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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Terri Schiavo's autopsy report

The autopsy report is in.

News report on Terri's autopsy

It states in this news report: "The autopsy showed that Schiavo's brain had shrunk to about half the normal size for a woman her age and that it bore signs of severe damage." The person reporting this news states that the autopsy backs her husband's contention that she was in a persistent vegetative state.

Okay. Her brain had shrunk to about half the normal size.

I have to tell you about my paternal grandfather.

My grandfather died when he was 63 years old. I was about 5. Years later, I was told by his wife (my grandmother) that when they did the autopsy they found that one half of his brain was completely shrunk up to a little shriveled ball.

Due to an accident of some sort he couldn't taste anything for many years before he died. He was brain damaged.

He walked, he talked, he thought, he ate, he breathed. He was brain damaged though, in fact ONE HALF of his brain was gone.

Does brain damage justify starving a person to death? I realize there are different kinds of brain damage. No matter what kind of brain damage - does it justify starving a person to death?

There was a high level of function for my grandfather no matter that ONE HALF of his brain was GONE.

The autopsy showed no clear cause for her initial collapse. There are more questions now than there were before for me. I feel bad about it. I wish her husband hadn't starved her to death.


Blogger Toad734 said...

There's a difference, she could not, talk, walk, see, take care of herself, think, eat or do any of those things that your grandfather did. I see people walking around, well, driving around, all the time that clearly only have half of a brain; but since they can do these things (barely) we are forced to let them live. It's just a simple case of Darwinism. Besides didn't you hear about the bill Bush singed in Texas that would allow Hospitals and Insurance companies pull the plug on these types of people? So it's obvious where he stands. Oh the unconstitutional hearings which he cut one of his numerous vacations to attend; that was just for a sound bite to let the right wing know that he still answers to them, he wasn’t really serious about it. You don't actually think he gave a shit do you?

The other difference could be that when your grandfather died they really didn't know what they were looking at back then, and he may indeed had more of a brain that what they said he had 40 some years ago.

So put 2 in the win column for the lefties:
No WMD and
Schiavo was a vegetable, her husband didn't abuse her, it was never any of your business anyway.
Oh ya we also got the library and book store shit out of the Patriot Act, make that 3!

Red fades to purple, blue is next.

16 June, 2005 17:00  
Blogger tshsmom said...

The autopsy DIDN'T rule out that her husband may have caused the brain damage to start with. The pathologist said the brain damage was caused by lack of blood to the brain and they won't rule out ANY cause.

16 June, 2005 17:39  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Toady - are you saying that back in the 60's when a doctor looked at a brain that was shriveled up, they really didn't know what it was they were looking at?

Tshsmom - that is true. There was no evidence of neck trauma that may have happened 15 years ago and there was also no evidence that she had collapsed for the reasons that her husband said. No MI. No evidence of an eating disorder.

16 June, 2005 19:10  
Blogger City Troll said...

Hey toady

They didn't clear the idiot they proved as a matter of fact that she didn't have a heart attack like he and his doctors said she wasn't strangled but they still didn't prove that he didn't cause her condition.

As for killing people who are not functioning at full capacity I think we should start with any idiot that dresses up as star wars character

Get a life wacko

Oh and all those kurds died because Saddam farted

16 June, 2005 19:20  
Blogger skye820 said...

Hey Monica!! It's Skye. It has been a while since I last commented on your excellent blog. I simply couldn't pass this opportunity by.

I love it when libs crawl out from under the rocks and think they can box! It always amuses me how libs like toad confuse democracy with stupidity.

WMD's..of course there WMDs!

Apparently “toad – the wet sprocket” did NOT read David Kay's interim report.

Let me just give you a few examples of these concealment efforts found in this report:

A clandestine network of laboratories and safehouses within the Iraqi Intelligence Service that contained equipment subject to UN monitoring and suitable for continuing CBW research.

A prison laboratory complex, possibly used in human testing of BW agents, that Iraqi officials working to prepare for UN inspections were explicitly ordered not to declare to the UN.

Reference strains of biological organisms concealed in a scientist's home, one of which can be used to produce biological weapons.

New research on BW-applicable agents, Brucella and Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), and continuing work on ricin and aflatoxin were not declared to the UN.

Documents and equipment, hidden in scientists' homes, that would have been useful in resuming uranium enrichment by centrifuge and electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS).

A line of UAVs not fully declared at an undeclared production facility and an admission that they had tested one of their declared UAVs out to a range of 500 km, 350 km beyond the permissible limit.

Continuing covert capability to manufacture fuel propellant useful only for prohibited SCUD variant missiles, a capability that was maintained at least until the end of 2001 and that cooperating Iraqi scientists have said they were told to conceal from the UN.

Plans and advanced design work for new long-range missiles with ranges up to at least 1000 km - well beyond the 150 km range limit imposed by the UN. Missiles of a 1000 km range would have allowed Iraq to threaten targets through out the Middle East, including Ankara, Cairo, and Abu Dhabi.

