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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Close Encounter With An Angry Black Moslem

It all happened last night at the neighborhood store. We were minding our own business when my friend noticed an angry scene right outside the window. It was a black, bearded male screaming at a young lady - only inches from her face - as she described it later. I didn't notice it - - I usually don't notice things that aren't right in front of my face, and besides, I was gabbing. Anyhoo - she went out to break things up and see if the young lady was alright.

The next thing I know, a black male is in the store and yelling at us that a girl had asked him for dope, why would she do that? Because he was BLACK - he screamed. Only because he was black. I figured, Hey! This guy is upset. We must listen to him and possibly he will calm down. We were sympathetic at first and said - who knows why she asked you that question? It's unfortunate that she obviously made a mistake in judgement of character, but try to calm down. He became wildly loud and started screaming at us that it was because he was black! He started getting his face close to my friends face, screaming at the top of his lungs, sauntering, spittle forming, head bobbing. That was it. He's dealing with 2 women - both of us 43 - both of us with an attitude - both of us in the throes of perimenopause - neither one of us believing that bullies ought to be treated with kidgloves.

STOP SCREAMING AT US - WE DID NOTHING TO YOU. CALM DOWN. We're both yelling. I have a snapshot memory picture of the customers in line at the ATM machine, frozen in place, shocked faces with mouths hanging open, watching.

The man continued to scream, louder and louder. IF HE WASN'T BLACK WE WOULDN'T BE DISSING HIM. YOU'RE ALL RACIST, YOU'RE ALL THE SAME - disgusted look on his face - CRACKERS!


Then. I recognized him. I went to that store a couple of weeks ago at about midnight. The owner is in there working alone and I was in line with an armload of stuff. He walks in - and steps right in line in front of me. I told him - 'I am in line. You need to move. I was here first.' The barrage of abuse began. Talking his shit about 'Oh I'm black. He won't hire me because I'm black.' Then to the owner, 'C'mon - hire me - I'm black and blacks clean bathrooms.' I told him, 'Just move out of my way because I was here first.' He moved but continued with the abuse, making comments about my anniversary ring and my wedding ring, how I must be rich but the owner won't hire him because he's black. I looked at the owner and rolled my eyes and skedaddled.

But - here he was again. And talking his same stuff, but this time it was different. He was screaming and accusing us of being racist and of 'dissing' him. Calling us names. He started attempting to insult us, saying it was obvious we had no college degree. (?) My friend went ballistic. Right there in front of God and everyone - she had really had it: YOU DON'T KNOW ME. YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO BE COMING IN HERE, GETTING IN MY FACE, SCREAMING AT ME - WE DID NOTHING TO YOU. And she kept on going - right in his face. All 5 foot nothing of her. He picked the wrong women this time.

We called 911. Another of our friends called on her cell phone - and she backed us up, too. She stood right there with us and didn't back down. The 911 operator heard him screaming in the background.

A little old man - frail as hell, just wanting to get his scratch off lotto tickets paid, stood up for us. He has to be close to 80 - the only one in the store besides the trio of small, white, females who would dare to speak up against his abuse. He screamed at the top of his lungs - 'STOP YELLING AT THESE GIRLS!!!' 'STOP IT!'

And our neighborhood Boys in Blue were there. Three of them. God bless them. Our angry black moslem got right into the first cop's face, yelling and raising his hand to him. He was in cuffs pretty soon and then he calmed down. He said he didn't yell at us at all. Adrenaline still pumping we all screamed YES YOU DID - DON'T YOU LIE - YOU'RE LYING NOW. My friend: I'LL PRESS CHARGES ON YOUR ASS AND BE SITTING RIGHT UP FRONT IN COURT. He's outta there. We're trying to calm down, adrenaline rush is furious.

The little girl, whom he had originally been screaming at out front, came back with her brother. Sweet kids. Teenagers. We told her that he was taken away in cuffs and how crazy he got with us. She was really scared and insisted that she had not asked him for any dope or anything. She was standing out there waiting for her brother to come out of the store and this guy pulled up, got out of his car and started screaming at her. She said his spit got all over her face. She was a black girl, which normally I wouldn't bother with skin color, but it was the whole issue with the crazy guy. He was black and she was a racist.

It came to light that another employee of the store had some encounters with this guy. Once, the crazy guy asked the employee what was in the kielbasa - and the employee answered that it was a pork product. He started screaming at the employee: WHY YOU SAY THAT???! IT'S JUST BECAUSE I'M A MUSLIM THAT YOU SAID PORK. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT JUST BECAUSE I'M A MUSLIM? Screaming again.

I wonder if his imam is this guy?

