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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One very good reason why: I Like My Guns!

see the pretty graph!

This website will go over to the favorite links, too!

Visit it - lots of interesting stories and information.

I bought my first gun when I was 22 or so. Got it at a gun show in Denver - and YES - I had to get a background check and wait several days before I actually got the gun. She's a purty little thing. Ruger 357 magnum with a 4 inch barrel. Black. I keep it loaded with 38's though because firing that weapon with a 357 magnum bullet scares the crap out of me!! A big fire comes out of the end of the gun when I do that! Then it dances around in my hands a bit. I have the gun (and some others that have been acquired over the years through marriage) for safety and protection of myself and my little cubs. Sheesh - I love my local police force but they can't stand guard outside my house 24/7. I've never had to use it and God willing I will never have to use it. Although there was that one little incident - a large man and his road rage - getting out of his car and coming after me and my little daughter in our van....well - I just showed him the gun and he spun around on his heels and walked away. Didn't point it at him - didn't even take it out of the holster. Just showed it to him.

I do so love my first little gun.


Blogger Zendo Deb said...

Thanks for the link. You have a nice site. I also have the Ruger with the 4in barrel. I keep mine loaded with .357 mangnums. (.357 M w/hollow point bullets has about a 93% 1 shot stop record. Shoot 'em once, they're down.)

18 January, 2005 08:21  

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