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Friday, April 01, 2005

'We The People' ,eh?

So - whatever happened to 'We the People'? Whatever the hell happened to that?

I just spent the day with my husband and children at the National Constitution Center here in the beautiful City of Brotherly Love. The birthplace of our nation. It's an awesome stop by the way - I recommend it. The multi-media presentation in the Kimmel Theatre was just the best.

But it got me to thinking. Something is seriously wrong with our country. We have strayed - really strayed from the original intent of our constitution. The branches of our government were intended to act as checks and balances to one another. How is it that there is no check OR balance in regard to the judicial branch?

The injustice dealt to Terri Schiavo is just the latest in a long string of outrages. It's not about 'We the People' anymore. The power of the judiciary is being abused. How is it that we cannot question what a judge decides? If a judge finds a fact in a trial - that fact has to be accepted? What about the 'fact' that Terri Schiavo wanted to die? We have to accept this with all the evidence that refutes it? What about the 'fact' that Terri Schiavo was in a persistent vegetative state? We have to accept this even without documentation that would prove it? Even with affidavits signed by Neurologists who examined her that refute it? Even with recommendations by Neurologists that additional testing should be done? We have to accept this 'fact' from a judge - just because he is a judge. Didn't the judiciary at one time rule that slavery was constitutional???!!

I'm totally overwhelmed by all of this right now. Gawd - someone help me to understand this.

Glenn Beck


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