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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mister Ghost and Iraq the Model.

Mister Ghost - a humongous brained, super cool, unbelievably well connected individual and contributor to Iraqi Bloggers Central - has so crazy-kindly interviewed me for his feature 'In T View'. Mister Ghost asks little old Grizzly Mama questions about the highly esteemed blog Iraq The Model and about my opinion of the situation generally in Iraq.

Those Brothers In Baghdad saved me, I tell ya. I was down - way down - when I found them. I was hearing nothing but what our MSM feeds us every day about our 'adventure' in Iraq. You know: It's a quagmire, civil war, arabs aren't capable of democracy, blah blah blah. I adore those Brothers in Baghdad. I hold most Iraqi in very high regard because of the perspective provided by Iraq the Model. The Iraqi are righteous and brave and true.

God Bless Iraq! God Bless America!

BTW Mister Ghost - where did you ever find that picture of me??! ;-)



Blogger Rastaman said...

Egads, monica, are you SERIOUS?
I don't hold Iraqis in high regard, I hold them in the lowest possible esteem. These people are stone-age monsters. They murder each other constantly, they cut slices in their babies heads to make them bleed all over because it makes their bloody babies beautiful in the eyes of their satan Allah, they don't keep any promise they ever make, they HATE US and JEWS and CHRISTIANS and everyone else including themselves. They worship death instead of celebrating life. Iraqis are ISLAMIC and they are Arabs. They had an ancient history of mutilating and torturing each other and gouging off limbs and heads and hands with knives long before they took up their religion of death and they still do it today. They stone, slowly so as to prolong the agony, young girls. Children. To death. Arab muslims are the scum of the earth.

The only possible way they could ever have a genuine democracy would be if they gave up Islam. Even then they would still have to be painfully educated out of their stone-age mentality.

These are horrible, worthless, brutal people.

I don't care if they all became athiests as long as they weren't Islamic any longer. As long as Islam is practiced anywhere in the world, there will be terrorists and mutilations and murders and rapes of children.

Islam is the worst, most foul disease on the planet and Arabs are the carriers of it. I don't care how Politically Incorrect that sounds, it is the truth.

Yes, I know. Not all Arabs are like that. I think there are as many as 30 or 40 out of all the millions of them who have spoken up against the violence. I'm not real impressed by that and I conclude that all the rest of them want us dead. Therefor, our best move is to kill all the Arabs. Got a better idea?


14 August, 2006 02:40  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Rasta - please go check out Iraq the Model. Those guys are awesome. Iraqi are signing up every day and risking their lives every day to be a part of the security and military forces. The terrorists bomb the line waiting to sign up and they all just get back into that line again. Iraqi are going after those terrorists every day - regular Iraqi. They caught one terrorist planting an IED on the street and a bunch of Iraqi citizens beat the shit out of him with their shoes. The Iraqi voted in massive numbers despite the risk - a risk that you and I cannot fathom having to deal with on our streets.

Go read Iraq the Model. Please. Do it for your Grizzly Mama.

15 August, 2006 00:26  
Blogger Rastaman said...

Never before in my life have I ever known of an ethnic group to be such a universal bunch of liars as are the Islamic Arabs.

I don't hate Arabs. I do hate Islam. It's the single most evil and dangerous doctrine ever to infect humanity. The Iraqis are Islamic. Some of them, the Sufis and Bahais, actually are peaceful and for this reason they are considered to be in violation of the teachings of Muhammad, and are killed on sight by Sunnis and Shias.

The Sunnis and Shiites are liars. They will say anything to get what they want from us and Allah will bless them and reward them for doing so. They sincerely believe this. They're brought from infancy to believe this. They can't help being this way.

Perhaps the people posting on that website are truly against terrorism. I think the reality is that they are against terrorism that attacks them. Not terrorism that attacks their enemies. I think they "speak with forked tongue". I read a number of long posts where they refer to the "criminals and terrorists". It does all sound good, I agree. I just don't buy it.

