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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

The fire in the fireplace is burning, all the Christmas lights are lit, I said, 'To hell with the sweet dough!' and almost forgot to bake the pie that I am to bring to dinner later on. The piles from Santa are out, the stockings stuffed. (I will not do another load of laundry until Christmas is over!) Mom-mom made marinade with shrimp for dinner - - she just whips it right up! We ate too many cookies and a lovely antipasto, and lots of shrimp cocktail. Whatever can't get done WON'T get done! That is more than okay.

God bless you and Merry Christmas. God bless America.


Blogger dcat said...

Merry Christmas Monica!

God Bless the Troops!

25 December, 2006 03:26  
Blogger Denise said...

Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2006 06:41  
Blogger Always On Watch Two said...

We had our family celebration last night. I forgot to set out the shrimp cocktal. Oh, well. I can take it today to my neighbor's house, where we will be having Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas, Monica! Don't overwork yourself.

25 December, 2006 11:13  
Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Merry Christmas, I gotta take the scalloped potatos over to my folks house for the present-opening orgy.

25 December, 2006 16:22  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Merry Christmas Monica!

25 December, 2006 17:58  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Atta girl!! What isn't done by now, will wait 'til NEXT Christmas!
Merry Christmas Monica, Troll and Girlies!!

26 December, 2006 11:09  
Blogger CA said...

Merry Christmas, Monica, to you and your family! Keep up the good blogging! ..and, as dcat says, God Bless our Troops!

26 December, 2006 13:05  
Blogger Rocky said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. The sun has shined for a few days and the blizzard snow has begun to melt down in the Denver Metro area. But more snow is on the way starting Thursday and into Friday.

26 December, 2006 18:26  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Thank you DCAT - and yes, God Bless the Troops!

Denise - thank you and I hope that y'all had a great one.

AOW - I hope the cocktail made it to the dinner but if not it's all right. Thanks!

Thank you DC - I'll bet those scalloped potatos were yummy!

Thanks Mike - hope you had a great one. Sorry about the rain. :-(

tshsmom - I agree! We had a great time and I hope that you did too.

CA - You too! Thanks!

Rocky - thanks. I know that white Christmas was a beautiful thing in Denver. Enjoy the coming storm - I hope that you can go tubing or something!

27 December, 2006 00:44  
Blogger Always On Watch Two said...

My neighbor greatly appreciated my bringing in the shrimp cocktail. She was busy for most of the day tending to her granddaughters, so didn't have much time to prepare the Boxing Day feast.

27 December, 2006 12:08  
Blogger MonicaR said...

What a treat, AOW. I'm glad that it got eaten!

27 December, 2006 12:43  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Sorry to be late to this thread. Hope you, City Troll and family had a great Christmas!

30 December, 2006 02:31  
Blogger MonicaR said...

No apology necessary, Wordsmith. Thanks so much - we had a great Christmas and a very slow and relaxing week.

I hope you had the same and I wish you a beautiful New Year.

31 December, 2006 00:23  

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