We women talked about this last night and today - we're all very upset about it. It was uncomfortable to say the least. We all agree that it is time to stop casting our eyes down and turning our faces away from this type of abuse. The way this man conducted himself is completely unacceptable. I'm tired of it. I am tired of blacks accusing me of being a racist merely because I am white. I will not abide militant black prison convert moslems believing that I should bow down to them. It aint gonna happen.

I can be crazy, too. I can be a crazy bitch if I need to be. Bring it on.

We also remarked that it is the old men who stand up. It is only the old men who are first to stand up - the veterans - the ones who fought in the big war. They are the only ones who will stand up besides the peri-menopausal women in life. The young kids coming up - what they're learning is to pretend the bad isn't there, ignore and it will go away, draw a picture and wear a bracelet, kiss the bully's ass, be punished for standing up for themselves.

Self defense is a human right.


Blogger atheling2 said...

Good God, Monica, what an ordeal. I'm thankful you and your friends are all right. Bless you for your courage, and God bless that old man for standing up with you.

I think God and his angels were watching over you.

As for this Muslim man, do you think this kind of thing is going to happen more often? Look at the six imams who were detained at a US Air flight recently for acting up at an airport. I think they are testing the waters here to see how far they can go. Was a report filed on this man? We should keep records of their conduct.

Whew. Good on you, girl, you go!

29 November, 2006 02:06  
Blogger Skye said...

This is the crap that happens when Dems win elections :0 )

I love how th guy makes such zenophobic remarks then labels you a racist.

Hello Pot...this is Kettle.

29 November, 2006 07:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Monica! I can not even guess what I would have done in your situation. Bravo for calling the cops on him, for not taking his shiite, all of it!

Have you seen the skits on Mad TV (I think) about the black woman who's always screaming, "Oh, it's because I'm black, huh?!" and it's always the most ridiculous of circumstances. Sounds like the Mad TV writers scripted your encounter, it's so bizarre. But not funny, in real life, eh?

So glad it didn't get physical, at least!

29 November, 2006 09:59  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I've been meaning to write my own piece, in light of some recent news items, and this experience fits in perfectly with the one I want to blog about.

Of course, yours goes quite a bit beyond what mine will be about. I think the guy you broke lances with has compounded issues in addition to a chip on his shoulder over race.

Good for you and your friends for standing up to his abuse. Glad he was led away in cuffs.

29 November, 2006 12:53  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I know atheling. It was quite upsetting. I have been following the story of the moslems who were escorted off of the US Air flight. It sounds to me like they were deliberately being disruptive and obnoxious. I am glad that people noticed it and acted on their feelings of discomfort about it.

The man who was verbally abusive to us was cited for disorderly conduct.

Thankfully we have a responsive police force in my area. Many districts, especially in Philly, do not. In those cases the law abiding citizen is basically on their own.

29 November, 2006 12:55  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Karen - it is hard to know how you would react. Some days - I may have walked away from it. I have many days, though, when it is a huge mistake to get in my face. All three of us were p.o.'d and it helped to have that backup and not be out there alone in defending ourselves.

I haven't seen those skits - but it is getting laughable, this playing of the race card.

I have never in my life been called a 'cracker' to my face. lol. Unreal.

29 November, 2006 12:58  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Skye - I was so taken aback when he accused us of being racist and then called us crackers. Apparently it was lost on him. lol.

29 November, 2006 12:59  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Wordsmith - I agree. He was a very angry man and also not rational at all.

I have a sinking feeling that his mosque feeds into that anger and hatred just beautifully, though.

29 November, 2006 13:01  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Dude wasn't too bright either. Doesn't he know that you NEVER mess with menopausal women? ;)

29 November, 2006 20:21  
Blogger MonicaR said...

That's the truth, tshsmom. One of these days he's going to get into it with someone who's REALLY crazy and get his head smashed in. Or worse.

29 November, 2006 21:34  
Blogger Mike's America said...

My you do have fun up there in Philly!

The guy called you a "cracker?" They don't use "honkey" anymore?

Clearly you have an individual so soaked with hate, and probably not such a good opinion of himself either, that he cannot escape the box he has built.

I had to deal with some of that in DC where criminals thought of themselves as the victims and hence were entitled to even up the score.

You did the right thing and it's a shame this loon didn't have the good sense to just drop it instead of going after you.

Just watch your back and don't go out at night alone.

29 November, 2006 23:46  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Oh yeah, Mike - that's why they call it the 'City of Brotherly Love', right?! lol!

This guy was so angry, as he was in my earlier encounter with him, as he was in his encounter with a worker at the store. So angry and full of hate. He probably thinks he has every right to act the way he does, anywhere he wants. He is so wrong!

We still have a good neighborhood, lots of good people of all stripes. Plus - I have my guns if I need them.

30 November, 2006 00:13  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

People like that are the cause of their own misery. Too bad they can't see their own reflection in a mirror. It's self-inflicted victimhood.

