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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

The wearin' o' the green has commenced. I had lost all track of time!

The obligatory nasty little leprechaun.

Off to make the corned beef and cabbage! (yeah - right...)


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Cute leprechaun!

17 March, 2006 11:31  
Blogger City Troll said...

Don't call me a nasty little leprechaun!

17 March, 2006 14:35  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Top of the morning to Paddy and Monica and a Happy Saint Patrick’s day. I’m drinking Irish coffee here got the dreaded cold again! Can’t drink too much of this lovely drink! Oh Danny Boy…
Happy Saint Paddy Day to all the Irish and their friends everywhere.
If your Irish come into the parler… Hic I getting drunk on this stuff LOL
When Irish eyes are smiling… And I’ll take you home again Kathleen.

17 March, 2006 20:58  
Blogger Mike's America said...

What is it with you folks and all the colds and flu?

18 March, 2006 00:39  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Mike - your guess is as good as mine. This has been a NASTY NASTY flu and we are still recovering 10 days into it. I hope that you don't get it - I hope nobody else gets it. It's awful. Almost as bad as that horrible winter after 9/11 - - - but not quite.

Sparky! LOL! The remedy seems to be working!

Troll - I would never call you that. I would call you a lot of things but I wouldn't call you THAT! LOL!

I'm glad you like the leprechaun AOW!

18 March, 2006 01:52  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Hope y'all are feeling better!

My definition of the perfect neighbor: One who invites us to partake of the annual repast of the meal I refuse to cook, corned beef and cabbage, then recognize how I detest it, and offer to grill me a filet mignon!

I tracked back to you, Monica, on my last post. Not that it will make a dent in your readership, but thought you'd like to know! Hope the leprechaun Rx worked for you! ;-)

18 March, 2006 10:26  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Hi Mike and Monica This is a very cold and damp Island during the winter!
I don’t know why the whole world wants to flock here! Yes I do, the free housing and social security without contributing a penny. And a lot of them bring in nasty little bugs as well! Tuberculosis is on the increase in many London borough, a disease once wiped out is making a come back!
A very cold winter here they warned us back in September that it would be the coldest in decades, they are not wrong. Eastern winds from Russia are making it more miserable than normal.
Blubs that are usually show signs of life by the end of February are nowhere to be seen. Now aren’t you happy you live in a warm state Mike, well I think you do.
Now if I could nip over to the Emerald Isle and find a leprechaun’s pot of gold I would be in clover, or I should say Shamrock! And then I would buy a holiday home in Florida to get away from our winters. LOL

18 March, 2006 13:38  
Blogger MonicaR said...

TB is making a comeback in the US too Sparky - and a drug resistant strain is causing some worry. Florida would be okay in the winter - but not the summer!

Thank you Dagney. I hate cooked cabbage but I LOVE corned beef cooked just so. (Of course I can't cook it - I'm a terrible cook!) Filet Mignon is even better! (as long as someone else cooks it - except Troll because he likes steak burned.)

18 March, 2006 15:20  
Blogger The Sparky said...

TB is on the up in the western world, overcrowding and those bringing it in without any health checks what so ever, from places where it’s still rife is all too common here. That’s a big worry if it becomes uncontrollable it was a big killer in the past.

Florida, can only dream on that one, unless my lottery ticket comes in! What’s the temperature there in the winter and summer Monica? I think it’s a lot warmer than Spain both winter and summer, a lot of Brits have holiday homes in Spain, and over quarter of a million I believe have moved permanently to the Costa Brava. The largest colony of British ex pats in the world.

Just going finish of that bottle of McCarthys Irish Cream, lovely stuff cheaper version of Baileys Irish Coffee, but you can't tell after the second glass! LOL

18 March, 2006 19:13  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Sparky I have relatives in southern FL. I don't know how they stand it there but they have been there for a couple of generations now. It's terribly flat too. Nice place to visit - but I definitely wouldn't want to live there.

FL Climate

Looking at the average temps in summer it looks better than Philly! LOL! Philly SUCKS in the summer mainly due to the humidity and you have that in FL in buckets. Spain sounds WONDERFUL. (Wouldn't want to live there though!)

I've never heard of McCarthys Irish Cream but I've consumed many a bottle of Baileys! Not so much anymore though. Perhaps I need to get a small bottle - would it help my cold that will NOT go away?!

Hope you're feeling better now. Take care.

