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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Crazy, busy week. Troll broke several bones in his wrist - thank God it wasn't his writing hand. Thank God, also, that he didn't get a concussion. He fell from a high perch at work. Poor thing. He tried to slow down his plummeting to the ground, his hand got caught, broke the wrist and he managed to land face first on concrete. His face is all messed up too. Looks like rug burns but it's the concrete that did it.

We are getting old and just don't fall like we used to. I swear. I think I chipped my elbow falling on the ice a couple of weeks ago. The girls and I were getting out of the truck at the gym where they are in gymnastics. I hollered as I was climbing out the door, 'Watch your step!' They did but the second I put my foot down - BLAM! I was down. My elbow slammed into the running board. Hurt like hell. The bruise was nasty. Still hurts.

So - sympathies to both of us for being old, overweight and not at all able to gracefully fall anymore.

The good news is that our yearly medical exam yielded surprising results for both of us. Although we both need to lose some weight - we'll be low carbing soon - we're not nearly in as bad a-shape as I thought. Cholesterol a bit high, but nothing near what I thought it would be. My fasting blood sugar was a bit high. Thyroid good. We're in business.

Girls are good - working hard in school. We've got to slam through if we're going to make it. They drag their feet and I have to tell them, 'If you want to be on the swim team this summer you had better get to work - otherwise you'll be doing school all summer!'

A friend and I have started cleaning houses. God bless America and the Capitalist system!

We're going to sell the house and move to a remote area of Chester or Montgomery County. I can't stand it around here anymore. Taxes are insane, insurance is insane, housing is insane, the neighborhood is going down the tubes.

Started the girls in a handbell choir for homeschoolers. They love it but they are nervous about an upcoming concert. It's good for them!

I've got a bunch of pics on our new digital camera - which I love! It's a Sony something or other. Lots of fun. I will post some pics soon.


Blogger tweetey29 said...

You two sound like J at work but he has to get out a truck almost the size a of a Semi. He was getting out the other day and the next thing he knew he was on his butt. LOL.. Kind of funny.

Sounds like school is going slow for you right now but they will want to pick back up when the weather picks back up really. Its snowing again here. Just an inch or so but still yuckie.

Glad to hear everyones healty though.

06 March, 2007 20:49  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'm feeling the effects of aging, myself.

Hope City Troll recuperates quickly.

How long have your girls been doing gymnastics? Do they do it year-round?

I think you might be aware that I coach gymnastics.

07 March, 2007 00:58  
Blogger tshsmom said...

I guess we should be thankful that Troll's injuries weren't worse, but he's gotta be in a LOT of pain.
No more high places or ice for you guys, OK?

07 March, 2007 15:08  
Blogger Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Sounds like things are pretty hectic....stay strong!

07 March, 2007 15:10  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Fess up Monica. Troll got in a fight with the CAIR muzzies.

I hope he gave them worse than he got.

Thought I'd let you know that Daterapper dropped in today on my post about Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter:


He thought he was being clever using a French pseudonym.

For all those phony complaints about namecalling at Tangled Web, he doesn't mind dropping in at Mike's America to tell us all that Britain could have won WW2 without any help from the U.S.

That's news to Winston Churchill and me.

07 March, 2007 21:11  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Tweetey, it didn't seem to hurt so much 20 years ago. lol.

Wordsmith - Thanks. The oldest has been in gymnastics on and off for several years. She loves it. But then she decided to try her had at basketball and Tae-Kwon-Do. The little one was old enough to join in. They both loved it. Now they are back in gymnastics. It's so good for them. I was on the gymnastics team in junior high school. I was never great but I loved it - especially the uneven parallel bars. My oldest is so strong and nimble. The little one isn't quite as physically coordinated as the older one, so it's really good to help her get stronger.

They can both shimmy up any doorframe in the house! lol.

I didn't know that you coached, Wordsmith. What ages?

07 March, 2007 22:56  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Tshsmom - it could have been alot worse. He's a trooper. I've been trying to give him a little TLC between all of the loads of laundry. ;-)

Mr. GG - it's crazy around here! Thanks, I will hang in as best as I can.

07 March, 2007 22:58  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Mike - I swear to God I think Tripper must be about 12 years old. He claims to be older but I think he is lying. Some of the stuff he comes out with is just jaw dropping.

BTW - we are going to Wash DC on the 17th to defend the Vietnam Veterans Memorial against the anti-war whacks. I'll be hiding behind Troll's cast if things get nasty. Naw - I'll just gooes 'em with my flagpole if they give me any problem..

07 March, 2007 23:00  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I didn't know that you coached, Wordsmith. What ages?

From 6 years old up through to adults. I get along well with the younger ones, but it would drive me crazy to have to teach them. I hugged two of my favorite 4 year olds at the gym, and they said a curious thing: "You smell like lipstick!"

I competed rings for UCLA, back when UCLA still had a men's team. Graduated in '93 (finally!).

I think gymnastics is good for all kids to have under their belt, regardless of how far they decide to pursue it. So I'm glad your kids are doing it.

