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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have I Been Radicalized??!

Perhaps I'm being watched, as I seem to fit under the new definition of Right Wing Radical Extremist. A new Department of Homeland Security report (link to PDF file below) claims that rightwing groups are gaining numbers, but has no numbers to give - or even evidence that this is actually happening. There is no specific information that rightwing groups are planning acts of violence. Here are some of the new qualifications for being slapped with that unseemly label of Right Wing Radical Extremist:

If you

* "reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority"
* "are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration" (no distinction between illegal and legal immigration is made)
* "have applied for criminal background checks in order to buy weapons"
* are a "returning veteran"
* are concerned about the US Government as being "either complicit in a foreign invasion or acquiescing as part of a “One World Government” plan"
* wonder about things "such as the loss of U.S. manufacturing capability to China and India, Russia’s control of energy resources and use of these to pressure other countries, and China’s investment in U.S. real estate and corporations"

The thing that concerns me, and seems to concern others, is the general nature of the assessment. Past assessments seem to me to be more specific, naming groups, or characteristics of groups such as the KKK or the many known militias.

I looks to me as if the report (PDF file) is basically smearing half the citizens of America with the Right Wing Extremist accusation. There is a difference between questioning the federal government's authority, challenging it, debating it - and being a member of one of those crazy frigging militias. When Americans start bringing up the constitutionality of an issue, it's because we believe in defending the constitution - not because we're dangerous. We believe that we should all abide by the definitions and limits of our government as spelled out in the constitution. Why is that bad, and why does this administration believe that we are dangerous?

I'm just shocked that homeschoolers were not named in this report as being dangerously right wing. The foundation is laid - as homeschoolers were the choice of 'terrorist' groups threatening a school in an emergency preparedness drill recently. Uh-Oh. That makes me paranoid, and subject to the 'conspiracy theory' rule for being a dangerous thug, doesn't it? If I disagree with any policy - be it immigration, stem cell research, how involved the federal government should get with abortion or education - anything really, then I am subject to scrutiny by law enforcement agencies?

We all know about the militias, the neo-nazi groups, the islamist terror cells. THEY are extreme. Not the law abiding citizens who just happen to disagree with the policies of the current administration.

Maybe these guys are Right Wing Radical Extemists, too?



Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

What did you say your home address is? I need to report you to the Department of Homeland Security. I mean, after all, don't you advocate home schooling? lol.

Don't feel bad, they probably have me bugged, tapped, you name it, as I fit into just about every one of those categories.

Notice that they omitted any and all of the left wing groups. That tells you a lot about this administration.

15 April, 2009 13:47  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

That's the next thing, Rev - rewarding people for snitching on their neighbors...

The glaring omission of left wing terrorist groups was telling - unless there is a separate report for them.

16 April, 2009 07:49  
Blogger Terro said...

The report would be funny if not for the fact that it is so serious. This administration really does believe the half of America that does not share its views is dangerous. Here's hoping worrying about us keeps them up at night and slows down the damage to our institutions and culture that they do in their waking hours.

17 April, 2009 09:56  
Blogger Mike's America said...

That makes me an extremist too. And I have a bumper sticker about taxation on the back of my car! The HORROR of it all!

This is just another step in the lib plan to criminalize political speech of which they disapprove (which means US).

Funny how the left screamed that Bush was Hitler and yet they don't seem at all bothered by this. I wonder what they would do if we get back in power and put out one of these on them?

17 April, 2009 11:16  
Blogger Rick said...

Yes, that makes me an extremist too, as I wrote in my blog yesterday.


17 April, 2009 12:31  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Amen to that, Terro. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Mike, if anything, what I've heard from people who aren't upset about this report - we're making too big a deal out of it and everything on it is true.

We are in good company, Rick. Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting.

18 April, 2009 22:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The glaring omission of left wing terrorist groups was telling - unless there is a separate report for them."

There was. It was commissioned by the Bush administration and was released on 26 January by DHS. Its title is "(U//FOUO) Leftwing Extremists Likely to Increase Use of Cyber Attacks over the Coming Decade."

You can find a link to the pdf document here.

Since the Bush Administration released the report that focused on left-wing groups, do you think that it's "glaring" and "telling" that right-wing groups were not mentioned?

18 April, 2009 23:47  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I'm so flattered that my little sidekick followed me over here. That guy is soooo desperate for attention.

When they start going to that much trouble to call you names you know you have hit the truth!

When is Obama going to come out in favor of free psychological counseling so these libs can get help?

19 April, 2009 01:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Name-calling is cool in your circle, but you know what's even better? Clear, intelligent rebuttal. If you know so darned much, please rebut my post and put me in my place. Display your superior knowledge.

If you can prove that there was no DHS report about left-wing groups, as I have linked to above, I will apologize to you.

19 April, 2009 09:45  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

There is a big difference in the reports , MDumbA. If you will look closely you will see that the report for left wing activity is very specific in that it names known groups (eg ELF) and organizations who have committed violence before and are known to have plans for committing specific acts of violence in the near future. That is what is so disturbing about the 'right wing' report. It is very general, gives characteristics of law abiding Americans and names those characteristics as Right Wing Radical Extremist characteristics. I wish that you had read my post, instead of shitting up my blog with your crap.

19 April, 2009 17:55  
Blogger Rick said...

Right, Grizzly Mama. There was a big difference between the two reports. One is real; the other is an attempt to stifle free speech. We need to realize that our modern liberals are not liberals in the classic sense, but are secular progresives, and are rapidly becoming the new 'brown shirts' in our society. Now, I've really put myself on the list.

20 April, 2009 10:12  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you Rick! I don't use the word liberal to describe these hacks anymore. They are not liberal - they are leftists. Liberal is a good thing in my mind, America is liberal in the classic sense. These bastards stole the label and redefined it. 'Progressive' is the red flag word - leftists. And thank you for your service to our nation, sir.

20 April, 2009 19:10  
Blogger Donald Douglas said...

Gosh, Grizzly Mama!

Heck of a post and thread!

21 April, 2009 18:00  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

I hope that I haven't shocked you, Donald! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

22 April, 2009 19:15  
Blogger Kermit said...

frjohn91Hey Grizz...

You'r welcome to come hide out in the Bog!


26 April, 2009 21:42  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Kermit! Good to see you again - it's been awhile. The bog sounds safe and secure - keep your ammo dry and if we end up at your perimeter, we'll be known as 'GrizzlySloth'. Thanks. ;-)

27 April, 2009 16:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, since it was Bush DHS that compiled the statistics to "radicalized" minions amongst our denizens, it was rather prescient considering since January, 2009

there have been over 60 murders of citizens and their police officers thanks to those "radicalized" folk that Bush DHS pointed out.

Those sixty body bags of real Amerians... are just those of these last few months, it does not include the victims of those who've already been convicted.

03 May, 2009 16:11  
Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

Oh! It was Bush now, was it?? LOL.

04 May, 2009 08:35  

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