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Friday, June 16, 2006

Education and Jihad - Part VIII.

A Recipe - How to Make a Muslim
By: Cubed

Well - Grizzly's been snatched from the comforts of her roasted chicken and busywork with the girlies. Back to reality - back to the saltmines - back to the grinding stone! It is finally time to look at Cubed's most recent essay on Education and Jihad. It's going to take some thinking and attention on my part. I'll first need a cuppa nice strong coffee. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhh. Ready to roll!

In this piece Cubed describes how Muslim children are inculcated with the philosophy of Islam. It's a philosophy that is completely opposite in every way when compared with what we inculcate our children with. For moslems it's a tribal thing and, as Cubed describes it, has a lot of similarities with the Borg from StarTrek. Remember that? 'Resistance is futile - you will assimilate'. And although this may seem like a humorous way to portray it - it is not at all humorous. Mohommedans are taught that the individual does not matter - it's group/tribe/family/Ummah is what is important. The outsiders (kaffir - namely, us.) are dangerous.

Where 'life' - to us - is the 'standard of good' and that which promotes and protects life is also therefore good, to the Mohammedan the 'spread of islam' is the 'standard of good'. Anything a Moslem does to promote islam is therefore good. Killing, murdering, lying, stealing - whatever promotes islam - it's all good.

We learn through repetition. All of us - everywhere. Repetition. According to Cubed, repetition at the very early stages of learning (from birth to kindergarten roughly) is the thing that gets those brain cells connected and permanently so. Moslems "are experts at reminding the child that he is a Muslim." In Moslem schools: "The curricula consistently teach hatred for non-Muslims. “Unbelievers” – infidels – are feared and hated because they introduce forbidden innovations into Islam. These curricula make sweeping accusations of “takfir” (unbelief) which permit the killing and taking of the property of “mushrikun,” a term that in early times referred to any religion with a belief in more than one god, but which today refers to any non-Muslim (or even to other Muslims). Even statements such as “Medical progress will eliminate disease” is regarded as an example of “unbelief,” since it attributes events to causes other than Allah’s will. Even the use of alternate names for Allah is considered “unbelief.”" Oh yeah! All the way through high school they are taught these things every, single, day - over, and over, and over again. There's more - oh yes!

"There is a heavy emphasis on the dangers coming from the “Others.” Unbelief is spreading in the Muslim world, Islam is being flooded with forbidden innovations, and society is undergoing moral disintegration.

Only the clerics are called “scholars,” while scientists and engineers are not.

The list of principles being taught is long. A few examples include:

  • The infidel must be conquered; the world-wide caliphate must be established;
  • The Jews and Christians are especially dangerous and nasty, although no unbeliever is ever “good” or “innocent.”
  • Any land where a Muslim has set foot is Muslim land.
  • The spread of Islam is a religious obligation.
  • There can be no law or government that is not derived from the Koran, because the Koran comes straight from the mouth of Allah, and so it is perfect as it is.
  • Anything man-made, any law or government NOT derived from the Koran, is false, invalid.
  • Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth.
  • Killing an infidel is OK, especially if the infidel refuses to convert, or if it is in the service of Islam.
  • Women are stupid.
  • Most of hell is populated by women. If a woman displeases her husband even one time, she cannot enter paradise.
  • It is a religious obligation to substitute the Koran for other kinds of constitutions."

  • Cubed took us on an excellent adventure in a previous entry on philosophy - and she touches upon those same things briefly here in this essay. Come along now, and we'll compare and contrast. Oops - I SHOULD just say 'contrast' our philosophy with that of islamic philosophy.

    Numero Uno: Ethics. Us=Life. Mohammedan=Spread of islam.

    Numero Dos: Epistemology. Us=acquire knowledge through reason. Mohammedan=All knowledge revealed in Koran and it a sin to question it.

    Numero Tres: Metaphysics. Us=Existence follows natural laws. Mohammedan=Don't piss Allah off - he can do horrible things that can't be explained by natural laws.

