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Friday, March 17, 2006

Grizzly Mama TRIED to tell them....

But nooooooooo. Big Government doesn't want to hear it from the Grizzly Mama, does he? (I think of Big Government as a 'he'.)

Years ago when Transportation Security Administration was ramping up with airport security, Grizzly Mama went through the training. What a thankless job being an airport security agent is - and the pressure! God Forbid something gets through and then how many dead innocents would we have on our hands?!

During her training Grizzly Mama suggested an improvement that would diminish the possibility of firearms and explosives getting through x-ray. My suggestion was to show an x-ray of the baggage from two perspectives simultaneously - one from the top and one from the side. Of course it would cost money. We are the richest nation on the planet with billions wasted every year for Representative's pet projects - - - or just a new lining for their pockets. Millions sent to terrorist supporting states every year. Millions spent on the healthcare of illegal aliens. You get my drift.



Blogger Always On Watch said...

Government bureaucracy is remarkable inefficient.

Your idea about the two views sounds workable. But politicians have their own agendas.

This is the worst: Millions sent to terrorist supporting states every year. Millions spent on the healthcare of illegal aliens.

Wasting government dollars on trends which threaten our very existence as a nation and as a culture.

18 March, 2006 14:34  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Trusting the government to run ANYTHING is foolhardy. That's why I don't understand people who keep screaming for government-run health care.

There is so much wealth in this country that is wasted and yes you are right that alot is spent on pursuits that run counter to our national security.

18 March, 2006 15:25  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Governments are always wise after the event! Barn doors and horses come to mind, always plenty of dosh (money) for their pet projects though. We had a major incident last July in London as you know but we still have open borders despite being an island.

Every day in the UK illegal migrants and so-called asylum seekers are popping out of vans and lorries so much so it’s a joke here. They have over half million roaming around Gods know where, King Tony and his lackeys don’t know or care! We don’t even have show of force (troops) at our ports despite the obvious terrorist threats

18 March, 2006 19:34  
Blogger Cubed © said...


Well said! Make that BEAUTIFULLY said! And what an experience! And what a super idea!

Boy, oh boy, do I ever "get your drift!"

Maybe one day, even our Representatives' heads will, as an expression I really like says, "come up out of the sand, probably propelled by the force of an explosion; then we will stand, mouths agape like to many fish out of water, trying to comprehend a situation we've done our best to ignore."

I know a lot of us think it will take something really big to catch the attention of our Protectors and many fellow citizens alike. Things like your story, and the recent one about those 21 airports not catching dangerous items going through make me think that it would be altogether too easy for the "Big One" to happen.

You don't suppose you'd be willing to try to tell them again, do you?

I'm so glad you and AOW are teachers.

18 March, 2006 19:41  
Blogger Kate said...

Yes, well said indeed.
If TSA won't listen, who could you suggesst the idea to next? It's worth the pursuit.

19 March, 2006 22:02  
Blogger "Alice" said...

Government knows no boundries. It just is.

20 March, 2006 05:18  
Blogger Alison said...

just a quick one to let you know my blog seems to have disappeared. No idea why and im starting to suspect foul play after my last post. If youve any ideas on why i would have a white page where my blog used to be please help! If not ill have to start again i guess :(

20 March, 2006 13:45  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Hi Alison couple of weeks back I could not post, had an Error message on my blog home page. Said they were checking me out to make sure I was not a spam advertising blog! I suspect I was flagged because of some wet liberal pratt complained about my blog’s content. Anyhow I followed the link to let them know I was not a spammer!
I had to wait 24 hours to get my posting rights back! If I had left it 10 days my blog would have been deleted lucky I was not on holiday. I had to sit tight and wait for the all clear, I was white-listed the next day.

Here is their email address it was the one supplied to inform I could continue blogging! support@blogger.com

Hope it helps Sparky

Remember just because you can’t hear them talking about you, does not mean they are not out to get you! I’m not Paranoid honestly, LOL
Perhaps it’s just a little gremlin in the works!

20 March, 2006 18:11  
Blogger Alison said...

I managed to trace it via their ISP and saw that id been picked up via the March for Free Expression blogsite. Someone didnt like the fact that i support them and posted those goddam nasty muslim banners on my blog. so they 'whited out' my blog! Rottweiler Puppy helped me sort it but ive lost all my links and customising. Should only take a few days to sort though. Dont post at the March blog.

20 March, 2006 19:16  
Blogger MonicaR said...

OMG Alison - I can't believe this happened. This pisses me off. These are the leftists - if they don't like what you have to say they just get rid of you....what does THAT remind you of? Is that why they revere Castro and Chavez and Che (even though Che is dead) ??!! Or is it the G.D. Moslems? Bastards.

I can't stand them.

20 March, 2006 21:56  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Another blogger I know questioned the wisdom of the "flags", when blogger first installed them. She predicted that something like this would happen.
You'd think we were living in China! :(

21 March, 2006 15:57  
Blogger The Sparky said...

They must have cracked your password then, and deleted your entire blog to end up with just a white page. But your back now, good and with a harder to crack pass word I hope!

21 March, 2006 22:05  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Yeah - I remember commenting on the flags with other bloggers. None of us like the idea - you know the lefties how they like to shut down any dissent from their point of view.

Well - hopefully all is well now.

21 March, 2006 23:09  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Yes you’re right tshsmom, China does not even allow an open search on the Google search engine. It is a censored search, as their people cannot be allowed to stray too far, incase they find some dissenting voices against their leaders!

22 March, 2006 15:11  
Blogger greasy joan said...

The whole thing is a big, black hole, isn't it? Like you I don't "get" people who believe the gov't can effectively

-educate our children
-care for the poor or elderly
-fix potholes in the road
-deal with aliens fairly to us and them

When I fly I see them hassling little old ladies with tiny embroidery scissors. Like THEY'RE the problem.

25 March, 2006 07:49  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thank you for visiting Greasy Joan - I visited your blog the other day and really enjoyed it.

Our local gov't. is pretty good at fixing potholes - however I've noticed that oftentimes they'll fix the road or repave it and then tear it up a couple of months later. Seems like bad planning to me.

I haven't flown in a couple of years. The girls and I flew around every couple of months for a few years before that - and I always felt like it was a crapshoot.

Take care!

25 March, 2006 12:49  

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