Well, my own post is postponed...get it? haha....haha...I cracker me up.

But Mike did motivate me enough to blog about something. *grumble* (it's like he thinks he's my boss or something....)

30 November, 2006 16:23  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Well - sometimes we all need a little push, Wordsmith! ;-)

01 December, 2006 01:29  
Blogger Uncle Wiggily said...

Glad you and your friends are OK, Monica.

May I suggest the old 'knee to the crotch' maneuver the next time you come across a jerk like that? It nearly always interferes with his train of thought, and, as an added benefit, his voice will go up a couple of octaves.

Stay brave ...

Uncle Wiggily

01 December, 2006 10:45  
Blogger Gayle said...

Good grief, Monica... This jerk sounds completely insane! I'm very glad you're okay, hon. What an ordeal! It makes me glad I live out in the boondocks. It also makes me glad I often wear steel-tipped cowboy boots. "Knee to the crotch" maneuver? Nope; straight kick to the groin!

You did good and handled it the right way, since he didn't touch you, but I would have been very tempted to drop kick him. LOL! I confess I have a bit of a violent side.

01 December, 2006 12:25  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks Uncle Wiggily! Yes - all kinds of things can be used as weapons. A pen in the eyeball. A kielbasa dripping with pork fat. A pot of hot coffee. I could just go on and on!

And thank you too, Gayle! I confess I have violent tendencies when it comes to abusive people. I really can't stand that kind of B.S.

02 December, 2006 00:04  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Holy crap!! I don't know what to say but I'm glad you're ok, and it's too bad somebody Really-Big-and-Black (like him, only different) wasn't there to tell him to STFU - but it sounds like he was trying to pick a fight anyhow, and making up a reason.

06 December, 2006 18:46  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Dirtcrashr - there are plenty of fine, upstanding people in our community who fit the bill, they just didn't happen to be in the store at the time. It was freaky and I think this guy likes to pick fights a LOT.

06 December, 2006 19:51  
Blogger Alison said...


Im sorry to hear about what happened and totally agree with where you are coming from on this. You know there is a girl over here in the UK who had a nasty experience on the tube here in London with some guys verbally assaulting her. She is American and blogged about if for which is rightly got a lot of sympathy. She argued the same thing self defence is a right which of course it is, I agree. However she made some statements about people on the tube not helping being too scared and assumed this was the attitude of all Londonders and condemned them for it. To which London Britain and the all British men got mostly lambasted. In fact some guy did intervene. I felt a lttle angry with her because she made some quite sweeping statements about British men whilst defending those commenters who pointed out the guy who assualted her was black. I dont know where the commenters were from. But then it all kicked off and she was unjustly accused of being racist for posting it. Mess. However the thrust of her point was how annoyed she was that the Brits didnt come to he help. Had this happened in rush hour when most Brits not tourists had been about i think they would have. But it was the weekend, afternoon, most people are tourists. She also hugely lambasted the police for not helping her which again i thought was pretty unfair - had she pulled the alarm there and then they would no doubt have got the guy and with all the cctv footage available nailed his ass as you say. I wondered if this shit happened in the US or of it was just the UK where people wont jump into help. I doubted it, largely because of that post she made. It is true to say it happens everywhere and that people (armed or not) facing the same problem feel like they cannot stand up to this crap. This is a case in point. Im sure at any other time a lot of men would have stood up to this for her.

Anyway the stories were strikingly similar. And affects us all. What you say bout older guys is very very true though...

08 December, 2006 04:03  
Blogger Alison said...

my typing is dreadful in my haste sorry! and i meant to say ...whilst lambasting those commenters who pointed out he was black....

08 December, 2006 04:05  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks for commenting Alison. I actually saw this story and went to this woman's blog and saw some of the comments already doubting that it happened etc... I remember thinking it strange because the person she took the picture of actually looked like a woman! lol.

Anyhoo - I truly do not believe that it is a British-only thing to not stand up to an abusive person. I think it is something we are taught to do - - avoid confrontation if possible and just get away alive. For instance, in airplanes the wisdom was to capitulate and cooperate with a hijacker. 9/11 TOTALLY put that one in the trashcan and now any problems you hear about in flight it is the passengers who are interjecting themselves into a situation and ensuring that things are brought under control and a possible threat is neutralized.

I think I mentioned that there are just certain days a person ought not to mess with me, I will fly off the handle. Other days I might really try to be more reasonable. I attribut this to my hormones going completely bonkers due to my little 'change' (I like to call it...).

It is also much easier to stand up if you are not the only one doing it. I think most of us would be really frightened to stand up alone.

08 December, 2006 20:13  
Blogger Gina said...

good for you

10 December, 2006 18:53  

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