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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Unexplained Secondary Habitual Aborter

What the hell is that, you ask? Well - it's me apparently...

That's what the best and brightest Reproductive Endocrinologists in the City of Brotherly Love could come up with. After all that education - that's it. A few cursory tests..a couple of scratches on their heads and the advice try aspirin and 'see what happens'.

SEE WHAT HAPPENS? Excuse me, Mr. Doctor Sir, but I need to know why my babies are dying. Every time one of my babies dies a little chunk of my heart goes with it. So - you want me to just 'see what happens'. No. I need answers - not guesses and more dead babies. Here's your exorbitant fee and thanks for nothing.

That was me a little over five years ago. I had a little girl - who magically appeared after years of not being able to get pregnant. The pregnancy with her was quite difficult in the 3rd trimester. Pre eclampsia, Premature Rupture of the Membranes, Pre-term labor and she was born at 36 weeks after they were able to hold her in with asthma medicine. Of course - I had a midwife in a hospital because I was going to go 'all natural'. Ha! 50 hours of labor, 4 hours of pushing, lots of drugs after about 36 hours and finally a C-section. Good heavens - I couldn't even birth a 5 1/2 pound baby the regular way. They kicked me out after 2 days - sent me home with my kidneys shut down and my blood pressure going through the roof. Well - I ended back in the hospital for 5 days but it all turned out well. I thank God we're both alive, 100 years ago we would have both died.

After that - and after years of not getting pregnant - I started getting pregnant like THAT! *snap fingers* Unbelievable. The first pregnancy was twins and I lost them at 13 weeks. One was dead already and the other was underdeveloped but was hanging in trying to live. The Catholic hospital that my doctor was associated with gave me the bad news and sent me home. That baby was half dead - with a very slow heartbeat. I begged them to terminate the pregnancy and they refused. Two days later I almost bled to death and ended up in the ER.

Four pregnancies followed - each one ending sooner than the previous. That's when I got my 'label' that you see in the title.

Well - I found INCIID.ORG (International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination) and got edumucated. I will post their link under favorites. This site saved my life. I was crazed and needed answers. I found answers and compassion and information and caring women going through the same thing I was going through. We all had our different stories and different situations. They helped me.

I found Dr. Beer in Chicago through INCIID. Dr. Beer is a Professor at University of Chicago, Chicago Medical School. He is a Professor of Obstetrics&Gynecology AND a Professor of Immunology. He has made it his life's work to understand the immune system and pregnancy. He found the problem and could tell my WHY my babies were dying - and knew how to help us. I had an immune problem - several. For one - I showed anti-nuclear antibodies in my blood. These little buggers show up when people have auto immune diseases. (Lupus, Scleroderma etc...) For another, my husband and I were a close tissue type match. With this problem it is common to be able to have one baby and then loose subsequent babies. My body was not recognizing the placenta as something to be protected, it viewed it as a very fast growing body of cells that needed to be destroyed by NK (Natural Killer) cells.

I credit Doctor Beer for the birth of our second little one. She tried to be born many times - and Doctor Beer was able to help us make that happen. Doctor Beer - you are my hero! My little 'Beer Baby' is 4 years old now and she is awesome! He has a great website, too and I will put that under my favorite links. Repro-med.net.

Dr. Beer is considered a 'controversial' figure. He is the most honest, straight shooting Doctor I've ever met. His data backs him up - no matter the medical establishment and their insane political motives (whatever they might be). I have no respect for The Lancet anymore. I lost respect for The Lancet way BEFORE they published those bad science figures of 100,000 civilians killed in Iraq by coalition forces. The Lancet is a political tool. It was 5 years ago. It still is.

Doctor Beer - my family and I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU for this beautiful baby girl!!!


Blogger Leap Frog said...

Monica! I had no idea, wow what you must have gone through. I'm so glad you've been blessed with two beautiful children. I had been told I'd never have children after many surgeries for endometriosis. At age 25 I had given up hope and expected never to be a mother! By some miracle, I had a baby girl at age 30. Boy I had lots of problems and wound up in the hospital quite a few times and my baby was born at 35 1/5 weeks! But she was a fighter and strong enough to suckle and her lungs matured very well by the end of two weeks!
My good friend and her husband spent seven years and $25,000 and nothing. She went to a different clinic and all she needed was a surgical procedure to reduce the thickness of her uterus. She then got pregnant on her own! Unreal eh? I will be passing along your vital links to other women! Thanks for providing the infomation.

16 December, 2004 00:56  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Hi Leap! Thanks for visiting and reading and commenting. I'm so glad that you will be passing the links along and I hope that it will help.

I was 33 when my first daughter was born and 37 when the 'Beer Baby' was born.

Congrats on your wonderful strong daughter - God Bless them!

16 December, 2004 23:04  
Blogger Mike H. said...

Monica, try to access the Spirit of America at the .net and .com addresses. Curious.

19 December, 2004 02:27  
Blogger rickrubin said...

Warning: Way too much information

19 December, 2004 15:01  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable Rickrubin. Next week I'll be talking about Menopause - so you may just want to stay away!! :-)

19 December, 2004 22:46  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Mike - I was able to access Spirit of America at .net - not .com though.

What should I be looking for??!!??

19 December, 2004 22:50  
Blogger ALa said...

M: Wow...what a great post and what a wonderful ending. I had NO idea... I also went to a 'self-proclaimed' best reproductive endocrinologist in Philly -my diagnosis: PCOS.
Thanks for posting this -I am going to pass it on to a fellow blogger going through fertility nightmares now...

21 December, 2004 09:00  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thank you Ala - thanks for passing the links on and for sharing. I hope that it can help as going through that was a frigging nightmare.

22 December, 2004 01:44  
Blogger Ann said...

Congratulations on the baby!!!

23 December, 2004 12:29  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Well - thank you Ann! She's a keeper that's for sure!

23 December, 2004 13:16  
Blogger FLORA said...

(FLORA smiles shyly at Monica, from behind a desktop crowded with empty coffeecups and an old Don Francisco's coffee can, that has been used to scoop horsefeed)
I am really in awe of your strength. I lost two babies. Never got to have any. Lupus affects my system too badly and there are other things going wrong in me. I just sort of gave up and got fixed. I am glad you posted that blog entry, and it was not too much information for me. I would like to hear about Dr Beer.

I wish there had been a Dr. Beer for me.

26 February, 2005 00:22  

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