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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's 'Lord of the Flies' out on the block.

Some of these kids are just plain mean, I tell ya. They picked the littlest, most backward kid on the block and just started torturing her. Well not real torture but they were just evil to her.

She's five years old and yes she has some problems. She's a pain in the ass - okay? No one likes her because she just doesn't know how to act. Her household is not the best - I don't think she gets a lot of love. I feel bad for her and at the same time I don't have the energy to deal with her psychosis.

She wants to play of course. Poor thing. A bunch of kids had gathered on a 9 y/old girls front porch. All ages from 12 down to 4. The little psycho kid wanted to get on the porch to play too. They made her go get money and then they would let her on the porch for a few minutes. Back and forth she went - getting money, being made to beg like a dog (yes! on her hands and knees!), getting on the porch for a few minutes, getting kicked off and sent back for more money, being made to beg like a dog, pay the money and back on the porch.

Well! I was horrified - and more horrified to see my girls up on that porch. Mind you - my 4 y/old and another 4 y/old were sort of in their own world playing with a pogo stick and not paying much attention. But the 8 y/old?! HA! THAT one knows better.

Grizzly Mama screaming, 'YO! - Girls! Get your asses over here NOW!!' All the kids stop dead in their tracks. My two and the other 4 y/old come running. The other 4 y/old's dad is right next to me - and I explain what they've been doing as the kids make their way over. (They stopped and looked both ways before crossing the street....good girls...)

Then the lecture. I lectured that other 4 y/old, too - I did. Her daddy agreed of course. I lecture all the kids on the block - yep. I'm out there ALL the time watching what they do. They try to pull all kinds of stuff and then come running to me - they don't get away with it though.

'I don't care if you don't like her and don't want to play with her, you will NEVER treat anyone that way EVER again. You don't have to be mean. I would prefer if you stood up and stopped people from behaving this way toward another human being but if you are not up for that, then at the very LEAST, you should remove yourself from the situation. And of course, come tell Grizzly Mama.' Grizzly Mama doesn't mind stopping it. Grizzly Mama has stood up for weaker people being abused before and will do it again in a heartbeat. Into the house the girls go and up to their rooms to think about it.

This is what happens when kids are left with no supervision. The Lord of the Flies happens. Not one of those parents did a thing to stop their kids from acting like that. IF they were aware of it, do they think it's normal? Is it the socialization that is necessary? The 'hard-knocks' they have to face in life to get strong? I disagree. I utterly, completely disagree.


Blogger Abe said...

I'm so glad you stopped that, and so dramatically. That poor kid has a tough road ahead.

12 May, 2005 01:25  
Blogger Steve Donohue said...

She reminds me of a little girl I tutor for... nice enough, but something just isn't right. You're right, even if that's what she's going to face, no one has the right to treat her like that.

12 May, 2005 07:55  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Yep, that's the Socializing they want to see, learning how to be a Union Boss and collect membership dues! Practicing to be an apparatchick!

12 May, 2005 12:39  
Blogger Victoria said...

So we have to socialize our kids in public schools so they learn tolerance, right?

12 May, 2005 19:22  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Abe thanks - I am glad too. I don't put up with that crap for a minute. I think she does have a tough road ahead and it's sad.

Steve - I'm worried about this little girl and get into this bizarre 'want to save her' mode. Well. I can't. I can pray for her though and I do.

Dirtcrasher - LOVE the pic. I looked at it for a minute thinking it was a Protest Warrior-type joke sign - but I don't think it is. Is it? I don't think so. I think those people are for real - LOLLLLL!

Yes Victoria - you're right and the reason IS: The parents are too goddamn stupid to know what to do. Parents are intolerant and push their intolerant prejudices onto their children. Parents are BAD for their children.

12 May, 2005 23:55  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Careful, it's a satire site! http://www.thepeoplescube.com
But more importantly I'm sorry for the little girl who it seems to me is doing her best, however mistakenly, wrongly, or confusedly, just to get and hold onto some attention, any kind of attention - that's a sign of some kind...
The other kids are learning bullying and profiteering, so they'll do well in Public School. ;-)

13 May, 2005 11:41  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Oh I'm so glad it's a satire! LOL!

I agree with you about the little girl. AND the other kids.

13 May, 2005 15:25  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Monica: I think it's great you go out of your way to keep an eye on the kids on the block and correct them when they need it....

Would it be possible to correct some of their parents as well?

Kids will be kids and some of the mean, nasty stuff is going to happen, but there is no excuse for some parents to just ignore that behavior.

15 May, 2005 11:07  
Blogger Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Monica, we need more parents like you in every neighborhood.

Could it be that 'kids will be kids and mean, nasty stuff happens' because there are not enough parents like you? I suspect so.

16 May, 2005 15:36  
Blogger MonicaR said...

HM,Z. It blows my mind - the happenings on the block. I am out there ALL the time if my kids are out there. (It' another reason why my house is a mess) I am yelling at all of those kids all of the time. You would think that they would hate me. But they hang out here all the time - which is fine with me because then I know what they're up to. It's only when I'm really growling that they all run for cover.

I do wonder though. I wonder how mothers can let kids as young as 2 or 3 run out on the block all alone. I keep an eye on 'em. (When I'm out there)

17 May, 2005 00:10  
Blogger Militant Housewife said...

Amen Sister!!! The God-awful behavior that goes on around here is disturbing. Thankfully the neighborhood kids at least get a dose of reality when they are at (or near) my house. I'm not the militant housewife for nothing !!!
read my "My daughters best friend" post , I think you'll find yourself in there too !!

24 May, 2005 06:39  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Love your blog Militant! Thanks for commenting.

Some of the behaviour is disturbing I agree. Many of the parents don't seem to be aware of what's going on.

24 May, 2005 11:17  

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