They're MUSLIMS. They still believe in the cutting off of hands and feet and the inflicting of prolonged agony. The Iraqi PM says that Iraqs constitution will be based on Islamic law, so there goes any chance of a democracy. He came right out and said that Iraq was not going to be any Western democracy. So what the hell are our young people doing DYING over there for? I thought it was to help these living pond scum create a democracy but they DON'T WANT IT! Why not? Because they're Islamic and Islam is a complete way of life. All politics, all laws, every facet of living is contained in its rules. There is literally no room init for anything else. Islam has zero slack. For Iraq to have a democracy, they would have to stop being Islamic.

So go ahead, believe what they tell you, but if they start asking you for money or to put up a house guest for a few days or do some actual real life favor, run like hell with my words ringing in your ears. Don't trust them.


15 August, 2006 02:33  
Blogger Rastaman said...

A search for the word Sunni on that site produces a nearly endless list of sentences with Sunni and Shia in them and really makes it clear that this is a religious war going on, if it wasn't clear to anyone before.

My point is that this is not a war to save Iraq from terrorism. This is a war between two very violent sects of the same religion for final dominance of Iraq. "Iraq the Model", from my read, is the postings of scared Sunnis, and if I were a Sunni in Iraq with Iran pouring in lots of Shiite fighters and weapons to bolster the Iraqi Shiite majority, I'd be scared and talking the Western talk too. Right now, those bloggers really sound like they're on our side. Let's see whose side they're on when and if the Iraqi Mess finally gets sorted out.

At the end of the day though, however that misguided mess turns out, the winners will be Iraqi Islamics and the losers will be a whole lot more dead Iraqi Islamics, all our dead soldiers, and the US treasury, and Iraq will be under Sharia law and there will be no democracy.

I totally disagree with all the jerkwater politicians that the Iraqi war is still the main theater in the fight against terrorism. It isn't and it never was. The main theaters are Iran and Syria and always were. Afghanistan is a distant third.

We should have gone to war with Iran first. We didn't because Bush had a personal agenda. This is the problem with all that power being concentrated in one persons hands. I've always thought that was Americas weakest point and I still do.

Rastaman the Dubious

15 August, 2006 03:15  
Blogger MonicaR said...

So Rasta - you're jumping on the civil war in Iraq bandwagon, eh? And add the personal vendetta by Bush bandwagon. You're a slave Rasta! A slave to our lying media. You sound like a leftist who has abandoned couching your hatred in pleasant terms for mass consumption.

You discount anything positive. You ignore what is right in front of your face. Ignore the fact that Sunni and Shia are intermarried all over Iraq and the Iraqi are bemused by the screeching of 'civil war' by western journalists. Ignore the bravery and honor - YES! - bravery and honor with which Iraqi are conducting themselves everyday side by side with our troops. Ignore the fact that this so-called 'insurgency' is made up of a vast majority of foreign terrorists. The good Iraqi are risking their lives too, Rasta.

Ignore the FACT that we had every legal right to depose Saddam Hussein for spitting in our face and defying UN resolutions for twelve long years. His refusal to account for his WMD.

You are more intelligent then that Rasta and I expect better from you. Most leftists are just STUPID. You do not have that excuse.

15 August, 2006 12:36  
Blogger Rastaman said...

Good heavens to Murgatroid. Actually Monica, I was on the Civil War In Iraq bandwagon a long time ago. I simply don't accept that a few websites put up by Arabs are the truth and all the news sites are lies. In fact I accept the opposite.

I do strongly feel that if those people want to kill each other over their religious differences, we should get the hell out of the way and let them instead of getting killed ourselves trying to prevent them. Please tell what part of that thinking is in error.

I don't WANT them to have a civil war but if they insist on one, it's their country and it ceases to be our business. I would far prefer it if they would kindly STOP blowing things, and us, up and all work together to rebuild their nation, but this clearly will never happen.

As for us going in and doing a regime change in Iraq, WMDs are bullshit, we did it to keep China from getting the oil. If you disagree, then you do. That's that. Either reason is good enough anyway. I don't care about that. I do care that Bush and Rumsfeld totally hammered what could have been a success into an abject crappy mess of dead and dying people on both sides. That was really poor. Bush screwed up. Water under the bridge now. No point in going on about it.

Monica, you know perfectly well that I do not "discount anything positive" or "ignore what is right in front of your face." What I actually do is examine things closely and dissect things minutely. You're just mad at me for not agreeing with you that your Iraqi friends are cool people.

