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Friday, January 28, 2005

Tribute to a brave and free Iraq

Well - you have to read what freedom loving Iraqis are saying in their own (very eloquent) words. This is a huge weekend for the entire world - history is being made as we watch in comfort from our homes in America. Iraqis are going to vote amid danger and terrorist threats. They are going to vote!! God Bless them and God Bless their beautiful country.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model says:

'The terrorists have challenged the bravery of the Iraqi people but they messed with the wrong people. The people have accepted the challenge; democracy and elections are not a luxury for Iraqis, it's an issue of life or death. And the terror brutal campaign has only made the people more determined to go on with the change.'

Read it all at this link:
(When you get there - scroll down until the right side-bar information is finished - you will then see the astuteness, the discernment, the utter percipience of our dauntless Iraqi brothers and sisters...

Go Iraq, Go!

I will be providing links all weekend for those interested in hearing it straight from the horses mouth.


Blogger dcat said...

A chant for peace hear us,
I call on the innocent souls that have parted, hear us,
Who fought and believed in this freedom, hear us,
Come forth to avenge the living, hear us,
To take down the disbelievers, hear us,
To end the terrorist evil, hear us,
We ask for them to be dealt with, hear us,

Oh mighty, peaceful spirit of life everlasting, defeat the evil against these good people and all good people here on earth, that have suffered so long, hear us,

We would like the terrorist dead, we would like them all dead, and we want the evil with them to descend to a place only you can destroy, with your almighty hand, to the everlasting fires of hell. Oh Lord of Lords we pray, and may they never surface again, may you keep them in the darkness, of all eternity. (Keep repeating)

So much for the virgins! So give it up, you loose, you scum sucking terrorist!

29 January, 2005 03:06  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Good one dcat! Just my kind of prayer!!! LOL!

Desperate times call it.

29 January, 2005 13:47  

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