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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Back

Trigeminal Neuralgia.

After several years remission, the pain is back. Just like the old days. This artwork, done by a sufferer of TN, is a pretty good representation of what the pain is like for me:

My pain is on the right side only, and mainly affects the lower jaw, upper teeth - occasionally the side of my nose. My lower jaw has been taking a beating with pain over the last week. At its worst, it feels like someone is taking my jaw bone and breaking it in half, while at the same time ripping out every tooth. Lightning bolt pain doesn't even begin to describe it. Sometimes my right ear feels like it's on fire.

The pains have been lasting several minutes up to one half hour and then, poof! - it disappears completely. I never know when it will return and that is a part of the hell of this affliction. The fear of the pain is a factor even when you're not experiencing any pain. When the pain is minimal, the fear of the pain becoming more intense will really screw with you.

I have an appointment to see my Neurologist after the Christmas break. My medication doesn't seem to be helping very much. Wrapping my head in a scarf to cover the right side of my face helps a little. Seven times out of ten, if my nose is completely covered by the scarf the pain will magically disappear. I look ridiculous though, and explaining it can feel awkward.

Wind, even the slightest breeze, triggers pain. Chewing will sometimes bring pain on and sometimes relieve it. Brushing my teeth or washing my face has no effect.

For more Trigeminal Pain artwork click here. It is a hellish affliction.


Here are a couple of links for support:

Living with TN.

FPA support. (Formerly TNA)


Blogger tweetey30 said...

That is terrible.. I e-mailed you with some questions earlier today.. Could you please respond when you get a minute..N...

29 December, 2009 14:13  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks Tweetey - I'll got check my email now. I've been addicted to FarmVille and neglecting other duties!

29 December, 2009 17:31  
Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

I am praying that you will find relief.

I sure hope it comes before Obama care is signed into law, because otherwise, Obama will say: "Just take a pill and here is a list of places you can contact for 'end of life' counseling."

29 December, 2009 21:58  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you Rev.

I hear you on the Obamacare thing. That had crossed my mind. I have a lot of options open to me, and my Neurologist and I will be deciding which course of action we will be taking. I much prefer it that way, and hope that the government won't have anything to do with my personal healthcare decisions in the future.

30 December, 2009 00:02  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Oh God, I hope your neurologist is bale to fine a way to make you feel better - use the scarf, use whatever you can.

30 December, 2009 19:15  
Blogger spongebobfansarah4 said...

Thanks DC. I'm wrapping the crap out of my head! lol.

Today was actually an okay day. Only 5 or 6 episodes and wrapping took care of them pretty quickly. I took my daughter to the library for some research today - and they had so much air moving around that library I thought I was going to die. I just wrapped up right then and there.

I'm sure the Neuro will be able to help.

31 December, 2009 00:30  
Blogger Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Wow, wasnt aware of this, hope you're feeling better and the neuro appt goes well. I had never heard of TN before till now, thanks for the links and keep the faith.

02 January, 2010 19:00  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you Mr GG - I had never heard of it before I was diagnosed with it. Nasty, isn't it?! I see the Neuro Wednesday - so we'll see...

03 January, 2010 03:17  
Blogger tshsmom said...

That's terrible!
I have a friend who has this condition. His is associated with shingles.
It's so hard to deal with life when you're in such horrible pain.

03 January, 2010 08:30  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Tshsmom - it is the most horrible pain and I hope that your friend has found a doctor who is committed to getting him some relief.

The pain consumes you. It's like labor was for me, except that there is no happy ending and in fact it may never end at all.

05 January, 2010 08:16  

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