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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Top Ten Reasons to Criminalize Homeschooling

Thanks to Abe for turning me on to Scrappleface

As per Scrappleface - here they are!

*Most parents were educated in the underfunded public school system, and so are not smart enough to homeschool their own children.

*Children who receive one-on-one homeschooling will learn more than others, giving them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. This is undemocratic.

*How can children learn to defend themselves unless they have to fight off bullies on a daily basis?

*Ridicule from other children is important to the socialization process.

*Children in public schools can get more practice "Just Saying No" to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

*Fluorescent lighting may have significant health benefits.

*Publicly asking permission to go to the bathroom teaches young people their place in society.

*The fashion industry depends upon the peer pressure that only public schools can generate.

*Public schools foster cultural literacy, passing on important traditions like the singing of "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..."

*Homeschooled children may not learn important office career skills, like how to sit still for six hours straight.

May I add one of my own?
*Homeschooled kids don't have the benefit of being drugged into submission because they are too 'lively'.

I could think of a few more. I'll bet you could, too!

Goodnight my sillies. Thanks for dropping by.


Blogger alix said...

just the reinforcement i needed to hear...hope we get to talk at some point...but 'til then, i'll hang 'round for strength.

is it just me, or is it obvious?

26 March, 2005 11:09  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Is what obvious? I think you mean is it obvious that the government school system is so ungodly screwed-up and ruining the children of America and we are programmed to doubt our abilities as parents?

Is that what you meant?

If not - I'm sorry. LOL! Perhaps I just have a government-school-hating one track mind...

26 March, 2005 23:13  
Blogger Abe said...

Good one, Monica. I hadn't seen those yet. I've had a busy weekend, mainly devoted to eradicating minor html errors.

Reportedly, having validated pages increases your Google score (or having errors reduces it). Now I'll just sit back and wait for the hits to pour in. :-)

28 March, 2005 00:36  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Found another reason, Monica. Check this out; http://www.bipps.org/ARTICLE.ASP?ID=322

28 March, 2005 07:54  
Blogger DagneyT said...

This one should criminalize public schools! http://derekpgilbert.com/?p=1570

If that one doesn't make your blood pressure rise, you aren't really a mother!

28 March, 2005 08:06  
Blogger marjo moore said...

LOL... great post!

Some teachers today are so dedicated. But a great deal more are only in it to do as little as possible & for the money (I've heard some say this). It's scary.

Their influence is second only to parents in my book, so again, I really applaud ya. :)

28 March, 2005 08:50  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Adults are a very powerful force in a child's life, offering praise and reward - attention for acts well done. Some teachers are dedicated, and some are dedicated to continuing the full-press of ideological indoctrination at all levels. A third-grader is only eight or nine and has no real way to resist or maintain identity against the pre-formulated attack plan.

Third-grader Eric Toombs directs the busy flow of students during lunch at Fairlands Elementary in Pleasanton.
Eric doesn't play during lunch; he makes sure other students properly separate their food, paper and containers into an array of bins and garbage cans. There's also a "sharing table" for unopened drinks and other unused food.
"It's fun to run around," said Eric, whose school participates in the Pleasanton-based Go Green Initiative, which encourages various ways to reduce waste in schools. "But you know that you're helping the Earth by recycling."

This from the San Jose Mercury (warning: requires signup)

28 March, 2005 14:30  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Didja notice I had 'eco-friendly' in one of my prior posts? Huh? Huh? Didja notice? LOL!

Thanks Dirtcrasher.

28 March, 2005 17:07  
Blogger Steve Donohue said...

Very funny post. Actually, it'd be even funnier if it wasn't such a sad (and true) commentary on our public schools.

28 March, 2005 17:15  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Maybe the school needs a cadre of Recycling Monitors, to go against the Hall Monitors?
But he'll soon (if not already) be telling his family just what to do, and if they don't respond equally with positive reinforcement he'll develop a divided sense of what's supposed to happen - especially when most of his world is at school, which will win-out?

28 March, 2005 22:31  
Blogger Thrasher said...

Dang... I love ScrappleFace!

Homeschooling rocks the house! I especially loved the first point:

*Most parents were educated in the underfunded public school system, and so are not smart enough to homeschool their own children.

ROFL! I've heard that argument so many times it's not funny, and I never thought of it that way.

Power to the Homeschoolers!

30 March, 2005 23:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that, it's awesome!!!

*Fluorescent lighting may have significant health benefits.

I love that one! Being in public school for the first 4 years, I know all about that "health benefit." :)

31 March, 2005 20:44  
Blogger Ryan said...

Wow. Those are, without a doubt, the most pathetic arguments agains homeschooling I've ever heard in the 12 years I've been homeschooled. Wow. Awesome post!


14 April, 2005 16:04  
Blogger Ryan said...

*against. I can spell, really! :P

14 April, 2005 16:09  

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