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Friday, May 06, 2005

Mama and Papa Bear went out!

Do you know how long it's been since we've been out to a bar - to groove to some tunes? Sheesh - I can't even remember the last time. Well it just goes so fast and we're working all of the time and it's hard to find a sitter sometimes.

We went to see Telefunken Eggrock. We had a great time and Mama consumed two Gin and Tonics! The band was great. Papa knows someone who knows someone who knows the bass player and come to find out Mama is aquainted with the wife of the singer. We were surprised to find a couple of neighbors there as well and Mama had a yummy sip of a kamikaze. It was delicious however I really couldn't do shots of it as they were. How in God's name, being my age, do people go out and do shots and then get up and take care of the wee ones??!

I can't do it. Too busy to be dealing with a hangover that would probably last for days at this point in my life. Plus the old ticker's bad. (Well - not really ;-))


Blogger alix said...

glad you had a great night! :)
happy mama's day, twinnie!

08 May, 2005 16:39  

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