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Thursday, June 30, 2005

She called him a baby-killer

No - we're not talking memories of Vietnam here. We're talking about a young Marine who is here, now, just back from Iraq.

I was in the neighborhood store chatting and a young man came in. I don't know how it came about that he stated that he was a Marine and on leave from Iraq. It did come about though and I looked at him and told him, 'God bless you hon - and thank you'. He got a strange look on his face. The look disappeared when a neighbor and friend of mine - in the Army and on leave from Iraq as well - went up to him and shook his hand and slapped him on the back.

That's when he told us that a woman had called him a baby killer yesterday. I said, 'BABY KILLER?!' Yes he said. He tried to explain to her that he did not kill babies - he tried to explain to her that if it were her son over there she may not feel that way about him. I just told him, 'Bullshit - honey you shoot that weapon if anyone in Iraq threatens your life. Just shoot and shoot and shoot.'

I love a Marine.

God bless all of our men and women in the military. And thank you, too. We do love you - and we know that you are the best. We know that you care about innocent life and that you are not baby-killers.

Outrageous. Baby killer indeed. Why...if I got ahold of that woman she'd screaming for mercy.


Blogger Afghan LORD said...

Monica thanks for your comment

30 June, 2005 04:41  
Blogger Pat in NC said...

I am glad you were able to thank this hero.

30 June, 2005 07:58  
Blogger United We Lay said...

Poor Kid. It's a shame that people can't separate the soldiers from he injustice of war.

30 June, 2005 12:56  
Blogger Glen Dean said...

That Marine that this idiot called a baby killer is out there protecting this persons right to insult him. How ironic.

30 June, 2005 20:44  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Monica, I just cannot apologize enough for my generation. I am so proud of you for having the courage to be a home-schooling mom, and it gives me faith that my country is not lost. I believe with all my heart and soul that it will be parents like you producing alert and intelligent voters,who will save my beloved country!

I walked away from the insanity that my generation was exhibiting in the late 60's and 70's. I should have stood and fought back at that time! I am trying to make up NOW for my cowardice back then, when all I wanted to do was be a mom.

God bless you, my friend!

30 June, 2005 22:04  
Blogger CA said...

Kudos!! To you and him!!

01 July, 2005 10:56  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I am glad that he heard a 'thank you' and got a pat on the back, too. It is a shame that someone called him such a name and it's ridiculous too. It's a symptom (IMHO) of how the negative press is actually influencing how people believe this conflict is going.

Dagney - that is a very sweet thought and I appreciate it. There is no apology necessary in my estimation of the times as they were. The country was in upheaval and most people have evolved as has the country. It's life. Your support and encouragement every time you post means everything to me.

I, too, believe that the homeschooled children of today (in league with people like you and me) will save the Republic ... if it can be saved.

01 July, 2005 23:02  
Blogger Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Thanks for lifting up that young man. The father of one of my best friends served in Nam (so did one of my cousins, but that's another story). Anyway, my friend's dad came home on a short leave, and he only had his one uniform to wear and he was going to see his bride (they'd been wed three days when he shipped out).
And somebody spit on him. Nasty spit. He doesn't know what they'd been eating or chewing. He had to go in the bathroom and wash out his shirt in the sink and try to dry it there, too- and it got all wrinkled, and he'd been so proud just a short time before. Just a young kid on his way to his bride.
When he tells that story, his voice still shakes and you can still hear the anger and hurt in his voice. And not too long ago on one of these blogs (forget which one) some leftwinger had the nerve to tell me that the stories of people spitting on Nam vets were all myths or lies- it had never happened.

02 July, 2005 02:55  
Blogger "Alice" said...

Thank you glen dean, for stating exactly how I feel.

05 July, 2005 19:16  
Blogger MonicaR said...

HM,Z - It's terrible the way the leftists have to erase entire episodes of history. They do it all the time - it's a lie they believe.

Some have likened liberalism to mental illness and although I laughed and thought it silly at first I am now starting to think it may be true.

Thanks for your comment and thank you Alice as well. You are right - Glen Dean is right on the mark.

06 July, 2005 16:12  
Blogger skye said...

It's called historical revisionism, Monica.

06 July, 2005 23:23  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Those are JUST the words I was looking for Skye. Thanks! :-)

06 July, 2005 23:55  

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