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Monday, March 21, 2005

Extraordinary Actions

As I've shared with you before I'm not the best Christian you will ever run across.

I am amazed at what our government did in regard to Terri Schiavo. God Bless those men and women, God Bless President Bush and God Bless Terri Schiavo and her family. Truly I believe in the power of prayer. I do - really. I pray all the time and my ass has been snatched from the jaws of doom more than once.

Based on what I have heard and read about Terri Schiavo, she is NOT in a persistent vegetative state. With the proper therapy (which her husband has repeatedly denied to her) she could possibly be taking nourishment without the feeding tube. It's sickening to me that the law supports a man who wants so badly to kill his own wife.

It is extraordinary the way our government moved the way it did this weekend.

Terri's fight


Blogger Steve Donohue said...

I agree that it morality is absolutely on the side of everyone who wants to save the life of this poor woman. Unfortunately, I don't know that the law is, and unfortunate as it is, Michael Schiavo, despite being an adulterer and otherwise seedy individual, might be legally in the right. Furthermore, I'm not so sure I want Congress- however morally sound the argument may be- involving themselves in this. Precedent or no precedent, this certainly is an infraction upon any belief in "small government". In fact, this may be its exact antithesis.

Unfortunately, being morally right and legally right aren't the same in all instances. The moral of the story- get a living will. Make sure that your intentions are known, and don't think that you are too young to worry about such things.

21 March, 2005 14:34  
Blogger MonicaR said...

DID Congress act unconstitutionally? Did Judge Greer act properly in refusing to allow testimony that supported Terri's family's contention that she is NOT in a persistent vegetative state?

I do agree about the living will.

21 March, 2005 17:55  
Blogger riceburner147 said...

monica: in re: to your comment on my blog, perhaps you might enjoy "www.lovinggrace.org That is where i got that post from. Waynes ministry is (alot) about those that have a distorted image of God (also, those that have been "burned" in a church setting) He really ministers the life and love of Jesus. (I dont have any connection there, just enjoy it) :>)

ps my (ex) wife and I homeschooled our girls (just 1 & 2nd grade) it was great.

22 March, 2005 21:54  
Blogger marjo moore said...

That's a great post, Monica. I agree wholeheartedly! Very well put, by the way :)

23 March, 2005 12:09  

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