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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Remember James M. Roux

James Roux was aboard United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into the trade center's south tower. He was on the way to to Northern California to work for his brother David. An avid trekker, Roux, 42, was so fond of Nepal that he established an office in Katmandu with a Nepalese partner. Roux had recently begun to represent Sherpa guides, hoping to raise their profiles by finding roles for them in Asian advertising.

Roux practiced law in Hartford and Portland, Maine, and was a litigator who helped several families affected by asbestos exposure and lead poisoning. He served three years in the Army and was a decorated paratrooper. Family members described Roux as a ``devoted father, avid mountain climber, fly fisherman and musician.'' He is survived by two sons, his mother and stepfather, four sisters and a brother.

"Jimmy Roux was my best friend growing up, and he's an interesting guy." David Davis, a West Los Angeles man who had known Roux since they attended third grade in 1967 in Lewiston, Maine.

"He was just one of those guys you'd love to see every day," said Mike Weston, a bartender at the Ale House. "He was sort of like a frat boy inside the body of a 45-year-old."

"I am the mother of a clientof his he was representing my 4 YR. old and 12 YR. OLD too in a lead poisoning case he was a very decent man he was funny, caring, treated my sons as if they were his and cared for there well beeing I will never forget him I am glad to have known him it very hurtful than anyone can take as many innocent lives that is unforgiveable my prayers go to his family and exspecially his son's that had one decent father I am very proud to have known him to say again we should get the party's who did this on these innocent people and there family's God Bless America may my prayers be with you and we will get them for what they have done to us." Loriann Elenor Mackenzie

"I was a newly assigned paralegal paratrooper assigned to The Army's 18th Airborne Corps Artillery at Fort Bragg while then Captain James M. Roux was an Army Judge Advocate assigned as our jurisdictional trial counsel. I worked with him extensively and was extremely impressed by his competence and devotion to our country. I learned alot from him and remember that we often talked about the fact that he was from Maine where I was born while my father was based there in the Air Force. He was a great leader and often talked about the fact that he too once was an Army Paralegal in the reserves while going to law school. My deepest regards go out to his family. He was a great human being that left a positive lasting impression on me." Thomas G. Curry

"Dear Jim, I just learned today that you were taken from this life in such a tragic,unfair way last year. I rememeber being your classmate some 25 years ago,sharing English and Social Studies classes, and being involved with Key Club instead of Interact. I remember all of those football games, Interact vs. Key Club. I remember driving with Andre from Lewiston to Bowdoin to visit you in your junior year. We got there at a funny time. I also remember your keen intellect and incisive sense of humor. I remember you reading one of your older brother's letters from South America. I remember having fun in Physics with Mr. Jacobs and in Ms. Kirk's class. I remember Davis Mtn. and the parties. I remember you signing my year book, Merle Haggard. I hope all is well with your family. I wish you well old friend." Joe Gauthier

"I just learned today that Jim was lost on September 11. I was 18 and had just graduated from high school when I was sent to Indiana by the army reserve for paralegal school. Jim was in law school at the time and also spending the summer going through the same course. He took me under his wing and taught me so much about how to prepare for my upcoming college life. That summer he was a true mentor to me. I took his advice about school, fraternities, parties, studying, what was cool, and in the end he helped me to become the person I am today. We last spoke about 4 years ago. He was a wonderful person." Jack Jakubiak

"I am just finding out that you were on flight 175.We went to basic training together back in 1982,Ft Leonardwood,Mo.I remember you showing me the photo of your family on the hull of a beautiful boat,and I asked "What in the world are you doing here?"and your reply was becoming a soldier.Thats my"Main man from Maine"
I wish I had looked for you earlier." Master Sergent Todd

"Dear Jim, We loved the way that you brightened our day with your calm presence and the patience of a buddah. We miss parking next to you and listening to you blasting Jimi Hendrix from any stereo or amp that you could find. You left a lot friends and family behind, but your boys will always know that you are a hero. I love and miss you." A.J. Riseman, friend

"If there was ever a champion of the underdog, it was Jim Roux. He was my friend, neighbor, confidant and attorney. In Portland, Maine, Jim would take cases pro bono so that justice could be served. He was leaving for the West Coast that fateful day so that he could start a job that paid better, as his personal funds were running low due to philanthropy. He would champion the cause of kids with Lead Paint Poisoning, would jump on the stage of the local alehouse and jam, or set off bottle rockets or drop plastic paratroopers from the roof of his apartment building with his sons. He cared. Jimmy, we miss you and we love you." Russ Riseman, friend

"He was a good man, a good brother, dad, son and friend. He loved playing his guitar. He was also a terrific lawyer. Mostly I think, he was a smart, gentle person..."

We will never forget. We honor your life and the good that you left behind. Our hearts were broken. God bless your soul. God Bless America.