08 March, 2007 02:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For cholesterol lowering, get on a regimen of green tea. Go to wal mart and buy a product called Cholest-off. That stuff really works.

08 March, 2007 09:02  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Glad Troll wasn't hurt too bad. I look forward to seeing some of your pics.

08 March, 2007 12:47  
Blogger tweetey29 said...

Pix are always good. I am wondering how do you get the kids started in Gymnastics? K loves to roll and flip and I am just curious. We arent in the YMCA yet so is there other ways to get them into that kind of stuff. Let me know when you have a minute. Tweets.

08 March, 2007 14:27  
Blogger Skye said...

Welcome to the digital age, Monica :)

Are you planning on bringing the camera to DC on March 17th? I'm bringing mine to protest.

08 March, 2007 21:27  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh do please post pics! So glad to hear your man is ok. My uncle fell off a ladder on to the concrete below and got a concusion from it, and broke his wrist too. It could have been so much uglier for them.
Sounds like the check ups are good. I'm with you on that low carb thingee... I need to shed this winter hibernation weight! UGH. Not fun. At least the more impt. ones like thyroid and chol. were looking a-ok.
Oh I thought of you yesterday when my man sent me this link. Go try it out - http://www.dontvote.org/. I got an 85. Missed 25, 38, 45 and 46. Oops! Guess I need to study a little bit!

09 March, 2007 08:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cubed here.

OWEE, OW, OW! Oh, that hurts! Broken bones in the wrist, or displacement? OWEE either way! Bone pain!

(City Troll, milk it for all you can...)

Steve Harkonnen said...

"For cholesterol lowering, get on a regimen of green tea...Cholest-off [is good too]."


Three cheers for both suggestions; also, for cholesterol, don't forget three other things as well - good ol' Metamucil, oatmeal (the original is best, and it cooks almost as quickly in the microwave as the quick stuff does, and you can customize it - blueberries, yum, which have more antioxidants that most other stuff and besides, if you are concerned about urinary tract infections, they are every bit as effective as cranberries!), and for those who can take it, a high quality fish oil, especially salmon oil. (Oil from many other fish isn't as good).

The fish oil lowers the LDL and triglycerides, and does something else that almost nothing else except exercise does, and that is, it actually raises HDL.

Just need to pass this along, too, folks - brew the green tea and drink it fresh, and when drinking tea for medicinal purposes, don't add milk (studies suggest that the milk protein ties up the good stuff); the useful goodies in it begin to degrade soon after the tea is brewed (in other words, the bottled stuff in the stores is not worth the money, unless you're drinking it for the fluid content and/or taste).

Another warning re: tea of any kind for folks on coumadin or other "blood thinners" - don't take the "green tea supplements" in capsules (this is ground up tea leaves) or in liquid form with the eyedropper (this is a water concentrate of brewed ground tea leaves), or eat the tea leaves that you brew yourself.

Tea leaves contain more vitamin K than just about anything else on the planet. For people over about 50, women on birth control, people with cancer, people who are scheduled for surgery or have just had surgery (surgery starts a cascade of events leading to clotting, just as any cut in the body does - Mother Nature did this to keep us from bleeding to death when we are injured!), people who sit for prolonged periods (especially with the backs of their knees up against the edge of the chair), and people with a history of blood clots, tea leaves or vitamin K supplements can be very dangerous.

The freshly brewed tea is not only helpful, it is completely safe, since the vitamin K does not come out of the leaf into the hot water. In fact, freshly brewed green tea even has significant anti-cancer benefits! Gotta drink quite a bit, but hey, every little bit helps!

Black tea is beneficial too, but because of the fermentation process that makes it black, its benefits are a little different from those of green tea; it stimulates one component of the immune system by several hundred percent (four hundred, I believe, but don't quote me).

Hang in there, City Troll!

09 March, 2007 20:55  
Blogger Always On Watch Two said...

So sorry to hear about City Troll's woes. May he get well soon!

About the handbell choir...Learning to perform musical selections is important on many levels. They will learn lessons which they cannot learn any other way.

09 March, 2007 21:25  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks all so much. Still hectic getting Troll back and forth to MRI's and CAT's and different docs. He may have to have surgery - the docs are discussing it right now.

Tweetey - check on the internet for gymnastics classes in your area. We did the YMCA when they were really little, but I became very annoyed with them very quickly. It's quite expensive and then they load their classes up and most of the time the kids end up waiting in long lines to get a chance to do something. It was the same for the swimming classes, too. There are several gyms around here, and I went with one that other mothers recommended.

09 March, 2007 21:27  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks AOW. They are in the beginning chimes class. WOW. It is so good for them. They both have problems with beat and rhythm and it's working itself out just in the few classes that they've attended. They have a concert soon! lol. We'll have to videotape that one...

09 March, 2007 21:28  
Blogger Alix said...

wow woman! you've been BUSY!

sorry to hear the fella is injured...glad it wasn't worse. good luck in his healing.

10 March, 2007 20:58  
Blogger Abouna said...

I have discovered, much to my shagrin, that once we reach a certain age, we don't do very many things gracefully any more. Ah, how youth is wasted on the young.

12 March, 2007 23:17  

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