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Saturday, January 12, 2008


I popped a resume out Thursday around midnight - via the web. I heard from the company Friday a.m. I have an interview next week for a REAL job.

Will it be a union shop that I will find unbearable? Will it be located in an outright dangerous neighborhood? Will I be left with no security card outside in the dangerous neighborhood - waiting for the guard who is supposed to be on duty but has disappeared? Will it be full of disgruntled workers? Will the manager change my shift on me via cellphone while I'm on my way into work - after having jumped through hoops to get the kids watched? What horror awaits?

We won't know until next week.


Assessing the 'interview clothes'. Not good. I am quite a bit chubbier these days. Maybe moreso since we quit smoking. I'll stuff my rearend into that black skirt with the plum blouse wrapped around the top of me. My little fence-climber heels. I haven't had the time to get my hair properly cut, been doing the bangs myself. (horror!) I'll twist my way-too-long hair into a knot, throw some makeup on (I think my makeup is in a box in the garage somewhere...), and hit the road Wednesday very early in the a.m. Oh, dear.


Blogger Abouna said...

Nothing like taking a "nose dive" into the great unknown. You did of course leave out another scary aspect. what if you get the job and nobody speaks English?

13 January, 2008 01:57  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Well - I would definitely be screwed, Abouna.

I would love for this to work out - we are going to need the extra money to send the girls to Catholic school next school year. Plus - it just isn't easy living on one paycheck. We've done that for a long, long time and I'm sick of going without the extras sometimes.

I have loved being home with my girls, though!

14 January, 2008 00:44  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

You know Monica I love being home with my girls but I am wondering if I need to get out and find work.. I get grumpy easily lately. Well good luck and keep us posted.

14 January, 2008 15:53  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey - for years I had a job down at the corner store just one night p/week. A night that Troll was off so he watched the kids. I enjoyed those nights - it was a hangout for the locals and we would talk politics and get all the gossip. I got to know a lot of people. I liked it for the most part.

Now I'm working one evening a week at a farmers market close by. It's fascinating because lots of Amish and Mennonites have stands there - they are really great neighbors. It's good to get some time to be with other adults, atleast it is for me.

If you can find a co-op of other homeschoolers close to you, that would be a great way to get some time to gab with other adults.

14 January, 2008 17:31  
Blogger Zendo Deb said...

best of luck

14 January, 2008 23:17  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you, Zendo Deb!

15 January, 2008 00:59  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

You know since I quit working all my good clothes dont fit. LOL.. I just lounge around it sweats and t-shirts lately. But again good luck. I would love to find a job that does that but no one is hiring near us right now and Jeff doesnt get home till six sometimes. He isnt on a regular hour schedule. And I dont trust anyone to watch my girls.

15 January, 2008 11:43  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Good luck with the job! I've never worked anywhere that wasn't a cubicle so I have no idea about unions or retail...

15 January, 2008 12:46  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Good luck!

LOL about the dress clothes! I always have the same problem. I only go to dress-up occasions every 5 yrs or so.
I usually have to buy a new outfit, as my old clothes either don't fit or are horribly out of style. :(

15 January, 2008 15:55  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey - I know! Staying home required just the most comfortable clothes for me. Thankfully, I don't need the nice clothes for anything but the interview - the job itself involves being locked in a room with computers all night. Back to comfy clothes. I couldn't work a regular job for years, because we just couldn't afford to pay a babysitter, plus like you there weren't many people I trusted enough to watch my kids - like - 40 hours p/wk. Both Troll and I wanted them to be with us especially when they were so young.

DC - most of the jobs I've had involving the work I had done for years did not involve unions. One job that I got a couple of years ago didn't work out so well - all of the incidents I described in my entry were from that one job. I walked out of there pretty quick. Hopefully this job will prove to be a sane I.T. shop and NOT unionized.

Me too, Tshsmom! LOL!

15 January, 2008 23:55  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

You have an award at my blog awaiting you when you have a free moment... Hope the job interview went good...

18 January, 2008 14:59  
Blogger Donald Douglas said...

Monica: Some of my stuff doesn't fit so well lately, and I'm not even going for an interview!

19 January, 2008 15:19  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Monica: Last time I had a serious job interview I bought a new Brooks Brother's Suit.

I couldn't stuff myself into it now if I tried!

Good luck! But UNION???

P.S. Thanks for the link at ATW on the Live Blog Tonight... I wonder if Dateraper will stay up so he can join us?

19 January, 2008 16:11  
Blogger J C said...

"I haven't had the time to get my hair properly cut, been doing the bangs myself."

That's funny! I needed a haircut a while ago and looked into the mirror and said, "You know, it couldn't be that hard." We have a set of clippers and so... Forget that the next time! 'yuk'

19 January, 2008 22:59  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey - thank you - you are a sweetheart!

Donald - it's alarming, isn't it?

Mike - union didn't come up in the interview - so I think it probably isn't a union shop. She said I would hear 'next week'. Which is to say - this week now. I doubt if dateraper showed up, but it would have been fun if he had!

JC - I know! lol. I always swore I would never cut my own hair. Well the old saying, 'never say never', has come to bite me on the ass again! We cut Troll's hair - his mom and I. All we do is basically shave his head, though. ;-)

22 January, 2008 01:44  

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