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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just a Few Little Things.

We're Back!

We are back from our short stay in Ocean City, MD. Well. Well, well, well. Where does one start? You will laugh when I say that we are spoiled by New Jersey, but when we compare Ocean City, MD to the Jersey beaches and boardwalks - Maryland comes up short. Very disappointing. The beach at OCM was full of trash. Just FULL 0f it. Not only could you see tons of visible trash but when I dug my toes into the sand and came up with a cup lid...well. That just did it. It's also very expensive in OCM. We paid (what I consider to be) quite a lot of money for a dive. Yikes! The rides sucked too. So I am going to take the advice of several of my readers and check Chincoteague out next year. I am looking forward to it already!

The Neighborhood.

The moslem guy is, apparently, beating the crap out of his wife girlfriend. We noticed that 2 of the kids have been gone for over a month, and at one point it looked like she was kicking his ass to the curb, and now it turns out that he was being abusive to the kids that were sent away. This house has always been an enigma. The lady of the house is just as sweet as can be. For awhile we thought that 2 grown women lived there but it turns out that sometimes she wears the robes and sometimes she doesn't. No matter - she was always nice whether robed or not. As for him, I hope she gets herself and those kids away. This is America - YO! She can wear whatever she damn well pleases and the kids don't ever deserve to be beaten.

A heavy talk with the Girlies.

It turns out that a young lady I have known for 10 years - a really good girl - is a heroin addict. I am just heartbroken and I pray for her and her family. The girlies know because of all of the activity recently to get her into a rehab and with the communications we have had with her parents. They are close - so anyway - the girlies know. We had a talk - I had to talk to them about it. How it would be easy to fall in with people who don't think twice about doing drugs and how addiction can really destroy a person for years. Lost years and lots of regrets. How addiction leads people to do things that they would never have thought of doing: lying, stealing, doing almost anything to get more dope. Recovery, if chosen, is extremely difficult. Building trust with people you have hurt can take years. The addiction affects everyone surrounding the addict - it's very destructive and painful.

I don't want those girlies to have a moment of pain. There is no way around pain in this life though, is there? We try to give our children wonderful years and memories and try to shield them. Life happens all around us and there is pain and turmoil included in that life that happens around us. We can't hide it from them. All that their father and I can do is talk to them and let them know they have good and strong people in their corner - - and no matter what, they are loved. We have all lived through pain and many of us have been through hell and that becomes a part of what and who we are. Quite frankly I should be dead from some of the stupid choices I made while floundering about in my younger years. There but for the grace of God, honey. That says it all.


Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Sorry to hear that your vacation spot was tainted!

23 August, 2006 20:04  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Congrats for getting past your past. It's something we all have to strive to do. More than that, God bless you for giving your girlies something to hold on to, your strength, your love and your support.

Glad you are back

23 August, 2006 22:26  
Blogger Rastaman said...

You can't go back. Everything is always changed. Leave for just 2 years and there are so many subtle changes that it's never the same. Especialy if you aren't returning home from the wars or whatever to the family waiting for you.

My problem with those trips down memory lane is that the old house is gone and there are about 150,000 more people in town then I remembered, not to mention all that trash you speak of. And of course all the drug dealing.

Drugs suck. I have a dead niece, aged 35, chronic meth user who got breast cancer and never bothered with it until she was so advanced that there was no hope.
The really ugly part of the story is that this once nice kid became such a nasty person that I was one of the few who cared when she died. I didn't miss the person she was but I sure missed who she used to be.

Life moves on. I've found that the biggest part of being happy is two things: Live in a clean, quiet, attractive place, and have good neighbors. If you can achieve that, you have what you need to deal with most anything else.

Welcome back.


24 August, 2006 00:00  
Blogger MonicaR said...

dirtcrashr - it totally sucked! That's why we're doing these short little hops. We need to check these places out.

We're all survivors dagney - isn't that the truth? I just hope and pray that my girlies are able to make good choices in life. I just love them so much and they are such good girls.

Rasta - there is no going back. I dunno - I think maybe we all want to recapture some of those magic moments that probably weren't magical afterall. Sorry about your niece - tragic. I was lucky and blessed in many ways and I agree that making a safe home is paramount. Good neighbors are icing on the cake and make life so much more pleasant. Good, trustworthy friends help a whole lot.

24 August, 2006 00:54  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I am sorry you had a poor vacation here on the Eastern Shore. You should get in touch with me and I could have told you the best places. As for the rides, I hate them and the boardwalk so I would never tell people to go there. Yes, things in OC are expensive… but I think if you hit the right places you would have had a better time. Do me a favor and don’t completely axe it from your list.

24 August, 2006 20:02  
Blogger nightfly said...

You're doing something better than merely protecting the girls, you're teaching them to protect themselves, by showing them how to understand and avoid the heavier pitfalls. One only hopes that you can start small, so that the kids have practice before they reach the "don't do heroin" conversation.

Sorry about OCM, but welcome home!

24 August, 2006 20:36  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks MD - I will most definitely email you to get some tips. Are the beaches normally that nasty??!!

nightfly - thank you and thank you for visiting again. This is the second time in their lives that I have been horrified by having to have a 'talk' that I felt they were much too young for. The stuff comes up, though, and it has to be dealt with.

25 August, 2006 00:06  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

[sigh] I was once in love with a girl named Betsy from Ardmore, to which beaches do the people of Ardmore go? There would I go too...

25 August, 2006 12:32  
Blogger MonicaR said...

You've spoken of this Betsy before, dirtcrashr. Hmmmmm. Perhaps Betsy goes 'up the mountains' in summer rather than 'down the shore'. (Yes! They call the little bumps in this state 'mountains'! lol!)

25 August, 2006 21:57  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

I've never been crazy about Ocean City. I prefer Nag's Head. However, this year, we're going to try a beach a bit further south. We haven't been to the beach at all for a few years.

I think that the beaches in Hawaii have irreparably spoiled us! **sigh**

Last year, we took a driving tour of Kentucky--not a whole lot to do, but the drive was gorgeous. Plus, no Muzzies anywhere! And we heard no language except English!

26 August, 2006 19:30  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh man, I am sorry to hear about your friend who is struggling with addition. And I am not suprised OC was a bomb. I went there for Beach Week back in 1990 and a couple more times the year or two after. At that stage/age, the only thing that mattered was where the party was at! I bet there's a prime beach to be found yet... you could always come to the south :)

26 August, 2006 23:18  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I love the beach ladies!

AOW - lol about Kentucky!

Kate - I think I will take your advice about Chincoteague.

27 August, 2006 01:10  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I love the beach ladies!

I guess that should have been:

I love the beach, ladies!

LOL! Oh what a difference one comma can make.

27 August, 2006 01:12  

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