Clandestine attempts between late-1999 and 2002 to obtain from North Korea technology related to 1,300 km range ballistic missiles --probably the No Dong -- 300 km range anti-ship cruise missiles, and other prohibited military equipment.

This was NEVER in the Libs “win” category. Cognitive dissonance strikes hard at liberals when discussing the truth about WMD.

Terri's Murder:
It was NEVER about whether Terri could recover; everyone knew she had brain damage. It was about whether the court could sentence an innocent person to die based on hearsay evidence from a suspect witness. Our judicial system failed her, miserably, and the death-cultists saying, "see? She had brain damage!" does not make her death right!

Strike this from the “win” category!


As for the the Patriot Act:

Recall the Zodiac Killer? He was finally stopped because the police figured out that his murders were "inspired" by the works of an obscure Scottish poet. They began checking library/bookstore records to see who had bought or borrowed that author. That was in 1974, and the Liberals haven't said a word in the last 30 years about the law being able to subpoena the library records of suspected serial killers. This is the SAME tool available for money-laundering, serial murder and drug investigations, in which it has been used for decades! If someone already under investigation for terrorism (probable cause again) checks out something like "Bringing Down the Great Satan: A Step-By-Step Guide for the Terrorist in You", I want someone to know before it's overdue. Despite the hysteria over this provision, however, not a single request has ever been made for library records under the PATRIOT Act so far.

Notice toad has not put forth ANY evidence of abuse by the Patriot Act. BECAUSE THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE CASE OF ABUSE SINCE THE ACT WAS APPROVED BY CONGRESS!

PS...Bush is planning to veto any limitation on the Patriot Act, so you can take that point out of your “Win” category.

Putting this all in perspective, toad, libs have won NOTHING. How does it feel to be a loser, toad?

Thanks for playing.
So put 2 in the win column for the lefties:
No WMD and
Schiavo was a vegetable, her husband didn't abuse her, it was never any of your business anyway.
Oh ya we also got the library and book store shit out of the Patriot Act, make that 3!

Red fades to purple, blue is next.

16 June, 2005 23:22  
Blogger MonicaR said...

God Bless Ya Skye and thanks. It's nothing that Toady hasn't been told 100 times or so. It gets so exhausting repeating this information and then it still doesn't matter to them.

Troll has a very good point about the get-up that Toady wears. Not a lot of room to mock others wouldn't you say? C'mon Toady! C'mon! I'm not afraidayou and that crazy lizard eye! I'll pop ya right over the head with my mop...

16 June, 2005 23:47  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Oh but he didn't starve her to death... she died of dehydration... now that makes all the difference in the world... NOT!

Monica: I have to apologize for all the tie dyed hippie freak tree worshipping neosocialists that bounce off Mike's America and land on your blog.

It's pretty much a waste of time to respond to Toadies inanity as he isn't really interested in a dialogue and he'll just respond to your well thought out case by cutting and pasting the latest drivel from some Michael Moore/Howard Dean/Barbara Streisand/Moveon.org/Mother Jones web site.

You can also point out to them all the ties between Al Queda and Iraq including offers of sanctuary by Hussein to bin Laden, but even the UNANIMOUS 9-11 Commission report and the UNANIMOUS Senate Intel Report documenting those ties won't convince Toadie...

"Useful idiots" like him do serve one good purpose: They make the rest of us look absolutely BRILLIANT by comparison and the more they whine, the more we WIN!!!

17 June, 2005 01:53  
Blogger reliant_2 said...

ok, this is just my small humble opinion.

I really dont have anything against the Parents of Terry Schiavo fighting to keep their daughter alive, I think its for the better, but I do have something against vegetables taking up Hospital beds, insurance money, doctors, nurses and medicine that could've gone to someone that would've benefit from them.

Yes, she had a life, and yes she had the right to keep it, but what about the other people that coulda lived better lives if not for her.

so thats my view, take it with a grain of salt or just throw it to the side of the road. Terry was a money pit, nothing more, and if it were my money, Id rather see it go to someone witha better ending in the future.

17 June, 2005 22:24  
Blogger Ben said...

I really am glad that there are people out there that feel like I do about the Schiavo case. Honestly how was she "suffering" when she had a feeding tube? She didn't have life support and the husband is a sadistic moron. For one reason or another he wanted her dead. Plus, if he truly loved her he would have gotten out of her life and let the parents take custody of her and her treatment. I think the guy should be charged with 1st degree murder because HE CAUSED HER DEATH!!!

18 June, 2005 01:43  
Blogger skye820 said...

This is Terri's Legacy: 60,000 Reichmarks...

It's not too hard to imagine a future in which national health care is a reality, and Liberals justify the deaths of unwanted children and adults who are disabled, deformed, mentally deficient or terminally ill on the grounds that they cost the government too much money to take care of.

The comments posted below by reliant echo the same reasoning made by the Nazi government in 1939 when initiating the T-4 euthanasia program.

One propaganda poster of the era showing a mental patient had a caption saying, "This person suffering from hereditary defects costs the people 60,000 Reichmarks during his lifetime. People, that is your money."