    Numero Quatro: Esthetics. Us=Free to express ourselves esthetically. Mohammedan=Restricted from free expression so as not to impart a 'dangerous' value.

    Numero Cinco: Politics. Us=Based on reason and the rights of the individual. Mohhamedan=in Cubed's words: "the ummah, is all-important, and the only justification for his existence is to promote the welfare of Islam."

    Cubed gives a wonderful short history of Europe's dark ages and the renaissance through industrial revolution, and then compares what happened to the Moslems. They stagnated, lived under tight control by their clerics and the philosophy that was hammered into them. They did not progress. The rest of the world DID progress and at an amazing pace. There was a tangle or two between the educated and enlightened factions wishing to join the progress and the fundamentalists. The fundies won - and most everyone on that continent of Asia lost because of it.

    So. The Mohammedans are pretty pissed off right now. They live like pieces of crap while the rest of us have running water and electicity and can enter into contracts and work and acquire wealth. Whose fault was it?! The Mohammedans themselves? Ohhhhhh - nnnoooooooo. You guessed it - the Jews. The Jews and their conspiracies. The puppetmasters. Don't you know I heard all about that OPPRESSION going on - spoken by the American Imam at that CAIR meeting. The Jews are OPRESSING them! And they're mad as hell about it, too.

    No turning inward. No evaluating possible defects in character. No discussion, no debate, no questioning allowed. They'll kill even their own.

    You really must go read it. Cubed is an excellent writer - wonderful! Thank you again Cubed.

    God Bless America. God save the Republic.



    Blogger DagneyT said...

    Great sourcing, GM!

    16 June, 2006 18:59  
    Blogger Mike's America said...

    You can totally back up what Cubed is saying here with the report from Freedom House:


    17 June, 2006 00:03  
    Blogger MonicaR said...

    Dagney - Cubed is wonderful and very well-sourced! Thanks for reading the entry, it is important information for all of us.

    Mike - If that is the report that came out about how the Saudis promised to change their textbooks and didn't (they lie - they have no problem lying...) I read about this last week. Although it pisses me off it does not surprise me. The Saudis can kiss my ass.

    17 June, 2006 00:27  
    Blogger DagneyT said...

    Monica, can you link a source?

    17 June, 2006 08:43  
    Blogger MonicaR said...

    Dagney - I will link to 6th Column Against Jihad - which is where Cubed's essays can be found. The page that I will link for you is their 'recommended' list of blogs, authors, scholars, and books from which their information about islam, jihad, philosophy etc has been gleaned.

    6th Column Recommended List. If you have any specific questions about data that you see here in my features of Cubed's writings or there on 6th Column I am sure that you can address the questions to the authors at 6th Column.

    17 June, 2006 11:46  
    Blogger DagneyT said...

    Thanks, Monica. Anyone who doesn't believe this is not a religious war is fooling themselves. And how the Hollyweirdos do not believe these folks are out to get us is just beyond me! How can they be that blind/stupid?

    17 June, 2006 12:07  
    Blogger Rastaman said...

    Always good to see the spreading awareness that Islam itself is our enemy, not some faceless "radical Islamic". I was surfing around the Net earlier today and I'm amazed to see the number of posts expressing this, on blogsites that have nothing to do with politics or religion. The West is really waking up.
    In an act of shameless self-promotion as well as pointing out a new phenomenon among Muslims living in our Western societies, you might take a look at this: http://islamanazi.com/2006/06/17/watch-the-flags/

    17 June, 2006 19:12  
    Blogger MonicaR said...

    I don't understand it either Dagney - other than that most of us here are exposed to alternate news sources. I talk with many people every day who know nothing other than what the Philadelphia Inquirer tells them.

    Thanks Rasta - heartening to see those flags flown. I hope that you are right that we are waking up. I think many continue to hit that 'snooze' button on the alarm. Once the citizens of this nation are truly awake we will be a force to be reckoned with. I hope that it happens soon because a lot of nasty things are coming about that need our attention.

    17 June, 2006 23:55  

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