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Thanks to this special tribute by all us bloggers, we are learning about the individuals who perished that day. No longer are they just names--they are PEOPLE!

Nicely done, Monica R.

09 September, 2006 08:42  
Blogger dcat said...


And it will not happen again!!!

Very nice post! Thank you!

09 September, 2006 18:53  
Blogger Mike's America said...

We owe it to James, his family, every family who lost loved ones on that awful day and the American people to be sure that we are doing ALL we can to make sure such a thing NEVER happens again.

These sad reminders of lives cut short are calls to action for us, the living.

09 September, 2006 21:43  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks y'all for visiting and reading about James.

Never forget. Never again.

09 September, 2006 23:11  
Blogger Cubed © said...

It was lovely, Monica; thank you so much.

I have the same response reading these tributes as I do when I view the Vietnam Memorial; it comes from seeing the names of real people. It makes us realize, as AOW emphasized, that this happened to peoplejust like us and our own loved ones.

Seeing names and something about the lives helps us feel the kinship that we all have for each other,and reminds us that these who died could be our own loved ones on another day, in another place.

Reminding us that this is personal is what will motivate us to try our best to assure that Dcat's and Mike's exhortation - "It will never happen again" - remains true.

10 September, 2006 19:39  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

cubed said it very well. These tribute posts make the pain of their loss much more concrete; and the joys of their lives real. Most of the victims are our fellow citizens, and this 9/11 project is a great way to honor and celebrate their lives and their worth to this great nation of ours.

James Roux...what a fine patriot and American. God bless his family for their loss.

Incidentally, the person I blogged on, along with his two dads, were all aboard the same United Airlines Flight 175.

*ulp*...."Path to 9/11" just started- gotta run!

10 September, 2006 23:10  
Blogger Old Soldier said...

Monica, thank you and all the other bloggers for personalizing the lives lost on 9/11/01. A figure of 2,996 is meaningless to those who are not personally connected to the tragedy. But each individual person whose life is revisited by friends and family personalizes the meaning of the abominable attack visited upon us on 911. Thank you and NEVER FORGET!

11 September, 2006 07:36  
Blogger Ca... said...

Wonderful post. We will never forget. Jim

11 September, 2006 08:26  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh Monica, that was beautiful. So real and so raw. May we never forget our fallen Americans, and may we keep pressing on agains the enemy.

11 September, 2006 09:38  
Blogger nightfly said...

Monica - fine work. The personal remembrances always hit home. We will always remember.

11 September, 2006 11:21  
Blogger Dionne said...

Nice tribute!!

11 September, 2006 18:17  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Wonderful Tribute!
Thank you.
These are heartbreaking stories and difficult to read....
I am honored to be a part of this project.
Mine is posted also...

The 2996 link is down. I have a new link on my site to view the participants.

Bless you...

11 September, 2006 19:15  
Blogger skye said...

2996 is no longer an abstract number - it has a name - it has a face.

A beautiful tribute to a life interrupted..

11 September, 2006 21:35  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. I have been reading tributes all weekend. It has been very emotional. It was a wonderful idea and I am honored to be a part of it.

12 September, 2006 00:18  
Blogger PastormacsAnn said...

Each person lost meant so much.

Thank you.

12 September, 2006 01:14  
Blogger NotClauswitz said...

Nicely done sister.

12 September, 2006 11:46  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you PastorMac's Ann and Dirtcrshr.

13 September, 2006 00:14  
Blogger Rhonda Gales said...

Well done! As a fellow 2996 blogger, I am visiting as many tributes as I can. Everyone has done a wonderful job. I am honoring Nancy Carole Farley and Jeffrey J. Shaw.

13 September, 2006 03:04  
Blogger Gayle said...

You did a beautiful job honoring this wonderful man, Monica. I think James would be proud.

I've read so many of these, and it is really hard, but I believe this was the right thing to do. I also joined this blogburst and feel like I knew the person I honored. This has made the numbers come to life, each individual who perished could have been one of us.

Thanks for a wonderful post.

13 September, 2006 09:54  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you rmgales and Gayle for writing your own tributes, and for visiting and reading about James Roux.

I have read so many tributes - it has been very emotional. You are right when you say that these people who were killed are more than just a number and I believe that the 2996 project makes that very clear.

God bless America. Keep us strong.

15 September, 2006 00:13  
Blogger Unknown said...

Poems and messages from 9/11 lost souls http://mcdowell33.tripod.com/americanlostsoulsseptember11th2/

17 September, 2012 08:52  
Blogger james roux said...

I don't exactly know what you mean by 'action', but please don't fight wars on my behalf. Personally I believe the only way to prevent further injustice is to disband the united states military and reject violence.

15 March, 2016 18:48  
Blogger james roux said...

The enemy is violent aggression. We cannot have peace if we are always preparing for war. Please stop with this jingoistic nonsense.

15 March, 2016 19:35  

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