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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New 2008 GOP Primary Straw Poll - GOP Bloggers

Like our last poll, you get to pick which candidates you find acceptable andwhich ones you don't and it will tally who has the largest net positive ornet negative support, and you can choose which candidate is your firstchoice for the GOP nomination in 2008... You can indicate what state you arein. New in this poll, you can give your gender and your age bracket.

The results are pretty interesting and I saw atleast one new name there.



Blogger atheling2 said...

I picked Tom Tancredo as my first choice and was surprised to see him in the negative so far!

He's socially conservative, understands the immigration problem and the Islam problem.

So what gives???

12 December, 2006 03:31  
Blogger "Alice" said...

OOOO! Newt for President! I've always liked him. He'll never make it though.

12 December, 2006 09:35  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I'm not sure atheling, I was surprised to see Tancredo in the negatives, too.

Alicenot - I voted Newt as first choice - I like him alot. Troll seems to think that Newt ought to get into the race just to help define the important issues.

12 December, 2006 23:33  
Blogger "Alice" said...

Newt runs rings around a lot of people.

13 December, 2006 03:46  

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