I can't agree with you. They're Islamic. You know how I feel about Islam.

I'm glad that you look for the good in people and have the capacity to give trust. I look for the good in people too. It's just that my capacity to trust is smaller than yours. I no longer give my trust. It has to be earned over time. My trust is tested with fire and it's never free.


15 August, 2006 23:05  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I am no fan of the cult of islam, Rasta.

The 'robed replicators' who peer out of their narrow slot of coverings, hands covered with gloves, herding their children away from the kaffir, that are becoming increasingly numerous and visible - I have nothing but contempt for them. I have nothing but contempt for the ideology that lies behind those robes.

There are others though Rasta. They do not see the world through a mesh burkha. They care about their children and do not advocate suicide bombings. They are fighting the extremists in Iraq every single day. These same kind of mohammedans have kids in my girls' karate classes and they are modern and caring and engage with the community whether they are engaging with fellow mohammedans or with me and mine, who happen to be Christian.

SO much easier to just hate them all - I know! SO much easier to just say, 'they don't deserve'. It makes everything nice and neat and no questions asked. There are many stories of valor in Iraq and they are not exclusive to the Jews and Christians and Pagans and Atheists and Agnostics and every other belief represented by the men and women in the coalition forces.

I know I won't change your mind and you certainly won't change mine. I am stocking up on ammo - you know me. There are plenty of the bad kind out there. I am aware of that.

16 August, 2006 21:18  
Blogger Rastaman said...

I don't hate muslims, I hate the doctrine that's jammed down their throats since birth.

Even secular muslims are Jew-haters and all muslims still see the rest of us as infidels. Yes, even the secular ones. I know they can be friendly and courteous and brave and courageous and all that. However, as long as they call themselves muslims, they're on the side of the enemy because the enemy is Islam.

It's like Irish Catholics. A lot of them didn't even go to church, they were pretty much secular. BUT... the Catholics live in the Catholic section and the Protestants live in the Protestant section and when the violence flared up, even the secular ones took up arms, sect against sect.

Muslims are no different. This is why so few have spoken up against the violence. We are the "others", we are outsiders even in our own country, where they are concerned. Because of what they are taught since birth. Because of Islam.

I am glad that there are Iraqis who take a secular stand against the terrorism and violence and they sound sincere on that website. The more the merrier.

Now if they will just renounce Islam. For Voodoo, Santeria, Janism, Atheism, anything.

I'm willing to bet the majority of Iraqis wish that all those outside terrorists coming in and aiding and abetting an insurgency would go away. I really have no fight personally with Iraq. What I'd dearly love to see is a sweeping change in our governments policy toward Saudi Arabia and Iran. Those two maggot-ridden cauldrons of iniquity are the primary sources of all the worlds terrorists. Take them out of the picture and Syria will totally shut up and be good little vipers, and Pakistan will then be greatly encouraged to deal with its own --- as opposed to being next on the clean-up list.

We need to bite the bullet on oil and oil prices and face the economic reality that is going to hit us in the face eventually anyway. We had gas rationing in WW II and we can have it again. During the war, people stayed home and tended "victory gardens" in their back yards so there would be a little more food for our G.I.s. There were lines down the block for a 1/4 pound stick of butter at the grocery. There was no rubber for tires and you often saw someone driving on one or more rims. There was no meat and no metal products in stores. No new cars were made during the war. I still have some of my parents ration books. Everything was rationed.

If we could get thru all those shortages, we can handle a gas shortage once again. It's not a physical addiction, just an economic one. We'll get over it. We must confront our enemy.


16 August, 2006 23:31  
Blogger MonicaR said...

*I* happen to be Irish Catholic Rasta. lol! You want to talk about brainwashing??! ;-) But look at me - - I turned out alright in spite of it all. (I am sure that I will burn in hell or atleast spend lots of time in purgatory if it still exists.)

Anyhoo - it appears that no one is safe from the islamo-fascists, not even other islamo-fascists.

As far as gas prices and shortages I have no problem with biting the bullet. In fact I would happily pay double for gas if it meant we were attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. As for Saudi Arabia - ending aid to them and cleaning out the Wahhabi Lobbyists in America along with the centers and schools and textbooks and prison imams they fund would be a huge and positive start.

18 August, 2006 00:19  

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