Under the national health system of Nazi Germany, it was easy to justify killing the imperfect on the grounds that they cost the State money in the form of medical care -- money that could be better used for education, to alleviate poverty or to create jobs, some would argue.

Are we letting history repeat itself?


I really dont have anything against the Parents of Terry Schiavo fighting to keep their daughter alive, I think its for the better, but I do have something against vegetables taking up Hospital beds, insurance money, doctors, nurses and medicine that could've gone to someone that would've benefit from them.

18 June, 2005 10:31  
Blogger skye820 said...

Name one person who had been denied care due to Terri medical and insurance needs.

Consider this case:
Stephen Hawking suffers from ALS. There is no cure for ALS, he has lost the ability speak and to walk, needs constant medical care and 24 hour nursing assistance to meet his everyday needs.

A situation similar to Terri's, yet I don't hear anyone calling for the end of his life.

Stephen, as mentally gifted as he is, would not have been able to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge if medical and physical support were denied to him.

Could Terri have become another Stephen Hawking if she received the proper therapy? Perhaps not, but we will never know how much improvement she could have attained since she was never given proper therapy.

but I do have something against vegetables taking up Hospital beds, insurance money, doctors, nurses and medicine that could've gone to someone that would've benefit from them.

18 June, 2005 11:04  
Blogger MonicaR said...

No need to apologize Mike - I thoroughly enjoy your blog and it's not your fault for goodness sakes!

Ben I think that many more people feel the way that you and I do probably many more than you realize.

Reliants comments - well what can I say to that? It's glaring and ugly to me.

Thanks again Skye for your comments. And of course I agree. I'm sickened.

19 June, 2005 00:37  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Monica: I'm cross posting this from response to your earlier comment at Mike's America... You gave me a brain storm idea (see final paragraphs):

Monica: Hope for Toadie? I have my doubts, but he does post his own page and at least he is slighly less gratuitously offensive than his pal Stevie... I almost feel sorry for Stevie...I know he continues to visit here just to see what people say about him. Talk about needing to get a life.

Michael Churchill, who has his own blog has picked up the "Steve" infection. Michael feels that as a candidate for office he needs to practice listening to all kinds of people. If he can handle Steve, he can handle anything. Though frankly, Michael, your time could be better spent listening to the people who VOTE FOR YOU (shades of Lindsey Graham).

Monica: You've given me an idea... Let's set up an "Adopt Silly Socialist" or "ASS" program where each blog coddles at least one socialist (you can call them whatever you like, they themselves would prefer mainstream moderates).

We can find all kinds of nifty little graphics to post on our pages and network with other members who sign us ASS's for their pages.

Perhaps we could set up a database of these ASS's and track their movements from blog to blog. We might also develop guidelines for dealing with them more effectively.


19 June, 2005 09:49  
Blogger Toad734 said...

Ok, the Autopsy didn't prove that Santa Clause doesn't exist either but I am going to go ahead and put my money down saying he doesn't.

You guys sound like OJs attorneys: "Colombian drug lords could have killed Nicole."

Ya, I guess anything is possible.

20 June, 2005 16:41  
Blogger Toad734 said...


There's a new technology called photoshop, it can make people look like they were doing things they really weren't, they can make people look like they are wearing things they really weren't.

Blah Blah Blah

Where are the WMDs? Where are the chemical weapons, where is the Nuke program? Where are the ICBMs? Where is the African Uranium?

But it's ok we were never there for WMDs we were there to spread freedom. Remember?

20 June, 2005 16:46  
Blogger Toad734 said...

This keeps getting better, now I am seeing Mike has some ground breaking evidence linking Al Qaeda with Iraq.

So that and the Kurds are why we went to war with Iraq? Ok if that’s what you want to go with.

Good thing we stood up for the Kurds back in the 80s and after the first Gulf war when we told them we would back them if they tried to overthrow Saddam and then backed out at the last minute, leaving them to be decimated once again.

If we cared so much for the Kurds why didn't we help them either of those times? Is Bush just a big softie?

If you will excuse me, Apparently Barbara Streisand and I have a date to go door to door confiscating people’s guns and forcing upon them a life of fair education and affordable medical care, whilst raising taxes on rich people who didn't work for their money.

20 June, 2005 17:00  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Toady - it's official. I am adopting you as my A.S.S. Congratulations!!!

As my Adopted Silly Socialist, I will allow you to vent your Noam Chomsky talking points on my blog.

Maybe a little coddling, love and understanding - along with a niiiicce cup of herbal tea with honey - will bring you 'round. I doubt it but I'm willing to give it a try.

You're lost, Toady! Lost! All hope has not died, though. Not yet. It may be painful but we're here cheering you on.

Let's hear it for Toady! Hip hip hooray Toady!

20 June, 2005 23:57  
Blogger Thrasher said...

RE: Saddam/Al Qaeda connection...

Cal Thomas wrote a good article about how they are related.


RE: Terri Schiavo...

After an accident, 15 years without therapy will do some REALLLLY funny things to your brain... Just because her brain was small before she was killed, you can't say that it's not Michael's fault.

23 June, 2005 10:23  

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