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Friday, February 05, 2010

We're Getting Slammed



You can see that in Southeastern PA, they are predicting 12-24 inches of snow. THAT'S a snowstorm! I heard a reporter say 'the worst in history'. Bull - we had 3 feet of snow in Philly in 1996. I remember it well because 8 months later our oldest was born! (She was a little early..)

I made it into work, and will be here until noon Saturday. So, here's hoping that the plows will be working well before noon so that I can get home. I've got a shovel, my outdoor broom and a bag of kitty litter in the car. The girlies are once again safely put to bed at Mom-Mom's house, and Troll is preparing for a possible all nighter at the airport tomorrow night.

In the above image, viewed at Wunderground.com, you can see that down south they're getting slammed, too. But it's torrential rain and I heard tornado warnings for the Outer Banks area. Nasty stuff. The District of Columbia (Washington DC), Maryland and Virginia are getting hit with snow real hard. The southern Jersey Shore is predicted to experience high winds with heavy snow - blizzard warnings. Wouldn't want to be on the boardwalk in Atlantic City right about now!

Mother Nature still has it going on, doesn't she? All we can do is batten down the hatches and ride it out.



Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I'm watching my car through the security cameras. It's getting buried!!

06 February, 2010 01:42  
Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

Last Thursday night we had 50 degrees at 11:30 pm, by the next day, it was minus 2 degrees with a wind chill of minus 24. Then on Saturday of last week we had so much "Lake effect" snow that it took me two hours and forty-five minutes to drive home from my son's house, and he only lives two miles from me.

Right now, as we speak, it is 14 degrees and they don't expect that we will get above 19 or 20 degrees until next week. So much for global warming.

06 February, 2010 23:43  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...


07 February, 2010 02:55  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

sorry for a minute i thought you were joking on this.. we dont have cable so i have no idea what the weather is like near you guys.. Hope it quits soon.. we are suppose to get another 2-8 inches tomorrow..

08 February, 2010 19:42  
Blogger RG said...

Yawl don't worry about anything up there 'cause the news said yesterday that Obama is setting up a Global Warming department... More government ought to do it, eh?

09 February, 2010 11:14  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I know Tweetey - this is more like YOUR kind of winter!!

RG - LOL! I heard about that. In fact I heard that the opening of it has been delayed due to DC being shut down because of the snow.

We're due to get up to 18 more inches tonight and tomorrow!!!

09 February, 2010 15:17  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

We are getting like 4-8 inches between earlier today and tomorrow morning. Everyone is getting slammed. i had to drive home in this crap. I hate it...

09 February, 2010 21:42  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I like it unless I have to get out and drive in it!

I shoveled the walks and where I shoveled is almost full again in spots. :-(

Good news: No school again tomorrow!

10 February, 2010 22:25  
Blogger tshsmom said...

LOL, Z was a blizzard baby too! He's a direct result of the MN blizzard of '91 that dumped 3 ft of snow on Halloween.

I hate to brag, but we only got 1/2 inch of snow in the past week. We had more than our share last winter.

11 February, 2010 20:07  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

There were a lot of blizzard babies born in 1996 - lol!

I'm glad that you guys are getting a break.

12 February, 2010 13:46  

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