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Saturday, January 26, 2008

'Mommy's Nerve Exploded.'

That's how the 7 year old described the meltdown moment. Okay - so every once in awhile they ask if they can blast music real loud, and I tell them no, because I have a 'bad nerve'.

This week has been tough. I've been over the edge a few times worrying about crazy stuff. I've been able to pull myself back without much trouble. Until - - the 11 year old seemed incapable of writing 100,000. I pointed it out to her, that she had written '100,00' - instead of '100,000'. When I told her to write it correctly, she huffed and she puffed and scraped her pencil so hard across the paper that it almost tore. Did she write '100,000' correctly in the process of sharing her little fit? No. She wrote - in a very hard manner - '100,00' AGAIN. So - I got pissed. I mean, I really don't need this crap. This huffing and puffing and rolling of eyes very dramatically and then damaging of paper. I really don't. She wrote it wrong...AGAIN.

I was aghast. My 11 year old has no clue the correct writing of 100,000??!! After nearly 7 years of school? All of those games playing with place value? All of those calculations? Fun with powers?? So - she starts crying and I start yelling. I'm trying to vacuum the room where the bird lives - which just happens to be the room where the computers for school are. He's thrown bird seed everywhere - he's so nasty and all he does is scream. The eldest gets sent to her room because I really, REALLY cannot deal with this overly dramatic crap. The younger starts crying too - just to get into the swing of things. I figure I might as well join the both of them. They have to go to school - because I've done such a horrible job of teaching them. I have to call Troll and let him know that the girls have to go to school. It's got to be public school, too, because we cannot afford Catholic. No archery tonight! No. We will stay in and learn how to write the number 100,000.

Long story short - we all calmed down. She was duly quizzed on how to write 100,000 and was able to do it perfectly. They both sailed through their remaining lessons without so much as a huff or a puff or even any dramatic rolling of their beautiful eyes. Archery is on, again. So is staying home for school - atleast until we can get the financing figured out for Catholic school this coming September.

I never said that it would all be roses and sunshine, did I? If I neglected to share that piece of information with you, please forgive me. It was a terrible lapse. Fortunately for all of us, these moments don't occur often. I think that the situation was made no better by the fact that I'm changing - oh yeah - THAT changing. And I think the older one might be going through some little changes (in quite the opposite direction!) herself.


Blogger Abouna said...

Goodness gracious me,

P.M.S. and Hot Flashes in the same house at the same time! Woman, I have to pray over time for you.

By the way, what was the bird's excuse?

26 January, 2008 22:36  
Blogger tshsmom said...

I'm grateful that our daughter was out of the house before I started "the change"! I don't think both of us would have survived.

I think there was something in the air last week. I spent the week, yelling, cajoling, and bullying Z into staying awake during the day. Now I'M exhausted.
We're over the hump now, and communicating in a normal manner...Thank God!

27 January, 2008 11:58  
Blogger MamaGeph said...

Dang, I hate those days!

Troll is going to have such fun riding the hormone roller coaster in your house. Aren't you glad you didn't marry one of those soft Alan Alda types? ;)

27 January, 2008 15:05  
Blogger Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Glad you were able to hang in there Grizzly, save the tirades for when they start dating.

27 January, 2008 17:44  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ah the joys of homeschooling!

I have to say that I sometimes made silly mistakes with numbers. It's some kind of dyslexia.

I worked in a County Auditors office once and they used to add up the tax rolls on those long green balance sheets. I could never get mine to add up right.

27 January, 2008 22:39  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you Abouna! Send some prayers double-quick. You've got the ear of the old man upstairs. Oh - and the bird is just a whack. He's actually very smart, but he really loves to be annoying.

So glad you got through your tough week, Tshsmom. It might have been something in the air...

MamaGeph - lol. Troll has a rough ride ahead I think. He will respond by going to the shed to smoke cigars and listen to talk radio!

28 January, 2008 00:10  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you, Mr. GG. Oh Lord. Dating AND pms'ing. I can hardly wait.;-)

Mike - you're sweet to defend her. I'm not nearly as upset about writing it wrong - - it was the whole writing it wrong again and again with that attitude she had pouring out of her. We got through it though. Maybe my quitting smoking doesn't help my own attitude very much.

28 January, 2008 00:13  
Blogger Gayle said...

Your daughter is at that age, Grizzly Mama. The rolling of the eyes is particularly maddening to us and I believe that's why they do it. It's their way of saying "blow it out your ear!" but of course they can't say that or anything close to it. Children must get very frustrated having to stifle themselves, so they use body language to convey the fact that they're ticked off. I figured my daughter and my granddaughter were both lucky to survive the rolling of the eyes stage!

I also raised boys. Girls are far better at it. They develop it into some sort of art form. I often wonder if they practice it in front of the mirror. :)

Did we do that too at their age? I honestly can't remember. We probably did.

28 January, 2008 10:58  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

GM Kora just turned SEVEN and she does that to me all the time. I know where you are coming from. Its not easy. But like you told me at the beginning when Jeff and I decided to do this is that we will find ways to manage.. Sometimes they arent the right ways but hey you cant win them all. Hope it goes better today and the rest of the year...

28 January, 2008 15:26  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks Gayle - so good to know that I'm not the only one. I was a terrible witch as an adolescent. I don't know how my mother put up with me.

Tweetey - thanks. I was shocked when it happened. I don't know why - I just couldn't figure out why she was so angry. You are right that none of us is ever perfect, so I guess these moments are bound to happen.

28 January, 2008 19:02  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

It happens alot here. Kora explodes more often than not esp when she doesnt understand something and I tell her that if she doesnt understand it lets walk through it and then set up a few extra problems for her to work with or let dad show you when he comes home. But she just gets fustrated and I am actually glad she isnt in school this year. Temper Tantrums are wrong. She would get teased for them and such and she is the dramatic one of the two.

29 January, 2008 11:26  

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