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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The decision to homeschool

Hi! My husband and I have 2 girls - 4 and 8. We have been homeschooling the oldest since kindergarten and we are very happy with it. We use the K-12 curriculum - awesome curriculum. I guess you could not call us homeschool 'purists' as we actually have her enrolled in an online 'virtual charter school'. We do everything at home and the charter school takes care of all the legal requirements for doing that. I have been generally happy with this setup, but this year new requirements have been added to the school and it's making me feel very hemmed in. I don't like that and we may consider just buying the curriculum in the future and going without the charter school.

The 4 year old is in a pre-school for the 1st time this year. This is a decision my husband and I made to help enable her to 'sprout her wings' as she said to me on the couch the other day. I have had a couple of go-rounds already with the head teacher of the school so we shall see how it works out. It's a great program - just so...many....leftists....aaaawwwwkk!

That's all to start. I am very protective of my girls and love them and their little souls and personalities to death. I consider it an honor and a priviledge to be their mom. My mother sent me a Christmas tree ornament a few years ago with a mama bear and her two babies being well protected by her side. I AM THAT BEAR!!! Grrrrowwwlll.

This will be my journal as I don't regularly keep a journal. Many things to put down as I have a family who some support us homeschooling and others are rabidly against it.


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