21 March, 2006 23:27  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Thanks for the info and temperatures, Yeah Spain sounds ok weather wise, but they are getting more and more crime out there, big movement of Arabs and Africans coming across the Gibraltar straits and setting up shop there, I was chatting to my Sicilian neighbour his home Island has cheap properties in his home village, but it is the birth place of the Mafia and feuds! I don’t want to take on an offer I can’t refuse and end up with a horse’s head on my pillar! LOL
I’d go to Ireland but it may be to cold and wet for me but the people are warm!

Re Irish Cream
I don’t know if it would help your cold Monica, (it might send you to sleep after half a bottle though,) as I have still got mine, I’m going to try some neat scotch in milk tonight! I have tried just about everything, there are some nasty bugs out there (they seem to linger these days,) I have booked an appointment to see the quack on Monday if it has not cleared up, Yes Monday lovely here in third world UK! Trouble here these things keep going around in circles, people and (lots of foreigners with dirty non exist hygiene, spitting everywhere!) going to work and coughing and sneezing on you, in the banks, in the bakery the other day big sneeze from her behind the counter, I told her forget it and got a sealed loaf from a supermarket!

22 March, 2006 15:40  
Blogger MonicaR said...

After the gov't. that was elected in Spain I wouldn't want to live there that is for sure. My husband's family is Italian - but none are Sicilian! They scream at each other at dinners - accusing each other of being Naboladan(sp?) and other stuff - but never Sigies! LOL!

We were on a course of antibiotics here (the older girl had pnuemonia) and as soon as the antibiotics were done - wham! Sick again. I'll watch the girls for symptoms of pneumonia and if they don't show up we're going to rough it. It's nasty but has to work it's way through eventually. So far no fevers in the girls - just lots of snot and coughing. Whoooo-hoooo!

Hope the scotch helps. I'm stuck with herbal tea....

22 March, 2006 23:34  
Blogger The Sparky said...

Monica you’re so right with choosing where to move, on paper it looks fine in Spain, but there has been a lot of carpetbagger claims going on at the expense of some Brits there.

You buy a place lots of Brits move in start a small community all fine so far! Then Spanish developers with the help of their whacky government gets jealous and wants to muscle in on the growing area’s popularity they make the rules as they go along and start to pinch your land and sometimes your home with no compensation!

Also they are given bills for the new infrastructure, roads and lighting, leaving many broke. But nothing is being done to support Brits suffering from this daylight robbery. Read the cases of a few Brits who were made bankrupt by these Spanish crooks, and had to return home to the UK penniless!

Also they sent out a weak message after Madrid, plus they gave over a million illegal immigrants an amnesty, where all they all going to end up, at your truly open barn doors UK! It’s best if one can move to an English speaking country at least you can read the contract and they play by fairer rules.

I hope your older girl who had pneumonia is recovering, that’s very serious stuff. I had a better night last night, half a glass of scotch mix with hot milk sent me out quicker! Also found several 500 grams antibiotics I’m taking them until I get some from the docs. Always keep some around your house for emergency!

A couple of years before I met my wife, she got meningitis, at the same time as her school girl friend in the next street. She was fourteen at the time, the girl in the next street died, my wife to be six years later was very ill but survived because her mum started her off on some antibiotics until the emergency doc came out ( a service you could not get today) Her own doc a little Jewish guy said her mother’s actions probably saved her daughter’s life! Anyway this was a diamond bloke with his knowledge right on the button, who I used see private when I started courting my wife, very good doc. Only a tenner £10 instead of hanging around my own over crowded 3hour wait surgery of the NHS.

A few useful links
Get well soon all, God Bless

It’s shame he is no longer about I’m sure a lot of our doctors here London now have got their degrees or diplomas at the University of Delhi or some other tin pot outfit as many don’t have a clue.

Re Sicily my neighbour said you can get an old cottage to do up for several thousand pounds and a ransom! LOL

23 March, 2006 21:28  
Blogger MonicaR said...

That's terrible about Spain Sparky - I do not trust that gov't.

Thanks so much for the links - I appreciate it. How terrible about your wife's friend. My cousin had meningitis a couple of years ago and survived it - she was very sick but thank goodness survived. Kids still die from that and every so often you hear of outbreaks in a school district here or there. It's scary when the kids get sick. I'm going to check out those links because sometimes it's hard to know if the doc. should be called. Many times I've taken them in and what they have is no big deal and I feel foolish. If I am unsure - in they go.

Our doc is great. When we didn't have insurance he treated us no matter what. Gave us the medication samples and didn't charge us a dime. God bless him.

26 March, 2006 00:57  
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