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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget


Image courtesy Cox and Forkum.


Blogger Kate said...

I just posted that too. I got it in an email this morning and thought, gosh, what a typical day... When I looked at that picture, not only was I flooded with emotions, but the realization that we take so so much for granted day to day. I am printing it out and hanging it next to my computer.

11 September, 2007 10:03  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thanks Kate. That day everything changed forever.

11 September, 2007 10:52  
Blogger Kate said...

I just got another email with that drawing - where did you get yours?

11 September, 2007 11:25  
Blogger J C said...

Dittos; and check out atomiser.


11 September, 2007 11:44  
Blogger BillT said...

Too many have forgotten.

11 September, 2007 14:44  
Blogger City Troll said...

You have a whole party that not only have forgotten but have made an industry out of condemning anyone that does and blaming us for it anyway

11 September, 2007 19:15  
Blogger Abouna said...

Grizzly Mama: There is no way that I will ever forget 9/1/1 as long as I live, because I lost a cousin on that day, who worked in Tower Two. His remains were never found, so we could not even give him a proper burial.

Kate is right, we certainly do take so much for granted. We really should live each day as if it is our last.

11 September, 2007 22:26  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Kate - I check Cox and Forkum almost daily. Their link is there in the entry. They are great - and in fact their newest cartoon is dead-on, too. They always are - love 'em.

That atomiser blog is a trip, JC. They are correct that we have been issued with our last 'warning' from whoever that was posing as bin Laden. It's time to put up or shut up, I guess. Will I convert? BWAHAHAHAHA - no way. Will I pay a tax? Nah. I will stock up on plenty of pork, though. I love pork products. Really. We are ready to defend ourselves in other ways, as well. We just have to wait and watch and see, won't we?

BillT - it seems that way sometimes. I think we have moved on but I think that when push comes to shove, most Americans are on the right side of this thing. Really - we do need to live our lives. We do. Maybe because we are living every day and dealing with everything that has to be dealt with, it seems that we have forgotten. But we haven't.

Troll - I saw a couple of comments on your last years tribute - wow. You get some real whacks over there, don't you?

Thank you Abouna. I will never forget, either. A relative of mine was on one of those planes and suffered a horrifying death along with several thousand other innocent men, women and children. I'm living my life and moving on and loving those near to me - however - there is a piece of me that gets stronger and harder and more determined every passing year. I'm not taking any crap from any islamist, that's for damn sure.

11 September, 2007 22:55  
Blogger Mike's America said...

That cartoon reminds me that it was such a beautiful day. It wasn't even that nice today with the humidity creeping up again.

I guess every good association I have of that day was blotted out by the horror and I'll never forget.

And Troll's right, there are so many people poisoned by hate and prejudice against Bush they simply refuse to understand that this was an attack ON ALL OF US.

11 September, 2007 23:30  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I remember what a perfect fall day it was, Mike. We took a break out on the front porch and neighbors started to gather and talk. We all looked up at that beautiful blue sky. It was strange.

Bush Derangement Syndrome seems to be hitting a peak. And the weather here has totally sucked for the past week. We finally got poured on and a cool breeze started. It'll be fall weather here for the remainder of the week - thank God.

12 September, 2007 00:51  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

It WAS a beautiful morning, but I drove to work with a hole in the bottom of my stomach listening to the radio.
The utter stillness of the airspace - the last few planes finished landing - my workplace looked out over the Bay and the flight-path of all the big 'planes. At home we're in a triangle between two very busy major airports, SFO, SJC (San Jose) and an Air National Guard unit at Moffett Field - 129th Rescue Wing has big-ass C-130's going overhead all the time, and F-16's come and go. With all the air traffic stopped dead it was eerie, and it stayed stopped for days.
Like City Troll says, one whole Party has made an investment in 9/10 and politics as usual, disregarding any attachment and complicity even to what lead up to 9/11. They are poisonous because although they are collectivists - here all they essentially do and say is, pointing away, "Wasn't me!"

12 September, 2007 12:59  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I thought i posted here yesterday but I must have lost it. It was a very sad day that day.Everyone is right most people dont want to remember the horror of hearing what happened. They like to just ignore that it happened and things remain the same before that tragic day. I know its not the same nor will it ever be. We have lost so many soliders over in Iraq now because of it. If these people cant remember for the soliders sakes that we have lost besides the hundreds of people that couldnt get out of the towers or the pentagon they are very sick people./

12 September, 2007 15:13  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

13 September, 2007 08:03  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Off topic....

TAG! You've just received The Nice Matters Award.

13 September, 2007 08:04  

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