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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What You Can Do

To stop Obamacare now.

Obama is really quite determined to shove this legislation through. He, Reid and Pelosi WANT THIS BAD!! They simply don't care what you want. They KNOW that millions of Americans don't want it. They don't care. They KNOW that they can't get this bill in its current form passed with bipartisan support. They don't care.

The checks and balances built in to our government are a bit of a pain to them. So inconvenient. Consent of the governed - what is that? The democrat majority in Congress might want to consult with the father of our constitution, James Madison. They might want to stop for a moment and answer this question that Madison posed to Thomas Jefferson - when "a majority... united by a common interest or a passion cannot be constrained from oppressing the minority, what remedy can be found...?"

What remedy then?

It's time to stand up, like, right now. If you oppose this takeover of the healthcare system in the United States of America then stand up now. There are more constructive ways of confronting and fixing the problems in our current system. Government administration of healthcare will be a disaster. Just as Social Security is a disaster, Medicare and Medicaid are a disaster. The NHS in the UK is a disaster - bankrupt and citizens traveling to Eastern European countries just to see a dentist. Canadian government healthcare is a disgrace that is also bankrupting the country and finds Canadian citizens crossing the border to America to avail themselves of lifesaving and timely care.

One thing you can do is fax a minimum of 15 key lawmakers via Grassfire Nation. Fifteen bucks will get your personalized fax sent(or hand delivered). Grassfire also provides contact information for your representatives and they urge you to call, which won't cost you a penny.

From Grassfire's website:

Capitol Hill Switchboards "Lighting Up" in Support for ObamaCare. Grassfire Urges Team to Turn the Tide Against This Latest Effort!

Radical leftist and progressive groups are coming to the aid of ObamaCare deluging Capitol Hill in a flurry of phone calls urging lawmakers to support the reconciliation process and a vote as soon as the end of March! Grassfire Nation has countered urging the more than 1 million grassroots members who oppose this legislation to FAX and PHONE Congress NOW demanding Congress "Cease and Desist" efforts to pass ObamaCare. Click below to schedule your faxes for fast delivery.
Schedule your personalized faxes to Congress now

Stand Up!



Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

Neither Obama nor the liberals in Congress care about the Constitution or the wishes of WE the PEOPLE.

I believe that if Congress does not pass it, Obama will shove it through by signing an Executive Order.

But no matter how it is put through, we will have to make ALL candidates for Office (Congress and President) sign a binding oath swearing that their first action in office will be to rescind it.

It is just B.S. when members of Congress tell us that once it is passed, it will take years to undo it. That is a lie any law that has been passed by Congress and enacted by the president CAN be repealed the same way. And if Obama were to put it through via Executive Order, it can be undone by an incoming president.

10 March, 2010 21:05  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I agree that it can be undone, but they know that if it is enacted it will be difficult to undo. In that I mean that it will take a massive and sustained effort of the citizens to vote new representatives in who will commit to undoing it. It isn't unreasonable looking at it from their point of view to believe that complacence will once again overtake the American people and it will be accepted as a done deal if they ram it through now.

I happen to believe that our elected representatives who see it that way are miscalculating. It's obvious that Obama/Reid/Pelosi haven't come to believe that we are serious about not wanting government takeover of the health care system and many other things besides. My perception is that they really believe that if they get this through - that will be the end of the story. We the people will crawl back into our holes, sit down and shut up. They are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

11 March, 2010 19:59  

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