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Friday, April 15, 2005

Buck - I think you've saved me!

Or possibly my affiliation with the Republican Party is saved.

Thank you Buck! Buck turned me on to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

I like it. I like it alot. Perhaps now Mike will rest easy knowing that another Republican will remain in the fold. I think that Abe would be happy about the Libertarian leanings of the Caucus. Maybe Steve will inch just a mite closer to changing his registration. (Of course you don't really HAVE to, Steve...) All I know is that MY HERO Rep. Ron Paul is involved with this group. There is even a place for the South Park Republicans!

I'll continue to check them out.

God bless you, Buck.


Blogger Steve Donohue said...

I'll make sure and check it out for you, Mama :-)

15 April, 2005 09:07  
Blogger MonicaR said...

You DO that, honey - I've got a mountain of socks to pair and fold...

15 April, 2005 12:39  
Blogger Abe said...

I have heard of them before. Good to see it again, though.

I've been waiting for this article from Reason to come online for you:

Reason: Homeschooling Alone: Why corporate reformers are ignoring the real
revolution in education
: "A Homegrown Alternative

In 2002, when the national average SAT score was 1020, homeschoolers averaged 1092. In 2003, 248 homeschoolers achieved semifinalist status in the National Merit Scholar program, with 109 of them winning Merit Scholarship awards. In 2004 homeschoolers scored an average of 22.6 on the ACT college entrance exam. By comparison, public school students scored an average of 20.9.

All of these statistics are mitigated by the fact that relatively few homeschoolers take national achievement tests (or at least identify themselves as homeschoolers when they do). While more than 1.1 million public and private school students took the ACT exam in 2004, only 7,858 self-identified homeschoolers did so. It's possible, skeptics argue, that their strong performances aren't representative of all homeschool students (many of whom, of course, are too young for high school achievement tests)."

Lots more...

16 April, 2005 01:33  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Abe that was a fantastic article and you were right when you said 'Lots more' ! LOL!

Aside from a few snippy little remarks he made at the beginning of the article I have to say that it showed quite a lack of bias in either direction. The doings of corporate philanthropy in the arena of education is one that has never, EVER even crossed my mind. I had no idea it was such a big thing. It is interesting the way the author brought homeschooling into the equation. Quite frankly - I can think of several ways that corporate America can contribute to the homeschooling cause. As the author mentioned, the decision to homeschool means that a family agrees to do without quite a bit in order to make that happen. Before I had kids I was making quite a good living in the computer field - now I work a crappy part-time job, just enough to pay the grocery bill. I'm not complaining but that is the way it is. We do without a LOT in order to give this advantage to our kids.

Hmmmmmm...what could a corporation do for me - the homeschooler. Provide scholarships (as that EEEVVIIIILLLL Walmart does) that would pay for curriculum and evaluators. There's one place to start.

As I said - it was a great article. Thanks. I will be revisiting it and thinking of more ways that corporate America can help me. (BTW - I really just LOVE corporate America. I was never so prosperous as when I was working for corporations in America)

16 April, 2005 23:43  
Blogger Buck said...

Good to know you liked the link. I have been slightly affiliated with them for a little over a year now. By the way, I believe Ron Paul is the founder of the RPC.

18 April, 2005 15:23  

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