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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am voting. Are you?

C'mon now. Get on up off of that duff. Head on over to the polling place and have your say. You'll probably get some coffee and doughnuts as a prize.

May I also suggest voting Republican? If you:

1. Care about keeping taxes low - go for the Republican lever.
2. Care about continuing the global fight against islamofascists - Republican.
3. Want no amnesty for illegal immigrants - Republican.
4. Want the NSA to continue surveillance of terrorist communications - Republican.
5. Want the border wall to be funded - Republican.
6. Care about recognition of parental rights - Republican.
7. Want to stay in Iraq until the job is done - Republican.
8. Would like to drill oil domestically - Republican.
9. Care about ridding the judicial system of activist judges - Republican.
10. Want choice in your childrens education - Republican.


Blogger Mike's America said...

Great graphic. The donkey in the lion skin pretending to be something he is not is still true today.


because it does!

07 November, 2006 06:59  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I am glad you like the cartoon. I agree that this is a very important election. Hopefully the elephant won't fall into that big hole!

07 November, 2006 10:40  
Blogger Skye said...


Damn it felt good :)

07 November, 2006 18:28  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Me too Skye. I didn't work the polls this year though. Working the polls is totally cool.

07 November, 2006 20:53  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh Monica, I'd love to see you working the polls down here some day! That would rock! I heard PA had some rough moments with the machines today... yikes. I voted in all my glory. And I must must confess, and only here will I confess, I voted against one republican. It felt weird, but Sonny is not a republican. He's a democrat dressed in republican clothing. And I didn't vote for the Dem. in place of him. I felt like I threw my vote away but I was trying to make a point. But it does not matter because Sonny won by a huge percent, thus far. Ok, I'm rambling... but I took the kids and we whispered among ourselves as I cast each ballot. It was a nice little history lesson! But right now, the results are coming in and it's not looking so great for the Repub's. Not good.

07 November, 2006 22:52  
Blogger MonicaR said...

The girls love to come and vote. I think it might be the candy and doughnuts that are served there. The ladies checking us in make a big fuss over them, too.

I have split my ticket in the past and I have also refrained from voting for any candidate in certain situations. You didn't throw your vote away, Kate. No way! Now - back when I voted for Perot - THAT one came back to bite me. lol.

07 November, 2006 23:39  
Blogger Kate said...

Yeah you're right, I didn't throw it away... it's just a blah day today. It's not something I can just chew up and spit out. It's gonna be a bad taste for a number of years (I am thinking)... ugh. And now they are gaming on that monster Hil. Lord lord. Ok... well, off to make dinner!

08 November, 2006 18:02  

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