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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Odds and Sods

This piece by Steven at 'A Republic Madam If You Can Keep It' turned my patriotic little head today and gave me some food for thought:

Colder Than Usual.

My friend Abe, who roams the great American desert, put this up a bit ago and I loved it! You will too:

You Might be a Moonbat if...

An interesting bit from The City Troll about Rep. Murtha - you know. The one who is urging a pull-out of troops from Iraq? HE was the one who advised Clinton to pull-out of Mogadishu. Yes - THAT Mogadishu.

Mogadishu Murtha (as I, Grizzly Mama, will call him from now on..)


Blogger City Troll said...

thanks for the links sweetheart

21 December, 2005 09:57  
Blogger Steve Donohue said...

I remember having read Abe's post a while ago and having enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

Merry Christmas!

21 December, 2005 11:34  
Blogger Neo said...

Moni -Murtha rocks! I'd vote for him as President! He doesn't take any crap from anyone! :)

22 December, 2005 12:14  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Well - that's the beauty of America. You vote for Murtha - I'll cancel it out with my vote! ;-) Hey - atleast we're voting.

LOL! Thanks for visiting Neo.

22 December, 2005 22:51  
Blogger Alan_McDonald said...


As promised (over on Jeremiah's Helper) I started a new blog called "The Impeachment Clock" at:


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

AMcD (formerly, and still sometimes, known as Alan McDonald)

23 December, 2005 13:04  
Blogger Sprittibee said...

Love that Moony list. I have an inlaw that would make the grade.

23 December, 2005 17:58  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I have an inlaw that would make the list, too Sprittibee.

Alan - how nice that you've found an issue that you feel strongly enough to stand up about. It's a shame you're a bit late for all the former Presidents who have done the same thing...You know what they say! Better late than never I guess. ;-)

Thanks for visiting.

23 December, 2005 23:56  

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