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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MamaGeph at 'Still Odd' has tagged me...

She has very cool kids and is a homeschooler. Thank you MamaGeph - I will do my best.

1. Who or what inspired you to start blogging? Was it a whim, or a carefully thought out leap?

Gosh - I'm not sure. The very first blog I ever read was Iraq The Model. Those brothers in Baghdad saved me - SAVED me I tell ya. I was totally down on the war and very discouraged and depressed. They renewed my faith in the Iraqi people and in our efforts to liberate them. I found A Tangled Web through ITM and discovered Brits who actually like America! I was shocked and gratified. I commented on both of these blogs for a long time before it dawned on me that I could have my very own blog. So I did it. I had also been in communication with Blonde Sagacity via ProtestWarrior and she started HER blog - and several months later I started MINE and she was very encouraging and linked to me and I to her. I thought I'd write about being a mother and how important home educating was becoming to me. Little did I know that I had very strong feelings about all kinds of crazy things - - - so that's what I do. Just vomit onto the page for your entertainment! I have since found many other blogs and I just completely enjoy making my rounds almost every night.

2. What bloggers inspire you now? Why?
Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. Hmmmmmm. Different blogs do at different times. There is so much out there and most of it fascinating. I go on different tears depending on a lot of things. Take a look at the sidebar - great stuff.

3. What subjects do you enjoy writing about most? What subjects are the easiest?
I enjoy writing about my kids and husband and our life together. That is always easy and fun to do. I like relating my experiences of the world around me. Encounters with strangers and acquaintances. My perception of many things that are happening in our world.

4. If you could pick only one post to print, frame, and say, "That's me," what would it be?
It's Lord of the Flies Out On the Block. (Not a very flattering picture - but it's the truth.)

5. What is your favorite flavor of cheesecake?
PLAIN! Okay - I'll take cherry cheesecake but I'll scrape all those slimy cherries off and eat the cheesecake and the red goo.

Thank you MamaGeph! You got the electricity in the grey matter going - trying to make those connections and that is always good when one gets to be my age! 'If you don't use it - you lose it', they say.

Oh! I have to tell EVERYONE who happens to land on my little piece of the world - the girls broke their first boards in TaeKwonDo tonight. Grizzly Mama was amazed. Those little things just cut through those pieces of wood like they were butter. BAM! Board broken with no bones about it. LOL! They are a trip these girls of mine.

Have a great evening. I will be tackling Cubed's next essay over the weekend and I am adding a new 'feature'!! It will be called 'Aesop's Fable Friday'. LOL! I just found the book on sale and there are so many more fables there than *I* had ever heard of. Always loved Aesop's Fables - you will too!



Blogger "Alice" said...

Isn't that just the coolest thing kids breaking boards? I still have my youngest's very first board that she broke.

23 March, 2006 05:23  
Blogger Denise said...

I'm looking forward to the fables!

23 March, 2006 08:57  
Blogger alix said...

congrats to the bruisers! lol
aesop's fables...one of my absolute favorites as a kid...i still have my original copy, and i read it to lil bit. completely certain it helped me form many of my longstanding beliefs.

sounds like everyone's feeling better...we've got the sickies in our house now. and someone please tell me where spring has gone?!

23 March, 2006 13:47  
Blogger Kate said...

Your girls are breaking their first boards? WOW! I bet they hit bulls eye when they fire their first round! Watch out! Loved the post - thanks for sharing.

23 March, 2006 16:49  
Blogger MamaGeph said...

Thanks for playing along, Griz. Can I just say that I totally love the post you picked?! You are one great mama. I wouldn't mess with you.

Congrats to your girlies! That is just amazing.

23 March, 2006 18:13  
Blogger tshsmom said...

I'm a plain cheesecake girl too. I'm sooo with you on the cherries!

Hi Alix; we miss you!

23 March, 2006 19:13  
Blogger Skye said...

I'm a cheesecake purist myself.

Congratulations to the girlies for their accomplishment!

23 March, 2006 23:37  
Blogger MonicaR said...

It blew my mind Alice. They were nervous and weren't sure that they could do it (and I wasn't sure they could either but I couldn't SAY that...) and I told them just listen to the instructor. I loved it. They gave them the boards they broke with the date and type of hit they used.

Denise - I had lost you! You've come back! You are now on my sidebar!

Alix - I miss you TOO along with tshsmom. I loved Aesop's Fables as a kid - I agree it helped me to form many of my beliefs as well. Hope you're feeling better soon - it took over 2 weeks here for us - it's still hanging on a bit but slowly going away.

Thanks for coming by Kate - I enjoyed your answers too. I'm still agog about those tiny girls breaking those boards! LOL! They are definitely going to be getting some range time and I guess I need to look into that soon. The oldest will be TEN soon.

MamaGeph - thanks for the questions. Really I'm quite shy. LOL! I would only yell at someone if they were doing something bad - and even then I'd have to screw up my nerve. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes it just comes out.

Tshsmom and Skye - I'm so glad I'm not alone in the world in the cheesecake department! Good to see you both again - Skye I have fixed my link to your new house in the blogosphere.

23 March, 2006 23:55  
Blogger DV said...

I am so pleased and proud that ATW played a role in getting you up and blogging. Your contributions here and on ATW, and elsewhere, are always just great. I love the frankness and honesty of what you wrote Monica - it's an antidote to the dross I have to put up with from my leftist critics!!!

24 March, 2006 18:32  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thank you David. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air. I love your blog! It's been so nice to find others who share the same outlook on life - even across the oceans.

24 March, 2006 20:14  
Blogger skye said...

>Skye I have fixed my link to your new house in the blogosphere.

Thanks a bunch :))

25 March, 2006 12:26  
Blogger Sprittibee said...

Vomit on, baby! Vomit on! ;)

26 March, 2006 22:54  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Sbee - LOL! I shall do my best!

26 March, 2006 23:34  

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