags. Its interesting to get to know that person. But some of us just arent up to them.

Monica I was a very unruly child myself but never hitch hiked. I am glad to hear you used your senses though to get out of the car before they took you to far. Glad you are here. I enjoy your input on things. Tweets

06 April, 2007 12:22  
Blogger skye said...

I'm with Mike regarding internet tagging.

Monica & Troll - GOE 2 is happening on May 26th.

06 April, 2007 21:02  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks Skye. We'll look into it.

07 April, 2007 23:21  

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