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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homeschooling for High School

Is officially on the table.

Although I kind of like the school that the girls are going to now, I cannot help contrasting the education that they are getting there with the education that they received at home for all of those years.

Science, History, Math - full (and rigorous) curriculum starting in Kindergarten at home. Reading? They were reading by the time they started first grade. As things stand now, the 4th grader gets Science once p/week - - and apparently they are incapable of finishing the grade curriculum for Math as I had to do it over the summer. (Oh - it's no big deal though! Don't worry about it!!) History? Pshaw. They call what they are giving them 'History'? Nothing about ancient history, vandals/visigoths, renaissance, kings/wars, various revolutions - all the GOOD stuff is missing!

I am newly annoyed this week, you know that the girls were home for a full week with the flu. As I had to keep them home for a full day after they were feeling well, I figured it would be a good time to get caught up on some of the things that they've missed. So I notified the school that I would be picking stuff up and have assignments ready - please. I received 3 of the missing day's assignments. For the 8th grader, three days of math apparently included 5 equations. WHAT?! And - get this - she's now in her third year of pre-algebra.

I didn't mind her having an extra year of pre-algebra. In fact, I think it's a good thing. She got pre-algebra in 6th at home - then went over most of that information in 7th in school. I like having a good, solid base. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT all for cramming it all in too quickly. But I do believe in progress. Based on her state testing scores alone, this girl has it going on for math. Based on what I know about my kid - and I taught her for 7 years before putting her into school - she's ready. Perhaps the classroom setting is not the ideal way to teach? That could be it. I'm not blaming the teachers, I guess I'm blaming a failed model.

I have been all at odds in the last several months. She wants to go to the local Catholic High School, and of course the school that she's in now is pushing that. We could go local public high school, but that idea makes me want to vomit. I know that there will be no want when it comes to getting her involved in the community - my kids were more involved in the community when they were homeschooled than they are now. Not only that, the local school is required by law to allow homeschoolers to participate in extra-curriculars. (The high school has a pistol team!!) I have already made contact with other homeschoolers in the area.

My husband and I have talked - he is open to homeschooling her once again. The little one - as things stand now - wants to continue in regular school. The decision does not need to be made this minute - so I am just putting it out there to think about.


Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

I vote on the side of HOME SCHOOLING

29 October, 2009 17:20  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks Rev. I appreciate that. I'm catching some flack from some family members. In the end it doesn't matter what they say, but it is nice to have the support!

29 October, 2009 23:12  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I vote for homeschooling her again but you will find the right patht that is right for you and yours.. I appreciate all the talks we had before we made our final decision on it with our girls.. You were more help to me with the thoughts.. What does it matter to family members when they are your children not there's. Do what you feel is right not what other people say you need to do..

01 November, 2009 14:05  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks Tweetey. Of course, we know from experience that any and all objections to homeschooling boil down to nothing more than crap. It's just that I get sick of listening to it. *sigh*

The thing that gives me the most pause is her wish to go to the Catholic high school. Troll and I have our objections to it, but she doesn't understand it. We still have to do what we think is right and best.

02 November, 2009 00:26  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

You know I get the looks when I say we home school our children and both of us work the hours we work when i am working.. LOL.. Then I get questions, and some degrade me for them not being socialized. And such and its like So what they are mine.. My own mother degraded me for the longest time until she realized how much better Kora the oldest is doing at home. She hasnt been able to see what Bri can do yet. Oh one question?? Do you have any Phonics Suggestions for Bri since she is in Kindergarden and I would love for her to be reading by this summer coming up?? she is trying but a suggestion would be great..

02 November, 2009 00:53  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Tweetey - here is what I used:


That is a link to the DVD that tells how to use the tile kits.

Here is a link to the tile kits:

Tile Kit.

I (and they) LOVED this system. The older one will probably like working with it, too.

02 November, 2009 09:48  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Also - I am so disgusted by people who harp about the 'socialization'. Only because it's just total bullshit.

I have to try to bring myself down from wanting to rip someone's face off about it when they bring it up - because I have to remember that is what I was worried about the most before I started doing it. It's just drummed into people's brains and they unthinkingly just believe that it's a problem.

02 November, 2009 09:50  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I wish I had more money. But I just cant right now. I am going to have to pass on them but keep an eye for more of this stuff.. If I had more hours this week I would have jumped on them. It sucks being poor sometimes...

02 November, 2009 10:50  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

hey check your e-mail... I am asking friends and family for home addresses...

03 November, 2009 16:06  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Got it and responded Tweetey - thanks.

04 November, 2009 14:47  

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